notre défense française

We have a slight niggle at defence: communication.

We tend to invite some of the most lame attempts at goal witnessed in the Premier League this season. Could it be down to lack of communication? Could it be language?

Considering Kaboul’s injury doesn’t last too long, we could see an all-French speaking defence come to life at the back.

Kaboul. Gallas. Bassong. BAE.

Could that possibly work in our favor? None of the goals conceded have been mind-blowing. Just defenders at the wrong place at the wrong time. Terrible positioning and lack of communication. That and the fact that Cudicini hasn’t been as sharp as we hoped. Captain Daws’ injury as well.

We cannot maintain this defencive form moving forward. The Arse are coming to the Lane tomorrow and they are looking sharper than ever. With their clinical ball movement, we will have to cover any potential openings towards goal. If not, we will pay the price. Be there or be square fellas.

Deny. Deny. Deny.

Could a bit of française save the day? Hold the fort while we iron out the niggles?

Just a thought. COYS!


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3 Responses to “notre défense française”

  1. mac Says:

    They’ve got their own defensive frailty as well though so there could be loads of goals. Don’t forget they have to get past Sandro the boy wonder first!

  2. el wehbi Says:

    I am super excited to see Sandro in action!

  3. TipsySpur Says:

    I am super super excited to see Gio in action!!

    Hope vdV plays I cant get enough of him.

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