Department of Redundancy

The Department of Redundancy called; they want one of their Kyle’s back! Dumb joke, I know… read something similar on a t-shirt my friend had so thought I would recycle it for my pleasure.

As it has been known now for a few days, Tottenham have signed two young gentlemen from Sheffield United. Both named Kyle, both right backs. Now, at first, I wasn’t sure what Harry was doing.  Why on God’s earth do we need more right backs? Ready for the list?

  1. Corluka
  2. Hutton
  3. Chimbonda
  4. Kyle Naughton
  5. Kyle Walker
  6. I could easily be forgetting a sixth

Gunter, another young right back, was sold to Nottingham Forest so I guess that may slightly explain why we purchased two more. On Friday, Spurs played Barcelona (granted an under-21 team all in all); Naughton was subbed in and I must say, he was exciting to watch. Great touch and composure! The other Kyle has gone back on loan but from some scouting reports I have read, apparently Walker can play in the CB position due to his overall size and skill. Let’s hope the current reputation in the football community about  Spurs  destroying youngsters careers does not become a reality! Now get this transfer market going already!!!


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One Response to “Department of Redundancy”

  1. bashar Says:

    I think Hutton and Chimbonda were going to be sold but after the back line disappearance act! we are stuck with chimbo! so sad

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