Man of the match: Carlton Cole

Congratulations to Harry and the boys for not only securing 9 points in 3 games, but also for matching our best ever start since the early 60s.

In regards to the match, the first half was nothing to be proud of. A few moments here and there but overall, the squad was looking weak in some areas. Credit to West Ham and their mastermind Zola for shutting down the midfield. They managed to delete Keane’s role in assisting the midfield and kept Hudd at a minimum. Palacios was a more complicated issue for them, the beast! Modric never looked overpowered, pushing and fighting his way through. You have to respect the boy; even when our strikers were ineffective, he kept finding some way to strike at goal trying to open up the game for Defoe and Keane. Zola also made sure that Lennon would stay quiet for as long as possible, doubling up defenders on him and not giving him the space to break away.

I was beginning to feel like Bassong was our most active striker in the first half as he had two attempts on goal. In set pieces, he is quite effective which really gives us options. In the back, he and King were tested numerous times but overall did a solid job, squeezing Cole when necessary. BAE and Corluka played well overall, the latter had a few scares but bless Cuddicini at goal. How lucky are we to have him as our backup keeper?

The gift that keeps giving, West Ham’s Carlton Cole, was man of the match for me. In the sencond half, he opened the scoresheets by nailing a beautiful shot on goal that completely shocked everyone giving the Hammers the lead. He then added an assist to make it… 1-1? Poor Cole idiotically attempted to pass the ball to the keeper or defender yet ended up finding Defoe completely open. Defoe punished him hard for that one instantly batting the ball in! Lennon finally came alive towards the last 20 minutes. He squeezed the ball between Green and the post in the right corner giving us the lead.

Our season will come down to games like this where we we’ll succeed if we’re able to turn around and convert “being down by one” to “leading by one”. Determination is what has changed our boys. Determination has seen us come back against Liverpool, Hull City and now West Ham all in the span of minutes. Not a quality we possesed in recent times. I welcome it with open arms.

Click HERE for highlights. COYS!!


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3 Responses to “Man of the match: Carlton Cole”

  1. belgian spur Says:

    i welcome it with open arms … amen to that , determination , grit and good football are what make a team great

  2. bashar Says:

    The look on those west ham supporters after defoe’s blast was priceless

    I love supporting spurs

  3. el wehbi Says:

    Its the determination which has me believing this will be a good season for us my friends… not saying top 4 or anything like that, but in every match so far, whenever an opposing team tied or managed to be ahead, we were able to come back within minutes. This is something I haven’t seen at Spurs for a very long time. It’s a quality teams like Chelsea and Liverpool possess. The latter took a beating at home by Aston Villa tonight by the way… strange season it is!


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