Where to next?

Sitting back and reflecting on our performance at Old Trafford, I can’t help but think how different the team dynamic would have been with Modric and Sandro (or even Hudd) in the mix. Not to say that Jake Livermore was horrible, but I think he and Niko haven’t had time to form the type of partnership that’s required when facing the league champions.

How different would things have been with a five-man midfield of Bale, Modric, Diarra, VDV and Lennon? Lennon was terrible on the day, but let’s assume he wasn’t for arguments sake. Throw in Adebayor to the mix as the striker and what say you now?

That sounds like a great starting line-up to me, comparable with some of the best in the league. Each player is capable of holding up the ball, as well as passing it about in a tight-knit area. Playing for Arsenal and having spent a bit of time at Real Madrid means Adebayor is quality. No doubt about that.

Modric could do what he does best, making the pass that leads to that assist from Bale, Lennon or VDV (the latter can go for goal himself) while Diarra holds back and makes sure to clean up any potential mss they’ve left behind.

How does that sound? If signing Diarra and Ade’ were to become a reality, do you think we would have the means to compete for a top 4 spot? Would love to hear what you guys think, feel free to comment.

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5 Responses to “Where to next?”

  1. MR. B00BS Says:

    I’ve been playing career mode in FIFA, which is an EXACT representation of reality, with a Tottenham team that consists of…


    ———Modric —–Lass———-


    …and I could’nt lose a game to save my gram grams life. Lets just hope this translates to real life which I am 100% certain it will, right?

    • el wehbi Says:

      I’m salivating at the prospect of our roster looking like that! I like the subtle addition of Ruiz in the SUBS, although I don’t think that’s a possibility. The rest of the team you’ve listed is almost 95% (until they officially sign) on the money!

  2. JimmyG2 Says:

    Dream on guys.
    I think Adebayor is sorted
    but wasn’t his medical two days ago?
    We haven’t actually signed any established
    players this window.
    All stop gaps:Adebayor, Friedel and a couple of youngsters

  3. TipsySpur Says:

    With these two loans tonight. We are still way short of stating our ambition.

    But as I just read in the telegraph we will show our real ambition when we sign …

    “The chairman spoke to Modric about the club’s ambitions which are now set to involve Spurs making a bid for West Ham’s Scott Parker, although they face competition from Queens Park Rangers,”

    How funny is that.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    @JimmyG2: It’s been a bitter-sweet window so far. You know that I’m quite happy with the Adebayor loan deal; as for the Falque kid, I have no clue who he is.

    If we sign Diarra I think I could live with this window.

    @TipsySpur: We’re sooooooo ambitious (sarcasm at its finest hehe).

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