Ties + Losses = 3rd Place Rhymes

This is not a post to boast (hey, that rhymes) about our performance at Pompey the other day. This post is a toast, first and foremost (rhymes again) about raising our glasses to Sunderland and the Liverpoolian stray red balloon. This post is all about Aston Villa and their halting of the Chelsea train – they are not invincible. And last but not least, this post is a thank you to Wigan for letting Man City out of the ring with only 1 point.

Yes my fellow supporters, their efforts are what secured our 3rd place spot for another week. Their efforts could possiby aid us in moving up to 2nd next week. Liverpool vs Man United should be interesting.

Now backt to Spurs.

Defoe, Defoe, Defoe. Harry said no, no, no. But you had to do it. Red carded.

Apparently he apologized to the team on his way off the pitch meaning he knew he was guilty. We really need him over the next few matches and I think ‘Arry has probably bitten his head off for this, so no need to be extra harsh on him. An emotional game for Defoe with a lot to prove. Sometimes emotions get the best of people.

Ledley is a monster. FULL STOP.

Off topic, was with an Arsenal fan yesterday who kept talking about how Tottenham is a club with no  class, “Shite Hart Lane” and all that rubbish. I retaliated a few times but then, I simply looked at him and decided to keep my mouth shut and grin. It riled him up some more. Still grinning and not a peep. At the end of the day, we’re sitting in 3rd. For once I will enjoy the fact that our results speak for themselves. Another 3 points please.

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4 Responses to “Ties + Losses = 3rd Place Rhymes”

  1. SpursLA Says:

    Well till Defoe is back it’s hoof it up to Crouch I guess. Not the best option playing against the cunts from up
    the road. And next time anybody calls the sacred WHL anything else break your pint in their fucking face.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Hopefully we go to Emirates and take a “shite” all over their pitch.

      The long ball to Crouch is worrying but at least we have options, right? Cheers!

  2. JimmyG2 Says:

    Try writing it all in rhyming couplets El.Or a limerick.
    A manager called Harry said ‘No’
    But couldn’t get through to Defoe.
    He stamped on his marker
    A yellow? No darker
    The Ref said he just had to go.

    I might give it a go myself.
    Pavlyuchenko and Crouch might just work. Would be good to see him given a go. After Keane’s been subbed of course.

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