No title

For us… that is.

Man United are running away with it, with Arsenal clawing at their heels. Man City’s golden duo of Silva and Tevez seem to have the goods to keep them in the fight for the top 3 (for now). Chelsea have shown glimpses of quality, Torres not included, but are still struggling to look like the team that started the season. Where does this leave us?

I think it’s safe to say we’re out of the title hunt, not that I ever thought we were in it to begin with. We’re struggling to score goals, and it must frustrate the hell out of players like Modric who is not only doing his part, but is putting in 200% effort every match, carrying the load of others.

So if we continue on this dangerous path, the only chance at Champions League football next season will be if we take the trophy this year. YIKEZ!

COYS! Get your shit together.

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3 Responses to “No title”

  1. A_Marsan Says:

    I think what it comes down to is the lack of quality in our front players. We can’t buy a goal at this point and we’re suffering due to Harry’s lack of rotation throughout the season. Modric is putting in 200% effort but it’s evident that even he is tired. Why not put in Kranjcar at Modric’s position for a match if Harry still doesn’t trust Niko to fill in for Bale? We clearly have the quality on the field and on the bench. We lack strikers and a rotation. What do you think of Klose or Perisic (Club Brugge) coming in the summer? If we could get both and get rid of Defoe, I think we’re set.

    • el wehbi Says:

      It’s strange to me that we can score 6 against the likes of Inter Milan and 1 away at AC Milan, yet we can’t even put in a decent performance against Wigan! It’s definitely to do with the lack of confidence at the front during Premier League fixtures. I say we keep Crouch, scrap the rest and start over. Whether most people like Crouchie or not, he does add value to the squad.

      Regarding the whole issue with Niko, I just don’t understand it. Have he and Harry fallen out? He is skilled and can potentially score if given more than 5 minutes to play on the pitch. I can see him unfortunately leaving Spurs this summer… very very sad about that.

      Klose might cost a bit too much for his age. I don’t know much about this Perisic cat. It’s unfortunate that two of our targets, Suarez and Carrol, who ended up at Liverpool look like they are the real deal. I don’t know whether to be upset at the management for not doing more or just thinking that we will find better players come summer time.

      Thanks for stopping by A_Marsan!

  2. A_Marsan Says:

    No problem for stopping by as I like to look around for other Spurs blogs. Last I heard Klose is set to come by on a Bosman transfer since his contract is up. Suarez would have been great. All we can do now is to hope that Redknapp approaches the following season with more of a rotation in our players. All in all, COYS!

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