New rumor circulating that Spurs are after Miguel Viloso, the 23 yr old Portugese CB / CDM. Just want to say that I don’t necessarily see any truth in it I have seen a few Arsenal blogs and they say they’re after him as well. Maybe they are. Maybe we share the same scouts.

Whatever, let’s look at it from Spurs point of view. He would bring some much needed cover to the CB position as he is quite agile and has a great left foot – could be useful for long crosses to Crouchie. Is he ready for the English game though? Would he fit into the role of CB in the Premier League? Maybe the kid can learn a lot from Ledley, Woodie and Dawson. Answers anyone?

His manager, Paulo Barbosa, was asked about Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City’s interest: “We will see, we will see soon.” Not anything to get excited about, but no clear denial here.


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  1. Bashar Says:

    Use my scout .. fifa09

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