“Jamie… it’s Tottenham”

The injury list continues to pile up at Tottenham and it’s as discomforting to me as a massive hemorrhoid after some spicy Thai food. Beating Everton last night was a delight to watch, simply because our Eastern European family members (3 Croats and a Russian) seemed to possess a certain mojo beyond anyone else’s comprehension (except for Bale that is – this kid is impressive).

Everyone else in the team put in a solid performance, although Gomes had a few skeptical moments. What baffles me about him is his bad decision making during easy moments… then he comes back with a few breathtaking saves, when you would least expect anyone to do so, without breaking a sweat. I will never understand you H. But I do love your presence between the goal posts.

Palacios played one of his best games of the season. His tackles were timed to perfection, although his passing still needs a bit of work. Does anyone else think his ball handling skills have improved in 2010?

The loss of Huddlestone could have a dramatic impact on our team’s passing game. Tommy has been great at midfield, which nobody could have predicted during the past summer. If the knock he received last night is going to keep him out for a lengthy period, then it must be time to call back Jaime O’Hara. Let’s face it, Kaboul isn’t a CM. He did manage to pull it together after some time on the pitch, but he shouldn’t be a long-term plan. Jenas will be going under the knife soon, so he’s not the solution either. We didn’t sign Sandro, obviously can’t use him. Kranjcar can slot into that position but I’m not so sure we want to use him there either. Modric? Possibly, if Bentley is out on the right, but not a great solution when we need work horses in the midfield.

Jamie does possess that “blue-collar” attitude. I think he has had some positive first team experience out at Pompey, which we could use to our benefit at this point.

Plus, Jamie’s a true lilywhite at heart. He could give this chance his all.

“Hello Jamie… it’s Tottenham. Time for you to hang up that Pompey jersey and come home.”


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6 Responses to ““Jamie… it’s Tottenham””

  1. Bash Says:

    So you think Kaboul and Niko Cant play in that position (and I agree) and that only Modric can fit! Then who do we play on the right with Bentley injured?

    For our next game our available 1st team players are Niko, Palacios and Modric ONLY. So… who comes in! Who will Harry go with and trust!

    – Kaboul (defensive)
    – Gudjohnsen (attacking)
    – Rose (young)
    – Bale (Blogs favourite)

    or is it the famous 4-3-3! don’t think so.

    About Jamie’s recall, Hope there isn’t a no recall clause in the contract.

  2. el wehbi Says:

    It’s not that I think Niko and Kaboul cannot play in that position, but I would just like to find someone who is more reliable in that role. Niko is a very smart footballer, but I don’t know how he would perform on the defencive side of things. Kaboul needs time to adjust into that role.

    4-3-3 you say? I agree that it might not be something Harry wants to try out. Let’s see what happens!

  3. KayBee Says:

    Totally agree on Gomes – he’s bought entertainment between the sticks back to WHL. At times he still looks a bit wobbly, but I can’t help but love the guy, and we’ll be poorer as a team when he leaves.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    I totally agree KayBee. He would be missed for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. SpursLA Says:

    Never thought much of O’Hara, heart can only take you so far and I’m afraid Pompey is the furthest he’ll go or like I heard earlier today to The Bar codes in the championship. What we have should take us past Fulham and let’s hope Lennon and Hudd return for the semis. Any idea on those dates?

  6. el wehbi Says:

    Unfortunately SpursLA, nothing has been said yet about Hudd’s return; he’s undergoing scans today (I believe) to find out the extent of the injury. As for Lennon, the headlines keep reading that he will need 6 weeks to recover. Not sure if any of it is true.

    Regarding O’Hara, I have been reading that it may not be possible for us to recall him anyways. Might be a clause in his loan deal.

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