Sitting in front of my computer, fingers resting on the home keys and ready to bang out this post, I must admit that I feel a bit intimidated. I haven’t posted anything in quite some time due to personal reasons and the fact that I was in need of a break. During this quiet – bar those damn vuvuzelas – period, I decided to set a personal goal for myself: I will work hard at developing my writing when it comes to Tottenham.

Reading so many of the other Spurs blogs, I have realized that we have so many great sites to pick and choose from. We need not depend on the likes of the Daily Mail and The Sun for a good read in the morning. If you don’t believe me, just visit the sidebar on this site and go through the list. Quality writing with heart oozing through each and every paragraph. Lucky I tell ya!

That is why I chose to take a break. I needed time to explore how to better my writing and to develop my skills to match some of the great Tottenham blogs out there. If I achieve 30% of that, I will be happy.

So enough of the drama and lets revert back to Spurs. Shall we?

With the World Cup coming to a close, our moves in the transfer market could be right around the corner. It has been kicked off with Levy securing Autonomy as our Premier League shirt sponsor. The man is freakishly creative when it comes to making money. I want to lick his bald head.

Reading all the talk from the web, you would be forgiven for thinking that Spurs were going to sign the entire Uruguayan attack lineup. Whatever signings we do complete in this market, they must be willing to die for the cause. Is Joe Cole that type of player? I honestly cannot say at this point. Harry seems to think so, and I trust the gaffer blindly. It feels great to admit to that. For once, I can fully trust a manager with the fate of our season in his hands.

Thanks Harry.


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6 Responses to “Resurfacing…”

  1. cswy Says:

    Good to have you back fella. I took a little break too mate and now I just can’t wait for new season to arrive 😉

    Completely agree about Levy. Would you go for the ‘Blanc peck on Bartez’ bald head kiss of something a bit more extravagent?

    We could be seeing Spurs’ first ‘legend’ chairman? Not only is he deadly for making us shedloads of wonga but also the new stadium and training complex means he will be leaving a distinctive mark on the club for years to come.

    We need to give the man a song to show how much we love him.

  2. TipsySpur Says:

    Nice to have this blog back. 1 More quality blog to read 🙂

  3. JimmyG2 Says:

    Get on with it El. Stop all this worrying and write it how you see it and feel it.
    There’s no league table of bloggers, we all have our contribution to make. It’s a joint effort not a competition.

    Your like the centipede that was asked how it could walk with so many legs and it thought about it and never walked again.

    Welcome back. Get blogging man.

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