What could go wrong?

Update: just visited AANP and saw that he also put together a 9-point wish list… I know we are addressing the matter in two very different ways but his is probably better lol

Straight to the point post here everyone. 10 things that could go wrong today:

  1. Sweet revenge: It’s no secret that Wigan were humiliated at the Lane when Spurs put in the (possibly jinxing) performance of a lifetime. The Wigan squad humbly reimbursed traveling fans with money in place of unwanted and forgettable ticket stubs. Today will be a whole different scenario. I am assuming that the weather will be unforgiving, and so will the fans. We are hated.
  2. Caught sleeping: Once that ball is kicked-off, we must get straight down to business. No-nonsense footy. We must give them few chances of controlling the tempo of the match.
  3. 25 shots on target… none scored: This is a trait that is beginning to worry me. We obviously have the ability to bombard opponents with shots on goal, but we are limp in the scoring department.
  4. 25 corners taken… no goal scored: Another trait that seems to be the norm these days.
  5. Focus in defence: A lot of the goals scored against us were due to moments of “temporary brain mismanagement and shut down” (i.e. Corluka). Stay alert and cover each other well. Plus, Wigan likes to score from outside the box too, but I believe Gomes can calmly handle those attempts.
  6. Modric: Needs to confidently drop into the middle and utilize the fast-paced attacking wing play of Bale. Hesitation is not a character trait which suits you well little one.
  7. The long ball: STOP IT PLEASE!
  8. Managerial tactics & substitutions: If Harry is considering using Pav, then he needs to quit playing mind games and give him a go. It’s true that Pav has been mouthing off a lot lately, but the boy wants to play. Maybe he is hungry enough to do some damage at this point. Give Crouchie some competition. We’ll never know until we give him a try Mr. Redknapp.
  9. Leading 3-0 at the half. Lose the match with Wigan scoring 4 goals in the second.
  10. Final score: Wigan 11, Spurs 1

Short, sweet and straight to the point. I might seem pessimistic, but I just want to make sure that I am prepared for any upsetting events. Can we win today? Of course. We always can. But I’m not prepared to predict anything. One game at a time.



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One Response to “What could go wrong?”

  1. Bash Says:

    I think Pav will get to start at home in the Bolton game. I don’t think he will risk it in an away game.

    and yeah I miss modric too

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