The dilemma Harry faces today

Who to start?


Captain Daws and Corluka are out with injuries. I am a bit worried about the right side of our defence today. My picks:

Walker, Kaboul, Bassong, Bale


Hudd is hurt again which is truly unfortunate, while Palacios’ abductor is still giving him problems. My cheeky selection:

Bentley, Modric, BAE (could he play here?)/Livermore (I don’t know anymore), Niko


Bentley, Modric, Niko, Bale (sending BAE back to LB)


Luckily, we are healthy up front. Defoe is back and training with the squad, so be expecting him to be on the bench. Since the midfield is looking a bit weak, I would start with Eidur and Crouch up front. Super-sub “Super Pav”.

3 points please! COYS!

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4 Responses to “The dilemma Harry faces today”

  1. Bash Says:

    I think you are way off with BAE in midfield. Hopefully one of the many injured will be back like King or Wilson. or maybe we will find Eidur back in mid.

    Like you said “I don’t know anymore”

  2. el wehbi Says:

    Like I also said Bash: “cheeky” lol

  3. ryan Says:

    BAE LB Bale LW, need three bloody points today, fingers crossed, I thibk we will all need that pepto today

  4. el wehbi Says:

    ryan: I’m taking swigs as I type!

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