Poo on our parade

It was bound to happen people. We all knew that the top 4 teams would eventually grasp the fact they have dominated those spots for a reason. And they showed us exactly why yesterday. Man of the Match should have been Evra… Lennon was invisible and I could have sworn I only saw him cut in maybe twice.

Defoe gave us the premature (1st minute) early lead with a lovely bicycle kick. 3 points for sure? Not quite. You could feel that they would eventually score a goal and come back but I felt we could have kept them at a draw. Rooney was a menace and his last goal was class. BAE and Hutton looked completely lost on that play.

We didn’t take advantage of them being a man down. PERIOD. But I place the blame for this loss is on Redknapp.

  1. Why stick with Keane on the left? It was blatantly clear 20 minutes into it that it wasn’t working.
  2. Gio not even on the bench? Why? We could have used him instead of Keane and I think he would have been more effective.
  3. Kranjcar was not prepared for a match debut; especially vs Man U. He’s rarely had time to train with the squad.
  4. Lennon should have moved to the left… you could have brought Bentley on and his sole focus would have been to place some quality long balls at Crouch’s head. That also would have brought Evra out of the box, adding some opportunity to our 10-man advantage.
  5. PAV! Are you kidding me Harry? He should have come on and that’s that.
  6. Did anyone realize that Man U were better with Berbatov off the pitch? That was nice to see!

Disappointed? We shouldn’t be. Losing to United is nothing new people… they are a world class team whether we like to admit it or not. This just proves that Spurs need to work that much harder to break the top 4 in the future. Harry needs to take whatever positives from this match and build on them. It’s still a long road till the end of the season and games like this should not deliver the knock out blow. We need to hold our heads high because another monstrous test awaits us next week at Chelsea. Harry needs to work hard on his substitution tactics. It was a valid concern last season, and it seems it might still be one this season.



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4 Responses to “Poo on our parade”

  1. TJ Says:

    Tough, tough loss. Still, I think we very easily could have gotten a point from the match. Keane wasn’t working on the left, it should have been Gio. I would love to see him get some time. It was nice to see Jenas get in and even get a solid chance on goal. I am going to stay positive here, after Chelsea (what a nightmarish game that will be) we have a pretty favorable stretch for few weeks. I think we should have a goal of staying in the top five until Modric returns.
    Gomes is back on the bench, might be ready in a week or two. That’s a plus. I know this was bad, but we need to stay positive. A draw against Chelsea would be a welcome miracle! Keep your heads up Spurs. COYS!

    • el wehbi Says:

      It sure was a tough one to swallow. Harry needs to get a little more adventurous with his substitution tactics… he’s quite predictable and that may be the problem against managers like Fergie.

      I like the goal you’ve set of “staying in the top five until Modric returns”. It’s quite doable.


  2. TJ Says:

    Yeah, just need to take care of games outside the big four and steal a point every few games versus Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool. We already have a win over Liverpool in the books, that helps. In my opinion, Arsenal and Liverpool are both vulnerable and we will find out how good Man City is this weekend. 4-2 over Arsenal is impressive but they did not have Arshavin. We’ll see, but I think staying in the top 5 without for a few months is not out of the question.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Totally agree! A few points from the top teams would be fantastic. Man City are looking good but their high will end somewhere, just like ours did this past weekend. As long as we accept it, move on and correct our mistakes, we should be better prepared for Chelsea… although a win at Stamford Bridge will be a might feat; especially with their current form.

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