The squad remains the same

Being a Spurs fan, it seems that chronic paranoia is an incurable condition. You see, one second Spurs are the adoring puppets of the media frenzy with video clips showcasing the fans shouting “we want ten!”… and the next, we could possibly be paraded as the league’s titanic.

The away match at Villa may very well be the most important fixture of the season. Why? We’ve just come off a paramount win which the media will do everything within its power to theatrically pump up and suck it dry (if we lose).

I tend to say this before every match (chronic paranoia is a bitch) but Villa will be tough. Very tough. Going into this game, Villa are the underdogs playing at home. They tied against Burnley last week so they’ll have a lot to prove in front of their home supporters. Spurs on the other hand have just come off the second highest scoring match in Premier League history. It should be a great thing, but could be the worst thing. Obviously, we’ll see how that pans out tomorrow. Spurs are 4th and Villa are 5th separated by a single win which should make for some very interesting footy.

But I look at all the positives. If the squad remains the same (cue the song above), we have 4 players at the front who are pure assault weapons. The former Portsmouth trio and Lennon are all creative in their own right. Each one possesses a totally different physique and skill set from the other which in the end balances out quite nicely. To add to this, we are the 3rd highest scoring team in the Prem. Technically that should mean that we will come to your town, and yes, we will score.

Concerns? The defensive mistakes. Villa are an attacking team and they will try to expose our trend of crumbling under siege. But they also tend to break under pressure. This game will be won by the side that attacks right from the start, continuing all the way through.

‘Arry could possibly play Keane on the left again (please, please, please… ‘Arry don’t do it). Should we start the same team who played Wigan? I think yes. We looked balanced and creatively in control. Mind you, it was to an awful Wigan side (that day) but we were mentally in control. This will be crucial to taking 3 points out of an injured Arsenal side playing Chelsea this week, and crucial for us in securing 3 points to hold onto 4th.



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11 Responses to “The squad remains the same”

  1. Jaymes Marsh Says:

    Hi mate,

    If Harry replaces Kranny with Keano, I don’t know what I’ll do!

    Why change a winning formula?

    Against Villa, our midfield will be the deciding factor. Huddy and Willy will need to be at their very best as O’Neill has got his team playing fairly solidly at the moment and especially in the midfield department.

    The Modfather may be on the bench for this one (as should Keane).

    Can see us nicking it 0-1



    PS. Tell Tomas Raszkin to visit your site.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Tomas Raszkin is a legend! lol

      I don’t think it would sit too well with a lot of fans if Keano replaces Kranjcar. We’ll need loads of creativity in order to beat Villa at home. I see Hudd and Palacios starting in the midfield as they seem to be solid when paired up, but you’re right, if they give the wing men and forwards confidence to focus on the attack, I can see us taking the 3 points.

      Cheers Jaymes! COYS!!!!!!!

  2. who framed ruel fox? Says:

    If Spurs don’t score at least 6 this weekend I’m going to write a very concerned letter to the board. With plenty of ‘industrial’ language.

    ‘Five-one?! FIVE?!’


    Back in the real world and Keane should remain suitably benched.

    Krank was spectacular last week.

  3. elwehbi@ibleedhotspur Says:

    You’re a greedy man Fox!

    Everyone would agree with you that Kranjcar was amazing last week! We paid 2 million quid for that talent???? How Harry pulled that off is beyond me!


  4. JimmyG2 Says:

    Almost certain that Keane will start, Harry has virtually said so this week.
    Keane and Defoe might be more effective against big strong defenders than Crouch with their pace and ability to find space.
    Kranjcar must start and I think he will.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Gio on the bench but not Modric until midweek against Man.Utd. wghere vhe could get half an hour.
    Ive admonished Mr.Fox elsewhere for his over exhuberance.
    2-1 to Spurs at best.

    • el wehbi Says:


      No objections to Keane starting as a forward… as long as it isn’t in place of Kranjcar; then I won’t be slitting any wrists. But you make a good point about their ability to find pace which could be key.


  5. Bash Says:

    The defense needs to be on top to stop the villa counter attack. by the way is Bassong third choice now?

    “‘Arry could possibly play Keane on the left again” where did you get this from!!!

    1 nil to spurs

  6. ryan Says:

    from your article, the following is the exact thought i have running through my head, “‘Arry could possibly play Keane on the left again (please, please, please… ‘Arry don’t do it). Should we start the same team who played Wigan? I think yes”

    then again whoever Arry puts out and we get 3 points i will be happy

  7. el wehbi Says:

    Well Bash and Ryan, I had a gut instinct that Keane would slot into the left and it happened. Still don’t understand why exactly, but taking a point away to Villa is a blessing so I won’t complain. COYS!

  8. JimmyG2 Says:

    See it wasn’t so bad after all.
    We won all the statistics and could have won the match.
    Got everything wrong, Keane, Jenas,Gio, scoreline and result but don’t blame me it was Old Moores almanac that led me astray and Harry too, cunning old bugger.
    Looks as if Keane is no longer automatic first choice, and subbing Palacios again tell me something. Not quite sure what yet.
    Where was Pavlyuchenko? He wasn’t even on the bench.

    • el wehbi Says:

      A lot of strange things happening at the Lane JimmyG2! I don’t know where to begin.

      I’ll take the draw from this match because I really thought we would lose. I’m such a pessimist.


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