I know… I haven’t written in ages. Forgive me and all that jazz.

After stalking Newsnow on a daily basis and reading everything Tottenham, I have managed to frustrate myself more than anything. It has nothing to do with the lack of transfer activity, but everything to do with peoples’ posts and comments. So all I want to say is this:

Guys, let’s NOT be fickle. Modric has been one of our best players (if not the best) at Tottenham over the past 3 years. No, Huddlestone is not capable of filling his shoes. I’m not saying that he’s useless to us, but unless AVB pursues tactics and a formation which would suit Hudd there is no way he can fulfill the Modric role. And I’m afraid that after the squad list was announced for the Newcastle match on Saturday, the Hudd argument may no loner be relevant. We’ll have to wait and see what happens going forward.

VDV is a fantastic player; however, I do not envision him having the patience for the role that Modric plays at Spurs. I hope to be proven wrong.

While scouring through these sites, many have been quick to judge Modric’s fate if he was to be unsold. “Let him rot”. I beg to differ. Not having Modric in our side will affect the way we play. It doesn’t mean that we cannot make the “Top 4”, but the Tottenham you have seen over the past few years will have a different genetic makeup to its approach. In regards to price and the “he isn’t worth 40 mil” argument, he is worth every penny Levy is asking for and Levy knows this. When Chelsea came knocking, he threw the 40 mil price in their face to turn them away from the deal. This time around it’s different. One of the best footballing clubs in the world is pursuing Modric… 40 mil makes absolute sense.

And don’t kid yourselves, Modric is that good. Why attack him for wanting to move to Real Madrid? He’s given us a few good years and if the right amount of money exchanges bank accounts, we shouldn’t harbor any hard feelings. Business is business. If he went to Chelsea or United, that would be another story. Let’s not sound like the ungrateful Arsenal fans that bashed RVP, even though he single-handedly took them into the Champions League last season. Fickle doesn’t look good in lilywhite.


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5 Responses to “‘Huddric’”

  1. lax Says:

    happy You started writing again. I enjoy reading your blog. Hope you do it regularly again.

    • lax Says:

      Having said that, I think it is very unwise to find people who can perform modric’s role. As you explained so perfectly, “he is that good” and for exactly the same reason if we tried to find people who can do his job we might have to spend 40 mill too. 😛 So AVB should use that money to bring in couple more Gylfies.

  2. el wehbi Says:

    Thanks for the kind words and support Iax. I do hope that I can keep up the writing this season, so please come and check the blog every once in a while.

    Regarding what you said about replacing Modric, I think you’re spot on. It’s very hard to replace a player like him. We should bring in another player who has other skills (goal-scorer for example) and can also play in the deep role. Modric isn’t the only talent out there, so we should be okay. Plus, 30 – 40 mil will do us good if the deal happens.

    Can’t wait for this transfer market to close already!

  3. JimmyG2 Says:

    The quixotic man of mystery el whebi returns. Welcome back stranger. Goodbye Luka and thanks we will remember you with gratitude I hope and trust you will do the same, despite Mr. Levy.
    Nobody’s irreplaceable but some are more difficult than others.

    • el wehbi Says:

      Good to be back. Hope to be around for the long(er) haul.

      You hit it on the dot… everyone is replaceable, but it will be difficult to find someone like Modric. I’m hoping AVB’s tactics can help with this matter.

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