Spurs beat Olympiakos: the notes

Spurs stood out in the 3 – nil win over Olympiakos. Nice warm day in North London and a chance for many to prove to Harry that they’re ready for a shot at Liverpool next week.

The Notes:

  • Crouch looked pretty comfortable in the squad but only played for the first half; he gelled quite well with the boys right from the start. Who said the lad can’t control his headers?? Utter crap! Let’s hope I don’t have to swallow these words during the season.
  • Was hoping to to see Crouchie paired up with Defoe but Harry has held off on that… for now.
  • Bassong played like he’s been a part of the Spurs defense all along. Great communication with Ledley and also managed a few good runs forward. I was impressed overall but still need to see what he’s capable of during the season.
  • Modric… oh Modric… I love the little guy! He’s just amazing to watch! Once he came on in the second half, the whole tempo of the Spurs offense completely picked up pace. He is the “maestro” of our flow, no doubt about it.
  • I wasn’t so impressed with Hudd. He took a few irrational attempts at goal. Was a bit sloppy but did put in a lot of effort.
  • Where’s Jenas by the way?
  • Bentley worked hard. Corners and set pieces weren’t spot on. Let’s hope we see some good things from him this season. Harry seems to have a lot of faith in him. Don’t know why he stormed off the pitch and to the lockers when he was subbed off. Looked frustrated with himself.
  • I’m beginning to enjoy Pav and Defoe as a pairing. Pav is beginning to understand Harry’s style of play and it’s beginning to show. Wonder what English he’s picked up over the summer?
  • Defoe has an attacking instinct that makes me confident he’ll be one of our starters for the Liverpool game. If the preseason is anything to live by, then he truly deserves it.
  • Keane was absent on my watch… maybe that’s just it, I wasn’t really paying attention to him for some reason. He’s not the hungry Irishman we once knew. It’s the Liverpool badge, once he kissed it he was cursed. Please come back gun-slinging KEANO!
  • Livermore, Bostock and Rose got some playing time which was nice… Livermore is going off on a one-month loan to Derby County; he’ll benefit from all the playtime he can get.
  • Olympiakos had a few chances at goal but nothing to truly brag about (remind me if I missed something please). Can’t tell you how many players from their starting XI were actually present, but from listening to the commentator, many of them were on the pitch.

All in all, a good win. The changes made in the second half, notably Modric to begin with, changed the outcome for us. Does this mean we are going to destroy Liverpool? No. But it was a match needed to maintain fitness levels for kick-off next week. I’m soooooo excited! SPURS!!!!


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2 Responses to “Spurs beat Olympiakos: the notes”

  1. bashar Says:

    Nice notes, But didn’t see one about boateng! I think he did somewhat well and i can see a future for him if he is committed

  2. el wehbi Says:

    oh yeah! completely forgot! was good to see him come onto the pitch. he was definitely part of the tempo change in a minor way but all in all did cause some unrest for olympiakos.

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