Keane, mean, scoring machine! (video)

Blogs across the web, including mine, were calling for captain Keane to be benched for our match against Burnley. Aren’t we glad he wasn’t? 4 goals (a career first), 5 shots on target and numerous attempts in assisting others endeavors for glory.

The match started off rather quietly with little or no chances surfacing. Keane was constantly testing Burnley’s offside trap which was a sign of things to come. He even managed to put himself in a one-on-one situation with their beast of a keeper, Jensen, but kicked it straight at him. At that point, I thought the rest of his night would be status quo. Glad I was to be proven wrong.

17 minutes into the match and feisty Defoe was taken down in the box by Bikey with a sloppy tackle. Penalty for us and Keane scored his first. Burnley put in some efforts to stage a comeback but were unsuccessful. Defoe had another one-on-one chance with Jensen from a lovely 3-man play involving Keane (who else) and Jenas who flicked a lovely ball with his heel to Defoe but couldn’t convert. Unfortunately, JD would eventually be taken off for what may be a broken finger or two.

In the 32nd minute, Krajcar had a go at goal, but the shot was luckily deflected to Jenas, who then whipped the ball at goal with a lucky touch from an unlucky Burnley defender to make it 2 nil. A third goal almost came instantly after when Lennon and Keano (once again) set up a beautiful one-two play which Lennon could not capitalize on. Keane calmly chipped the ball over the defense for Azza but the beast was all up in his grill (sorry for the gangsta talk – I meant his face). Keane’s 3rd and 4th goals came no more than 4 minutes apart. Right after the two, he almost assisted another two goals. To add to that, he almost had a 5th! The man was simply unstoppable tonight and a pleasure to watch.

Some quick notes:

  • Hudd, my friends, is maturing fast. He was composed in the CB position and never looked out of place.
  • Does anyone think Bassong holds onto the ball for too long?
  • Praises to Crouch for being a good sport about being benched after his hat-trick… came onto the pitch and instantly meant business. Me likey!
  • The Palacios / Jenas combo worked quite well tonight. Harry officially has another headache at midfield. Great stuff!
  • Kranjcar involved himself in the majority of the attacks. Quality crosses from the boy!

Nothing more to say… the video should cut it!



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6 Responses to “Keane, mean, scoring machine! (video)”

  1. mac Says:

    I thought Bassong looked uncomfortable on the ball yesterday but he was not the only one at the start. Hopefully the five goals has lifted the knock backs of United and Chelsea. All we can do is beat what’s in front of us and we did that well.

    • el wehbi Says:

      I hope so Mac! We’ll need some solid points out of the next few matches before we visit the Emirates at the end of October.

  2. TJ Says:

    Nice performance. I don’t know if we deserved the 5-0 but we certainly were the much better side. Keane played a great game and deserved the goals he got. I thought Kranjcar was really solid on the left and I think he will stay there for the time being. You’re right, Hudd is getting better every match. I think Defoe could have done better with a couple of his chances but no need to be worry about him.
    Cudicini almost cost us a goal, the mistake he made on the free kick cannot happen against a better side. I hope Gomes is in for the Bolton match. Other than that, a terrific bounce back from the tough losses. Great to be back on the winning side. I think we will keep it up against the Wanderers. COYS!

    • el wehbi Says:

      I hope so TJ! Bolton are tough at the Reebok stadium. I would like to see Gomes back in goal, not that I thought Cudicini has done a bad job or anything. Another 3 points please!


  3. JimmyG2 Says:

    Hi el.
    I liked the variety of play that brought Keane’s third and fourth: the chipped through ball from Huddlestone and then the flick on from Crouch.
    Have added your blog to my recommended reads. Cheers.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    Cheers JimmyG2!!! Honored!

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