Tottenham Hotspur sign a brilliant midfielder on one hell of a “wheeler dealer” (shh… don’t tell ‘Arry) snag and now every reporter in the world seems to think we have a huge problem on our hands.

“Where will he play? Who will be benched? OMG”. That’s all the jive these days. I thought we had a massive problem when we couldn’t sign anyone? But in the end, that’s what they want us to believe. Headlines baby! It sells.

Our game against Wigan proved that you can never have enough options in the creativity department, especially when it comes packaged in the form of Van Der Vaart. For heaven’s sake boys, this guy can actually score and isn’t afraid to go for goal. Hudd and Modric may be great when paired together, but a goal scoring threat they definitely are not. Even our forwards aren’t much of a threat these days.

So how did we go from too little to too much in one simple purchase during the window? Okay, some players will be sad that they’ve been benched and all that jazz. Who cares!?!?! You want your position? Fight for it. Defend well. Create play. Score goals. The formula is quite simple if you want to be a regular on the starting squad. Ask Bale. He found it. He could very well be re-writing it at this point.

It’s almost guaranteed that if Bentley came back and was in blistering form, we would all support giving him a go and benching Lennon till his form returned. Fickle supporters they say? Not necessarily. We want a team that’s in form and will deliver every night; even during Spurs XI matches. I don’t care if Kevin Bond has to come in and contribute while Joe Jordan breaks a few legs “Soprano” style. We want to win!

I’m sure Harry would much rather have a migraine from too much talent to choose from rather than being short of it. Man City have yet to gel as a squad and that isn’t considered a migraine, it’s a colossal brain hemorrhage with all the cash they’ve spent. I’m sure they’ll come together and if Mancini can manage their egos properly, they will be hard to stop.

Having said that, Spurs are lucky Harry knows how to deal with big egos. The only problem is he may deflate one or two in the process, causing minor, and in some instances, irreparable damage to their form.

Bringing in Van Der Vaart was a great piece of business. Adding him to a midfield roster filled with the likes of Hudd, Modric, Palacios, Jenas, and Kranjcar shouldn’t be looked at as a threat, it should be regarded as a positive.


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3 Responses to “OMG!!!”

  1. mac Says:

    The Wigan game made HR’s mind up I fancy. We can’t lose them if we want top 4.

    Looked up VdV on Wikipedia. Yes he does score but he also gets his fair share of injury – or has done in the past. Damn good signing though!

  2. mohiblog Says:

    VDV is a great signing for you guys. Plus its always a good problem to have more options. You guys are in the Champions League this year so turn over is going to be the main word, especially if you plan on staying in the top 4. So don’t worry about all the fear mongers. Enjoy having an extra top notch footballer on your squad.

  3. TipsySpur Says:

    “You want your position? Fight for it.” well said .. and every player will say the same. Not because they are happy and loyal! Its because they might end up playing in champion league games and thats why we should fight to stay in the top 4 this year “hutton is an exeption now”

    vdV signing is a hit for us and like you I trust Harry so let the real season begin!

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