Tottenham Hotspur: everything you love about soap operas and more!

I’m beginning to think that in order for Levy and his crew to steer our minds away from an already-dull transfer window, rocking the legal side of things with the persistent aim of wining the appeal over West Ham for the Olympic Stadium (OS) bid is the only logical move. Levy has never been one to give up. I’m sure he believes that there’s a major benefit in Spurs moving East, and the fact that nothing was happening on the North London side of things, this potentially could be our only option of growing as a club and bringing in the type of numbers larger clubs do.

As refreshing as it was to read on the Spurs official site that we’re still hard at work attempting to revive the NLD project, I couldn’t help but feel confused more so than hopeful.

Could the tiresome and quite unnecessary battle with the Hammers over the OS be some kind of tactical ploy, even this late in the game? Initially, it seemed to be just that. Various internet sources led us to believe that Levy was leveraging the threat of a possible move away from White Hart Lane, simply because we wanted to grow and the Haringey Council wouldn’t let us. As you all know, we didn’t win the bid and that should have been that.

Hold on…

Levy appealed and continued to play hardball by not letting the Hammers bask in their success, pooing on their parade. All of a sudden, we realised that our Chairman was really hoping that we would have won the bid. Huh? So technically speaking, had West Ham not won the bid by the 14-0 landslide, we would have a new home.

Already at this point, we were all on the edge of our seat. Some furious with the actual prospect of leaving our home territory, some plain insulted. The drama continues to unfold…

Turns out there was some kind of monkey biz going on behind the scenes with a corrupt official working on the OS bid. This morning, I read a post on the brilliant Dear Mr. Levy site that Spurs hired a private investigator and exposed this issue. West Ham released a statement alleging we used our “dirty tricks” to bring it all to light. So wait a minute… they play dirty, we call them out, now we’re the dirty ones? Are they for real? Classy club that West Ham, eh?

With Levy not remaining quiet over the OS, news of the current bid submitted to the Regional Growth Fund was welcomed with cheers and smiles. We always knew that in order for us to increase capacity at the Lane, a lot of funds and additional government aid were required. Especially after the world economies crumbled, Levy and the ENIC board knew that in these trying times spending money will not necessarily make money, but then again, we need to make money in order to compete. Leveraging whatever we have against all sides is absolutely the right path to follow.

I don’t know how Haringey would cope without Tottenham Hotspur. I don’t know how Tottenham Hotspur would cope without Haringey.

The positive financial structure which we proudly reside on is built on the ethos of “business first, club second”, whether we approve of it or not. Is it right? I’m sure many other successful clubs are and will continue to be run in this manner. From a supporter’s point of view, it’s not something we necessarily want to hear.

Hear no evil, see no evil.

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