Heartbreak Hotel

I really have to stop letting moments like “Everton’s 2-goal comeback” get to me. My brain turns sour and my thoughts poo.

Emotionally, I was drained after the visit to Goodison Park. There was the high. There was the low. Then came the numb. Oh Tottenham.

What went wrong? In the first half, we were the dominant side. For majority of the 2nd too. Until the last 20 minutes, when Saha and Yakubu were brought into the mix, Spurs reverted back to the confidence-lacking squad which makes every fan cringe. Assou-Ekotto didn’t help with his yellow card which gave Bale a chance to shine. He didn’t; however, I do think it’s necessary for him to get some playing time because he will be filling in for BAE when the latter is out for the African Nations Championship.

Defoe’s missed penalty? Cut him some slack.

But forget about the match for now. I’m a few days late with a post anyways. Everton applied the right amount of pressure in the end to stage a comeback. I don’t think it had anything to do with Harry’s tactics. We were comfortably and confidently leading the match late into the second half. But why is it that Spurs have such a low threshold for attacking football?


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4 Responses to “Heartbreak Hotel”

  1. TJ Says:

    This one hurt. We were in complete domination and I was ready to celebrate a move into third.

    Positives-Aaron Lennon continues to be the best right winger in England. Michael Dawson appears to be a very nice option at center back. Luka is going to be back soon!

    Negatives- A blown opportunity on the road against someone we should have beaten. Another loss to a team with a little bit of offensive firepower. We cannot stop anybody when they push forward and try to attack us.

    By the way, I am sure everyone in England is thrilled about your WC draw. I am an American and we are thrilled as well! I don’t think we can beat you guys but we will give you some trouble and we both SHOULD beat Algeria and Slovenia. You never know but the US couldn’t have asked for much better.


  2. el wehbi Says:

    Hi TJ:

    Aaron Lennon’s skills have definitely developed; he showcases them much more when there is a creative person (i.e. Kranjcar, Modric) on the left wing. He was horrible when Keane or Jenas were on the left.

    3 points will sorely be missed, and the squad will feel it once the end of the season rolls around.

    In regards to the world cup, I’m not English and not based in England lol I’m actually based in the Middle East. But speaking from an outsider’s point of view, your group is going to be quite interesting.


  3. TJ Says:

    He and Nico appear to have developed a pretty nice connection since his return from injury. I would like to see Keane back up top this weekend against Wolves. This is really a must win if we want to stay in the top four.

    Gotcha, I thought you were in England because of your attendance at so many matches, sorry! The group will be very interesting. A dream scenario for the Americans would be to draw against England and beat Slovenia and Algeria. It won’t be easy but it is possible. England should win the group pretty easily but you never know. COYS!!!

    • el wehbi Says:

      You’re totally right! The Wolves match is a must win if we are to contend.

      I think the US can surprise a lot of people. You have some really talented players with a great work ethic. You never know!

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