Question unanswered… help

One question constantly crosses my mind:

Why was Jenas on the left?

He isn’t a creative player. Kranjcar was better suited for the position. Even Bale dare I say it. Harry needs to rethink his tactical strategies and player selection when facing the bigger teams. As soon as the opposition begin to press, we crumble. If he can correct this issue, we might not be the team which concedes 2 goals in 11 seconds.

Feel free to vent.


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10 Responses to “Question unanswered… help”

  1. TJ Says:

    An absolutely brutal game. Arsenal is a good team but we handed them their goals. The losses of Lennon and Modric have made us a very predictable team. We need their speed and creativity with the ball back.

    It is also very clear that we need Jermaine Defoe in the lineup if we are going to score. I am not ready to concede anything yet. Other recent results have kept us right around the top four. However, we desperately need a win over Sunderland to get back on track. Defoe will be back and I am hoping for the return of Modric and Lennon very soon!

    On the positive side, Bentley had a very nice free kick. That’s about it though. Keep the faith. COYS!

    • el wehbi Says:

      Spot on! And I am trying to keep the faith brother lol

      Bring back our feisty short ones and let’s amp it up in the coming weeks! COYS!

  2. ryan Says:

    yes i dont understand why you would play jenas on the left, when we specifically bought krenjar to fill in for modric on the left. i have never felt so deflated/angry/frustrated in the 5 years of me following spurs. i dont understand why when crouch is in we must use the long ball, when the feck does that work? at the begining of the season, we held possesion and controlled games, somthing i dont feel we have done in the past, and that is what really got me in thought that we could do somthing this year. but we have reverted back to idiot football. hoof it up to the tall dude, who is by himself and hope for the best…crouch and dafoe i think could work because crouch and flick it to dafoe, keano is just imo worhtless for most of the games, its basically we are playing with 10 men and a short irish man who points and shots alot. we need to stop the bleeding against sunderland and get 3 points if we have hopes of doing anything other then finishing in the same place we did last year. come you spurs, show some heart so some passion, give a shit, cause all us fans do, and last saturday it looked like the only people that cared were the fans…we desperatly need lennon, modric and dafoe back, without them we are middle table team at best.

  3. el wehbi Says:

    I feel your frustration Ryan!

    We are mid-table at best without our key creative players. Any team would be! The match at the Emirates reminded me of the Man U game when we led by 2, only to concede 5… we just gave up. That’s what pissed me off. What was the answer? Long ball this… long ball that… long ball… period. Some answer that was. We have to pick ourselves up again and show Sunderland our true fighting spirit. Please keep the beach balls at home!

    Cheers for stopping by! COYS!

  4. MB Says:

    El-wehbi, that was a 3-0 lead back in 9/01 that was followed up by 5 goals to Man U in the 2nd half. I know, as I was there!!

    agree with TJ, the fans cared more than the players last sat, who wanted the day to end asap once the score went 2-0…. and keano, let the playing do the talking next time…

  5. el wehbi Says:

    Hi MB,

    Actually the match which I was talking about vs Man United is this one:

    But I appreciate the history lesson my friend, anything that adds to my Spurs knowledge is welcomed here 🙂

    I think Crouch has been talking some trash ahead of the Sunderland match… oh lord!

  6. MB Says:

    lol, history repeating itself then. let’s see how things unfold this weekend….

  7. Alan Says:

    Keane off form but you’re right, Harry needs the bottle to reunite him with the returning Defoe and play it on the ground

    • el wehbi Says:

      Keane just isn’t the same player anymore… we get a glimpse of genius here or there, but nothing concrete. An issue we must address if he is to remain captain.

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