Who we are today

Looking at who we are this season in comparison to last, we really haven’t changed much as a team. We’ve had a few players leave and a few come in, but all in all, we are relatively the same team we were last season. ‘Arry went for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” methodology and it’s been looking good thus far.

The major change lies with Mr. Redknapp and his philosophies which have reshaped the club into a team driven entity. Not that we were ever a “one man show”, but the difference is we now know how to efficiently work together as a team. What you can blatantly see is the change in communication. Other than verbal, I am talking about pure body language. On the attack, the players communicate with their feet and swagger. The confidence levels have been high which directly translate to a controlled  passing game and a fiery attack. One place we do seem to lack some communication is defense, but that is largely due to injuries plaguing our lineups leaving players out of position (i.e. Hudd, Corluka). That should all change relatively soon once the international break is over in a few weeks time. A healthy Dawson has just re-emerged, King’s hammy should be fine, and hopefully Woodie will be back in the lineup if the shots he is taking now turn out to be the anecdote.

But again, it is the change in policies, thanks to ‘Arry, that has reshaped and reformed our club. Let’s touch up on a few, shall we?

A hard stance against “drinking”.

This was pure genius in my opinion. It seemed like our bunch liked to have a few, but unfortunately for them, it always ended up in the papers which couldn’t be good for team morale. I never had a problem with players having a good time but when it gets in the way of their performance, ALT CTRL DEL. DRINK

Appointing coaches to help individual players.

Bringing Tony Parks to help Gomes at a time when he was ridiculed by everyone including the Spurs faithful. It did wonders for his confidence and it sparked a clean sheet run which helped us survive the drop. Many were critical of the Les Ferdinand appointment initially, but I think it has had a positive effect overall. Defoe seems to enjoy working with him.

Giving out squad numbers & contracts.

This was a tactical mind f#@k for the older boys. Get on with it or you’ll always be looking over your shoulders. Also brought a sense of hope to the young. By awarding them short term contracts and then sending them all out on loan, ‘Arry was able to boost their confidence and give them the match exposure needed to grow as players. Now whether Redknapp decides to sell or keep the players, their values automatically increase when they get minutes in the Coca Cola or the Prem; in the end it doesn’t matter. Wheeling and dealing Senor Redknapp, you are good… very good!

The problem with our youth program previously was the gray area of “will I get a chance to break into the starting squad or not?”. Everyone now has a chance and their performance will dictate where they go at Spurs. The contracts have given them confidence and hope in knowing they are an integral part of Spurs long term plans.

Importing Portsmouth.

Sorry Pompey fans, but by bringing back Defoe, adding Crouchie and securing Kranjcar for virtually nothing, ‘Arry brought in players who were experienced with his management style. He also brought in players who had experience playing with others (i.e. Niko w/ Modric and Corluka on the international front). Genius once again.


I’m sure many criticized this move instantly as they heard the news. I wasn’t so sure of paying 14 million quid for a player who one year earlier was purchased for 1 million. How could this be? The deal has been a success since day one and his value has been justified by the quality he has brought to the squad: fierceness.

Depth & avoiding the transfer market circus.

We were involved in the transfer market this year, quite late in comparison to usual, but for once I felt we were effective bringing in players who would add depth and competition in all the right areas. True, I felt we needed a defender towards the end of the window, but ‘Arry knew tactically what was needed and stuck by his guns.

So who are we today?

Today, we are Tottenham. Tottenham that controls the flow of the game with perfectly timed passing. Tottenham that constantly threatens the opposing defense. Tottenham, run by a manager that isn’t afraid to speak his mind and let everyone have it. Tottenham, a team with options. Tottenham, Super Tottenham, We Are Tottenham from the Lane.



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4 Responses to “Who we are today”

  1. Bash Says:

    Overall I agree with you, Redknapp changed the mentality of the players and most of the fans from the first minute he joined. He lost me for 90 minutes but I was back quickly. But still have nightmares about Keane on the left.

    Seems Mr. Keane deos not agree with you on the team issue:

    “This is definitely the best squad I’ve been part of since I’ve been at the Club,” said Robbie. “There is no question about that.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Keane on the left was pretty bad… but I must admit, our attack and midfield are potent was he’s in the forward lineup!

  2. Tottenham On My Mind Says:

    Nice review of where we are. Hope your last para is right! We’re not quite there yet, consistently, but well on the way

    • el wehbi Says:

      A lot to work on but for the first time in a long time, I feel like we are heading in the right direction. I do agree that consistency is a concern but hopefully we can work on that once we have a healthy defense again.


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