No need to hit the #AVBout panic button

Cue the following hashtags:



#BringRedknappBack (God, please no!)

So we drew at home to West Brom in the final minute. Anything new about that? You could see it all unfolding as we were mere passengers in the trainwreck that was about to take place. And when I say “we”, AVB’s included. I’m sure we will all differ on his tactics, player selection and substitutions (Jenas especially); however, I couldn’t really fault much of what he had done.

Remember people, we are a work in progress. The transfer window has not slammed shut as of yet. Modric remains a lilywhite, and the two very players whose potential transfers caused much heated debate on the internet – Hudd (loan) and Daws (QPR) – haven’t even materialized.

I’m sure AVB would like to get down to managing a settled squad but we are nowhere near that. Deals are taking way too long to be finalized. Players don’t know if they’re staying or going. Players who know that they’re staying don’t know if their friends / teammates are leaving or not. It’s a bit of a mess now, but it should all stabilize soon… and by soon, I mean August 31st.

I hope that in the coming week Levy will hammer out what needs to be sorted and we send out / bring in whoever we need to really get our season underway. Otherwise, even Norwich City coming to the Lane could be a daunting affair.



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2 Responses to “No need to hit the #AVBout panic button”

  1. lax Says:

    Im with you on this brother, specially about bringing harry back. what happened for the last 14 or odd games of last season was just disgusting.
    Anyway we didnt play that bad did we, we were pretty good for most part of the game. As far as goals go we are a good attacking team but finishing was always a problem in the last two seasons.( except for those intermilan ones and few others.)
    ….. But I am seriously scared looking at the number of changes AVB is planing to do. It could only lead to great prosperity or the greatest catastrophe.

    • el wehbi Says:

      We definitely have not been outperformed by any of our opponents in the last two matches. If anything, we were statistically dominant at certain points. But again, the problem which we have had since the departure of Berba and Keane (the latter’s first move to Liverpool) was a massive gap in the striker unit. Ade did help in this area last season, but we will need him to do more this season.

      I believe we are on the right track. AVB should get it right this time around. He knows what he did wrong, and he openly speaks about certain mistakes so it shows that he’s growing as well. Let’s get behind him and move forward.

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