Robben rumor squashed

Real Madrid winger, Arjen Robben, has finally come out saying he would not consider joining Spurs.

The Sun has quoted him saying: “With all the respect in the world, I have decided not to join Tottenham… The only thing I would consider is a move to another club in the Champions League.”

So I guess we really were after him and that Harry Redknapp felt a need to address the left wing position. The question is, are we still looking to address this issue? If so, where would we place Modric? Next to Palacios in the midfield?

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9 Responses to “Robben rumor squashed”

  1. belgian spur Says:

    I m actually glad that the twat doesn’t want to come , he’s a self absorbed overrated player that only plays one out of three games and has no clue bout what a teamplayer is … i hate the c**t , really do

  2. el wehbi Says:

    i don’t like his attitude much either… could be disruptive at times. i honestly didn’t think we were going to get him as much as i thought we had a chance at van nistelroy

  3. belgian spur Says:

    and how s the blogging working out for you ? It is hard to get a lot of people to a blog don’t you think ? Mine is up and running for a little over a week now and i do my best to advertise it a bit (because advertising yourself is a bit strange really) because every blogger wants some traffic on his blog , dont we ?

  4. el wehbi Says:

    the advertising is totally strange! i was worried i would get thrown off a few sites lol

    we understandably want as many people to visit our blogs but i read a few of my favorites and i realize right away why they have a huge following. it starts off with great writing where their character has fully developed and shows through words. and experience is another. how you trigger people’s minds and get them to comment is really an art i suppose.

    by the way, set up a twitter account, it has helped a bit to be honest.

    are you considering blogging about spurs eventually?

  5. bashar Says:

    most of the players we want to sign are quality, and quality players want champions league games. as we cant offer even a uefa
    euro league i don’t expect major signings. i hope i am wrong

  6. bashar Says:

    and .. i like the old color

  7. el wehbi Says:

    sorry bashar for the sudden change; this layout is a little more neat and less cluttered. will be changing the colors eventually

  8. belgian spur Says:

    i already have enough work on my hands with my dutch blog 🙂 So blogging about spurs will be something i might add later on , and the fact that english is’nt my mothertongue is also something that holds me back a bit …

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