A beautiful site…

A tear-jerker image from the Tottenham website. Happy to see him training again.


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5 Responses to “A beautiful site…”

  1. TJ Says:

    Indeed, tremendous to see Luka back. I can’t wait to see a healthy Lennon and Modric wreaking havoc on the wings and feeding the ball to Defoe.

    How do we feel about a draw? I think it was a fairly positive result. Villa played well and they really needed the three points at home.

    • el wehbi Says:

      A draw, honestly speaking, is better than what I was expecting. But what I was truly disappointed with was the first half performance. That’s not how a team which just came off a historical victory performs.


      • TJ Says:

        Not a great performance but they managed a draw and I will take it. Villa really needed it and we moved into third. I don’t see Arsenal pulling away from us with their injuries and Man City is really struggling.


  2. Luka Says:

    Kranjcar was amazing against Villa…

    I have missed watching Modric play…we won´t have to wait 2 long…I am sure…

    • el wehbi Says:

      Luka: I hope you’re right!

      TJ: Arsenal have shown their weakness; we have to capitalize on this. Man City seem to enjoy the draw more than anything lol


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