Tangled in a lousy Webb

A lot went wrong from the start. First, Keane on the left. Second, referee Howard Webb. Last but not least, Howard Webb. This guy is a disaster of a referee. The 1st yellow card was flashed in the 94th minute. Come on, wasn’t this a London derby?

But in the end, we didn’t lose to Chelsea due to the horrific refereeing. We simply crumbled… again. Chelsea were on the mark tonight. Drogba constantly claiming the spotlight as he usually does and their midfield did not give us any room to develop the passing game. We were down by a goal in the 32nd minute no thanks to Ashley Cole’s header, but we were still in the match and looking confident.

On the defensive front, it was a nightmare. Once Ledley started limping early in the 2nd half, you could tell it instantly delivered a blow to the squad. The players regard him as the true captain of the team and it showed tonight. To add to that, Bassong was taken out on a stretcher which was symbolic of our evening. Hopefully it was just a precaution and he’ll be back for our next league match. Two games in a row and Corluka has been horrifying… he needs to pick up the pace or he’s going to give up his position to Hutton.

Are you there Azza? No cuts into the box? Lack of confidence maybe?

No need to panic though because 12 points from 6 games is still a positive start. 2 out of the 6 (hopefully) Modric-less weeks have gone by and I can’t wait till he’s back. We are terribly missing his creative input. Matches against Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea have already been played and 12 points are locked in the column. The boys cannot afford to drop any more points in the coming matches, otherwise we’ll be in trouble.

Back to Howard Webb… what does it take to get a call from this guy?


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6 Responses to “Tangled in a lousy Webb”

  1. mac Says:

    I thought Keane was OK but agree about Luka. He was a must for our last 2 games and without him the link between midfield and attack is gone leaving us to resort to the long ball.

    • el wehbi Says:

      The void left by Luka has caused a major imbalance in the squad. I’m looking forward to the day he finally comes back. It’s going to be a long few weeks!

  2. vired Says:

    I’m a Chelsea fan and I completely agree with this post. Howard Webb is a fucking moron. Its alright for most blues today coz its gone our way, but what if makes a similar inept decision against us a few weeks from now?

    Would’ve been really interesting levelled up in the 65th. Both teams goin for it.

    Agree with the comments about Modric too. But methinks you have a readymade replacement for him in the other Croat, Niko Kranjcar. Why he didn’t start is beyond me.

    • el wehbi Says:


      Howard Webb is an idiot and I’m not just saying this as a Spurs fan, I mean it as a football fan! I wish he was only biased against Spurs so at least that way we could single him out… but the oaf keeps making bad calls in every game he officiates and it doesn’t matter which team is playing. The FA needs to do something about him.

      But I have to hand it to you guys, good or bad referee, you were the better team yesterday. You were a handful on attack and you sealed up the midfield quite well.

      Would have liked for Niko to start but he’s still only had a few training sessions with the squad… we needed team experience against Chelsea. So we thought!

      Cheers for stopping by! Until our teams meet again…

  3. TJ Says:

    Good lord, Webb was horrible. Chelsea was the better side but it would have been nice to see a 1-1 game with about 25 to play. We had chances and did not capitalize.
    Keane was okay on Sunday but he can’t play the left and I really hope Harry moves him before the Burnley match. We absolutely have to take three from Burnley and get some positive momentum back. No one should be shocked we lost to Man U and Chelsea. I thought the Chelsea match was better played than the Man U one and we still have a lot to be proud of after six matches. If Spurs can bounce back on Saturday, things will be okay.
    Glad to see Bassong is alright, that was a scary moment. Someone find Webb and shove a ball down his throat, COYS!

    • el wehbi Says:

      They should shove more than a ball down Webb’s throat TJ! Horrendous!

      Good news is Daws is finally back and will get some playing time against Preston tonight!

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