The fat lady at the grand Italian opera

She sang alright and it took her no less than 70 seconds to begin the graphic murder scene. I hate fat ladies.

The defence remains the problem area of focus here. Not only did they play a major role in conceding 3 goals within minutes, but they also came off looking like amateurs at best.

Arse Wanker (Arsene Wenger) must have sent Gallas here to sabotage our cause. This is definitely not the same player who captained that side. Sloppy seconds at best (so far). Bassong doesn’t really cut it either. Time to recall our younger boys? Not yet. Kaboul will be back shortly (not soon enough; never thought in my wildest dreams that I would say that) and he should add some bite to the mix. But we will make do with whatever we have.

But honestly speaking, I switched-off the television right after the 3rd goal. I couldn’t take it anymore. I did miss Bale’s stellar hat-trick performance, but it was probably better for my health in the long run. The determination to come back from 4 goals down means we will give them a run when they come to visit. No doubt about that.

Hit the reset button and bring them back to the Lane.


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6 Responses to “The fat lady at the grand Italian opera”

  1. mohi Says:

    The goals in the end were frustrating and they cover up all the mess that was Spurs yesterday. It was just a case of the Inter players waiting for the final whistle while Bale still playing. 4-1 was the right score as Inter dominated, but the the goals in the end will make the game in London that much better

  2. el wehbi Says:

    To me, personally, the goals at the very end weren’t that much of a consolation. Yes, Bale is brilliant and nailed a hat-trick; however, the team’s form from the very start was abysmal.

    We cannot crumble in the face of every strong opponent the way that it happened last night. It will set precedent for other matches to follow which is unacceptable. Am I being a bit too harsh? Probably, but that’s because I don’t mind losing as long as you do it with determination and fight.

  3. JimmyG2 Says:

    But take out the first 15 minutes and we still beat them 3-1.
    Admit I felt like switching off, bit like the Spurs defence, but stuck with it and when I saw the other result almost decided it was a pretty good evening after all.
    Nothing wrong like fat ladies, ask Mrs JimmyG2,
    She doesn’t read football blogs, I hope.

  4. mac Says:

    You must never leave before the end – no matter how bad it is as you might miss something extraordinary. This was certainly one of those games!

    I understand some fans at the ground may have walked out at half time. Yes it was tough to take that first half but what a second one.

  5. who framed ruel fox? Says:

    El, my good man. If we only supported our club when things were going well then we’d spend a heck a lot of time not supporting at all. You should’ve stuck with it. Bale’s hat-trick, regardless the horrors of the first half (and it was horrific), was one of the best things I’ve seen from a Spurs player in donkeys.

    We’ll do ’em in the home leg.

  6. el wehbi Says:

    JimmyG2: your missus rung me up and asked me to remove your comment. Of course, I gave a firm “no”. Good luck with that!

    Mac: I have never walked out early because you’re right, you might miss something “extraordinary”; however, I think for my wife’s safety, the TV needed to go off. At least, that’s what she thought lol

    I’m confident the match at the Lane will be very different… I can’t wait to sing my heart out!

    Fox: I should have stuck around for sure… there was a repeat the next morning which I ended up catching the goals and my, my, my do we have a future legend in our presence! BALE BALE BALE!!!!


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