Are you Arsenal in disguise?

“How many hands do I have to shake”? What does Wenger have against shaking hands? It seems our Clive Allen was snubbed after the match by the Frenchman, as he’s snubbed so many others in the past. But I guess losing the NLD does leave one sour as a sour puss. Being French + sour = not so nice.

I’ll leave reviewing the match to others, instead I’ll just cover some frustrations as well as some shining stars.

Arsenal’s 5-man midfield

It looked like we were never going to break the red wall. Our only way through it was to go up the middle or to  play Crouchesque long balls. The latter was not something I wanted to see, but we tried it anyways and were left looking a bit limp tactically against the 4-5-1. Wenger’s a pretty smart man, I must say. He played his cards right, but the only thing he didn’t seem to predict was Tottenham’s pace on the counter-attack.

Adebayor not scoring

Come on… you know you wanted it to happen. Especially since Sczcesny was ranting and raving how they knew how to contain him.


He had no answers this time around. Some points where he had solid movements on the ball, but he gave away too many in the midfield; something out of character for him.

Brain fart in the defence

Ramsey, out of all players, should have never been given the opportunity to score. He was invisible most of the time and should have stayed that way. Anyone see Van Persie? Didn’t think so.

Walker brings one home

Kyle Walker’s goal left us with this beautiful moment which I’d like to share with Sczcesny and all his supporters.

Harry Redknapp’s subs

Great substitutions by the manager. No way anyone would have guessed those to be his picks. I was praying for Sandro to come on sooner because I knew if we added more muscle in the midfield, Arsenal would have a hard time coping. The additions of Livermore and Corluka turned out to be great options as well.


Left alone at times, he seemed to wander off into no-man’s land with no help from his teammates. Still, his presence in a very quick Arsenal 5-man midfield could partially be why it was hard for them to get that first goal… well him and Ledley King of course.

Controversy at the Lane

Having watched VDV’s goal again and again, I think he did use a part of his arm to bring down the ball. Still, there was no way any ref was going to rule that one out because you needed to watch the highlights repetitively in order to determine it a hand ball. Not enough conclusive evidence in my opinion, but then again, I am biased.

So there you have it folks. One NLD down and one to go. Until then, bask in the glory and enjoy it! COYS!

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7 Responses to “Are you Arsenal in disguise?”

  1. JimmyG2 Says:

    Too much long ball I agree.
    Cudocini against Shamrock didn’t kick long once.
    Friedel against Arsenal kicked long frequently.
    I asssume this was tactical by Harry and not only was it wrong it didn’t work.

    King MOM for me.
    Four consecutive appearances; four wins.
    Coincidence I think not.`
    Caption competition?
    ‘Well I didn’t see that one coming’

  2. el wehbi Says:

    LOL great that you turned it into a “caption competition”.

    King has been absolutely stellar for us; definitely not a coincidence that we’ve been winning matches with him present. I thought Parker also did a great job, although left alone at times where he tends to show his weakness.

  3. TipsySpur Says:

    Nice Notes! Love the Sczcesny picture! great result for us. May I add also that Kaboul was great that day.

    I agree the subs were good but very late for the first one.

    Hand Ball and red card!! I only have a smile on my face when hearing arsene and wilshere whine.

  4. el wehbi Says:

    You’re right, Kaboul was very strong that day, besides the bit when we conceded the goal. I can’t stop looking at the Sczcesny picture… PRICELESS!

  5. Neil Stacey Says:

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    Let me know what you think- my email is

  6. SA Says:

    Tops result and glad we played 442 as we did last season too.

    I know some prefer a 451 but for me we can’t play with 1 striker and 2 DMs at home, vs the weakest Arsenal side for 20 years, when we are flying, we are Tottenham after all !!

  7. el wehbi Says:

    What you said makes sense SA… however, Harry came out and admitted he sort of got it wrong with the formation. The 442 formation paid off once we caught them on the counter, but that was it. It helped that Arsenal were lacking a lot of confidence on the day, proven by the fact that RVP and Walcott didn’t pose any realistic threat to our goal.

    But in my opinion, I felt we were a much better team once we had the 2 DMs on the pitch… Arsenal just didn’t have the strength to cope whatsoever.

    3 points in the bag from the NLD. COYS!

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