Finger lickin’ good!

Cheers and smiles all around the Lane last night in what started off as a murky, wet and dark evening. Normally, that would be a sign of the depression soon to follow but it was the complete opposite. Thankfully.

Defensively, we were in the greatest form I have seen all season. A mix-up or two here and there, but nothing that ever put us in real danger… well, besides a handball inside the box, which with all fairness to the referee, it was impossible to catch it from where he was standing. Even when watching the highlights, I initially couldn’t tell if it was a handball or not, except from a front view angle. Regardless, we were winning last night’s match come hell or high water.

Two players really stuck out in my mind last night. Kranjcar and Assou-Ekotto. The Croatian bagged himself two well deserved goals displaying a level of class well beyond what City defenders could handle on the evening. Assou-Ekotto was a pure delight to watch. The ball stuck to his feet no matter what he did, where he went, how quickly he moved… pure delight! Defensively, he was solid and seemed to have a higher IQ than most on the pitch for the full 90 minutes – focus of a superstar calibre.

Keane was once again benched in favor of Crouchie. It looks to me that this is probably the starting squad Harry is growing fond of. Obviously, Modric will be thrown into the mix at some point in the near future. He has too much footballing class to leave on the bench. The defense could remain the same if they consistently perform to yesterday’s standards, meaning Dawson could be the new captain of the squad for the remainder of the season. DAWSON ladies and gentlemen!

City fans will say that they were missing Wright-Phillips and Bellamy and that on any other day, we’re no match for them. I’m sorry, when you paid a gazillion quid for your squad oozing with superstars, that excuse won’t cut it. True, we have done the same in regards to spending, however, we won last night so I’m allowed to boast! We buckled down defensively, displayed a great balance of attacking and protection football and in the end we locked in the needed 3 points.

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8 Responses to “Finger lickin’ good!”

  1. ryan Says:

    Well deserved three points, we played with skill, smarts and guile. A true showing of our class. Now I ask spurs to show CONSISTANCY, agaisnt top 4 teams, agaisnt bottom 4 teams and even the teams that throw 10-11 behind the ball and hope to nik a draw or odd goal. We looked miles ahead of that lot last night. Harry keep the squad intact and onwards and upwards!!

  2. Alan Says:

    Great win and fine performances by BAE and Niko – he is just terrific! Costing me a lot of money as I am paying per goal and assist to fund a messageboard!

    Daws was the stand out – magnificent!

  3. JimmyG2 Says:

    Positive thinking required from fans as well as the team.
    ‘murky, wet and dark evening. More like the start of a horror story, well \i suppose it could have been.
    Bad tactics by Hughsy to leave Silvano isolated against Lennon.

  4. TJ Says:

    What a win! I was thrilled with the defense, mainly Dawson and BAE but everyone played well enough. Niko was absolutely terrific, he is great form. We needed these three points against a team that expects to be battling for a top four spot with us. We also needed a morale boost after a dreadful two matches.

    This lineup has worked more often than not. So, who does Modric replace? He won’t be on the bench for very many games. Great to see Dawson emerging as a star and a leader. COYS!!!

  5. Bash Says:

    The players wanted to win the game; It showed. covering for out of position players, Not giving city any room to pass with ease, Confidence and even better at half time Keane was waiting for the squad to come out shaking hands with every player and giving support. More of that please

  6. el wehbi Says:

    Ryan: consistency is the key this season, especially since the top 4 seem to be having slip ups of their own

    Alan: Niko could possibly be the purchase highlight of the Premier League at the 2.5 million quid we paid… fantastic!

    JimmyG2: Sylvinho was left exposed at times and Lennon punished him and City severley for it

    TJ: it’s going to be interesting to see how we slot Modric back into the squad… we’re going to have to because he’s just got too much quality to sit on the bench

    Bash: I honestly feel bad for Keano… I wish he would find his old form, which would truly benefit us… but I have to be honest and say that I am truly enjoying the Crouch and Defoe pairing at the moment. It just seems to have a good balance overall.


  7. mootz Says:

    el wehbi, now i know what you mean when you said 2.5mill was a bargain for kranjcar. his second goal was sweet. in the interview post-match, he also seems to a smart, down to earth guy.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Mootz: The first time I watched an interview with Niko, I was truly impressed with how he spoke and carried the conversation. I guess that level of intelligence also applies to his footballing skills. Gotta love Croatia for producing him and little Modric!

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