So Harry has committed his future to Tottenham, staying on as manager till 2013. I personally believe that this is the most crucial signing of the summer. Possibly, the most important in years. The reason being that clubs that sift through managers like garbage never really have a success story waiting at the end of the road. Continuity is key. Real Madrid anyone?

Levy and Redknapp seem to be engaged in some sort of love mojo. A relationship that is complementing one another; both love that banging deal. A lot of  supporters of other teams swear that we’re doomed with Harry at the helm because of his excessive spending. They swear we’ll go bankrupt in no time. Do these people know anything about our Chairman? The board members? Tottenham is run as a business, with strategies and goals embedded in its future.

Harry is a candid character who speaks his mind; sometimes too vividly. His tactics and squad selection have been questionable at times, but his overall performance at Tottenham has been fantastic. A part of me thinks that this extension fills the gap nicely in case the FA decides to offer the World Cup job to someone else. The man loves working with English players and openly speaks about his discontent with the lack of English superstars in the league, considering the Premier League is the crème de la crème.

2014 in Brazil leading England’s charge sounds like something Harry would love to work towards. Will he be too old then? That’s up to the FA to decide. But for now, I’m happy he’s ours.


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2 Responses to “Committment”

  1. spursLA Says:

    As Harry himself said the other day, if the team loses a few games the contract means nothing

  2. el wehbi Says:

    Rightly said and couldn’t put it better. Good to have you back spursLA!

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