Dreaming with Bentley

Slept late last night for some reason. Must have been indigestion or something. When I finally counted down my sheep and dozed off, I started to dream. It was definitely a strange setting taking place at an old house my family used to own. I stepped out onto my front yard only to find that I  owned 30 cars! Yup, 30! An amazing feeling!

Note: if you can’t tell by now, I am a car buff

One particular pride and joy, a 1990 M3 Evo had gone missing and I was in a frantic state of mind. It was lilywhite and in absolute mint condition. I was helpless, running around screaming and yelling like I’ve lost a child. All of a sudden, out the corner of my eye, I saw a man running across my yard with a radiator held above his head shouting “I found it!”. It was David Bentley. So I said to him “David, what are you doing here?”. His eyes filled with hope, he replied “I’m here to help you, I found it. Look!”. I explained to him that what he had was a radiator and that I was looking for a car. He was gutted; the hope was lost. He slowly drudged away carrying the radiator at his waist and I never saw him again.

I swear this dream isn’t made up; not one bit of it! I’ve been thinking about what happened on the pitch during the Olympiakos game before I slept and I guess it symbolicly took place in my dreams. It’s quite spooky actually.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism, shall we? David came to Spurs with such high hopes and dreams. You could see it from day one when he was introduced in our colors. Then you really saw it when he scored the stunning goal at Arsenal; will never forget that! His hands were high above his head shouting from excitement until it all went wrong… it slowly became a freefall drop for the poor boy. From then on, he was never the same. The fans were excited to have him and had such high expectations for him. “The new Beckham” had arrived. Uh… sadly he did not.

During the Olympiakos match, Beckham Bentley had put in so much effort; yet he was running around looking lost at times. His set pieces looked a bit rusty too. He was then subbed off, stormed into the tunnel frustrated and disappointed without even glancing Harry’s way. I was expecting a lot for some reason when I knew I shouldn’t have. I was waiting for a Lilywhite M3 to show; instead all I got was a radiator.


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4 Responses to “Dreaming with Bentley”

  1. bashar Says:

    Nice one.

    When seeing bentley’s face after a bad shot or pass I see Frustration and disappointment. By what! is it himself! is it with harry! or the fans! what do think.

    And, Its been a very long time since Bentley said anything either to the official site or the media!! correct me if I’m wrong!

  2. el wehbi Says:

    the overall situation with bentley hasn’t been a healthy one… whether it’s with himself, the fans, management or even harry. the frustration shows, not only on his face, but in his game. i enjoyed watching him try hard but unfortunately, that is not going to be enough. as far as media, the last thing i saw from him was when he kicked the ball off the roof of the building into the garbage bin across the street. it was all smiles then…

  3. bashar Says:

    I get your point. Your saying that we should add a garbage pin as a 5th striker and maybe the opponents goal too .. that will work for sure.
    very interesting idea. how much are they going for!

  4. el wehbi Says:


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