Twits & Bits

Bent’s at it again!

Is this guy for real?

Quote 1: “At times last season I felt I was left hung out there to dry, regardless of how I played or how many goals I scored’ – Cry me a river and cue the violins.

Joke Quote 2: “Probably people didn’t see the best of me when I was at Tottenham for that reason, because I was playing as a target man which isn’t really me.”

Quote 3: “Maybe I’m the type of player who needs an arm around the shoulder sometimes, but every player, no matter who they are, needs the support of their manager at the end of the day.”

Uh… maybe you’re the type of player who gets paid a lot of money to get on with it. Good guy but needs to drop the “I need love in my life to play better” nonsense!

Crouch ain’t pretty

Thought I would share this horrific image I found in the paper last night!

crouchie says Defoe pulled over… AGAIN?


  1. Defoe is pulled over for wreckless speeding.
  2. Defoe gets in trouble.
  3. Defoe gets pulled over again.
  4. Defoe wants to sue the police because he feels they’re out to get him.
  5. Defoe goes to see his mother after the Liverpool win driving his black Ferrari.
  6. Police pull him over. Why?

Police say that he”was stopped as part of an operation to tackle a spate of burglaries in which valuable cars have been taken.” If I was Defoe’s lawyer, I would be drooling at the racial profiling potential from all of this.


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3 Responses to “Twits & Bits”

  1. bashar Says:

    Scores one goal and starts with this bullshit. wonder what the next quote will be after the 2nd goal .. he just doesn’t believe in himself and wont leave us alone .. F*** off bent we forgot about you already don’t keep reminding us how bad you were for us. on the other hand maybe the 10 million will be 16 if he keeps scoring and that’s annoying him .. so if a hand around the shoulder gets you a goal maybe a d*** up his a** will make him a good player and another in his mouth to stop him talking about us.

    Nice picture, very scary

  2. belgian spur Says:

    Uh… maybe you’re the type of player who gets paid a lot of money to get on with it

    🙂 loving that one , the little cry baby ffs … i play for free (almost) and do not need my mommy to come and tuck me in at night while telling me what a great game i played

    Djeezus man , you think my boss comes around and gives me a pat on the back every day … and i do not earn sick amounts of money

  3. belgian spur Says:

    a black man driving a ferrari … must be a stolen one … prejudice , the cops ? Who’d have though that :p

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