Fitness. Should we be worried?

Van Der Vaart. Simply amazing how this class act has become a crucial element of the squad. His touch on the ball is almost effortless, along with excellent vision moving forward.  The assist to Crouchie’s head in our Werder Bremen CL fixture was brilliant and perfectly timed. Class. Pure class.

It’s only fitting then that he was injured (slightly). Apparently, he was taken off the pitch as a precaution just in case the pain would soon be followed by a tear.

Good move Harry. He is looking like a major asset to the team and we cannot jeopardize his availability in the coming weeks.

I still can’t help but worry that we may be skimping in the fitness department. Injuries seem to be coming in waves… when it rains it pours at Spurs. Is it just my endless paranoia that seems to be getting the best of me? I know that in my last post, I did briefly touch on this issue but it really is becoming apparent that a few players are struggling to find match fitness at this point.

We seem to start off every match with unparalleled energy. Come the second half and we dip almost instantly in tempo, power and creativity. You could claim that we just started the season and that it is normal for some players to not be up to spec as of yet. But I see other teams out there playing the full 90 without breaking a sweat (pardon the exaggeration).

Could DAVSPURS (legendary Spurs blog commenter) be right about the use of energy-aiding drugs? Why don’t we have some of that? Cocaine anyone? Somebody call Maradona. Quick!

Big surprises last night were Kaboul and Jenas. Great performances from the two and I hope that they seize this opportunity to stake a claim in the first team. The more we have players fighting for their lives, the more our team will move up the ranks.

Keep it up you Spurs!


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