Kranjcar in… nobody else?

Nico Kranjcar is officially part of the Spurs family which is fantastic news! The 25 year old has loads of talent and the fact that he and Modric already have experience playing together makes me salivate. Wipe wipe. Plus he’s a steal at 2-3 million quid!

I must admit that I was expecting Levy & Redknapp to bring in two more players, a central defender (can’t have enough of  those with our injury worries) and a defensive midfielder (a Palacios understudy). Guess we might see a move for someone in the January window. Sandro from Brazil anyone?

I know that Harry rates David James but why on earth would we have gone for another keeper when we already have two solid ones now. Plus he’s knocking on 40 yrs of age. All in all, it worked out for Portsmouth cause they desperately need him at this point.

It’s been reported that Harry was looking to bring in Upson from West Ham, but they were valuing him at 12 million quid so scratch that. Is anyone worried that we haven’t signed a center back? I know we have 4 defenders in the squad but two are injury prone. Risky business. And what ever happened to Chavez from Honduras? All gone quiet there?

Martin Petrov apparently wanted to leave Man City to come to Spurs but the deal never materialized. Look for him in January, as Jaymes from THBN thinks we might get him on the cheap and I agree.

I was also expecting another Palacios type of player, but I guess Hudd will have to adapt those qualities and assume the role when needed.

A close friend of mine truly believes that Bentley was off to Man City; for some reason, I can’t see Harry giving up on him quite yet. I would love to see Bentley come back stronger than ever and silence his critics, not going to hold my breath though.

UPDATE: guess my friend was right… read somewhere Bentley’s loan transfer was in the works but Levy would only accept a permanent deal. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

How do you feel we did in the transfer market? Anyone missing?


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8 Responses to “Kranjcar in… nobody else?”

  1. TJ Says:

    Love the move to get Kranjcar. It gives us a solid replacement for Modric for the next 7-8 weeks and a very nice rotation at midfield when Modric returns. We have a good rotation of strikers and a very nice midfield. Kranjcar is big, very good on the ball and he’s pretty creative. He hasn’t really been on form for the past few months but I think it is because he wanted out of Pompey. Harry loves him and that is good enough for me.
    I wanted to see a move for another back but we will have to wait until January for that. Welcome to the Spurs Nico! COYS!

    • el wehbi Says:

      The midfield’s looking good TJ… looking mighty good. Nico suits our playing style and like you said, if Harry loves him, that’s enough for me. Can’t wait to see him in Lilywhite!


  2. bashar Says:

    I guess Petrov high wages was a factor plus his age as i heard that he was on a 70,000 a week salary.

    I also think harry was not desperate for a CB as we heard from him on the Upson transfer among others. Plus team news always has woodgate as “progressing well” and King will be fine for United.

    NIKO, Good signing .. but why the top 4 talk niko!! you read too much English newspapers!

  3. Tottenham On My Mind Says:

    Kranjcar a great signing!

    I think Harry has deals that to him are essential to fill a gap in the squad. Crouch is the best example this window. Then he has deals to improve the squad, like krancjar, then deals which he will do at the right price but which are not crucial. So if Upson is available at a good price, we’ll take him,but of course W Ham sold Collins on deadline day so even they were not that desperate to sell. Bentley is in the same category – sell for a good price plus a replacement of sorts, but otherwise we are not bothered.

    • el wehbi Says:

      We have witnessed the “wheeling and dealing” ways of Harry throughout this window. I’m honestly impressed with what he has done thus far. Do you think he’ll be active come January?

      • TJ Says:

        It really depends on where the team is. If we are still hovering near the top of the table (1 to 7 or 8) like I think we will be, he will be active. It is hard telling who will be available at that time and who we will need at that time. I know that if the team needs something, Harry will not hesitate to go find it in the market.

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