Moving Forward

I am a blog addict! There, I SAID IT! Admitting it is the first step in that long lonely walk on the road to recovery. Personally, I enjoy reading blogs written by fans way more than official news sites. Fans are just crazy about their teams. They don’t sugar coat anything or speculate to increase revenue; blogs are raw and uncut! I even find myself reading blogs of other teams supporters. You get a much better sense of what’s happening on the ground and not the top level corporate box crap.

These last couple of days I have been reading so many Spurs blogs and I realize that fans are constantly bitching about Harry Redknapp and his decision to sign Peter Crouch. You would think that Harry would do whatever it takes to help Tottenham succeed; after all, he is our manager. One major positive that I have been seeing over the last couple of days is the constant signing of our youngsters – Danny Rose, Jake Livermore and Troy Archibald to name a few. This shows that we are building a team for the future and not only thinking about the coming season. We should give Harry the benefit of the doubt at this point. People weren’t sure about Palacios for 12 million pounds; look at him now! He is practically a legend-in-the-making in Spurs supporters eyes. Bringing Keane back was a crucial move for the team, inspiring some confidence and much needed direction on the pitch; it had it’s share of moments though. Had Defoe not been injured, I know he would have scored many goals for us and we possibly could have finished in the top 6. We have to look at the bigger picture and realize that moving slowly does not necessarily mean we are moving backwards.



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