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Are we not sexy enough?

February 1, 2011

What’s wrong with Tottenham? Do we not show enough promise? Granted, the FA Cup thrashing at Fulham was probably enough to turn any player off from joining our side; however, we play sexy football about 90% of the time. Is it really the winning history which appeals to players?

Two major targets of ours have gone off to Liverpool and left us with nothing at the end of a dull and loan-filled January window. Andy Carrol – who some of you might say is my man crush – and Luis “my hand has broken many hearts” Suarez have both opted for the Reds.

Frustrating stuff.

Especially since I am a true believer that we do not have a strike force capable of taking us back into the 4th position. We are now in the 2nd half of the season and scoring goals will matter most… and of course a captain who doesn’t hand opponents two goals in the span of 5 minutes. I love Dawson, but what was that all about?

Equally frustrating.

Then we get news that Charlie Adam, a midfielder, almost signed for us in the dying minutes before the window closed. Another midfielder? Why? For the love of God, we need goal-scorers! Proven goal-scorers! On top of that, Gio has gone off on loan until the end of the season.

Oh well… it is what it is.

Now that the window’s closed, Harry needs to reassure the players that Spurs have the quality to win games and that Wednesday at Blackburn will be the right test to prove it. Everyone in the squad knows they’re not going anywhere, at least for now, so it’s time for them to step up and prove their commitment to the manager, the team and to the fans.



November 16, 2010

I wish I was some sort of mad scientist. First job at hand would be to create the perfect striker to lead our attack. Thinking small, I know. So what qualities do we need to fill the gap up front? It’s easy to say we simply want a goal-scorer, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. So I’m going to take a quick crack at it and please feel free to throw in any additional qualities you deem necessary.

Height of Crouch

Our tall man gets a lot of stick. He plays ugly and looks, well… you know. His height has hindered his ability to build any sort of upper body strength, but boy does he use some tricky footwork for someone of his stature. We do dread the long balls delivered to the big man, but when he’s able to head the ball to an attacker’s foot in the box, it’s usually spot on. Plus, it’s usually a thorn in a CB’s ass to defend Crouchie.

Power of Drogba

Minus the dives and unnecessary drama, of course. You may hate the “Didier”, but you cannot deny that the guy is effective from any angle he attacks the goal. He can play as a lone striker, in a 2 & 3-man attack, and is also deadly from set pieces. His weapon? Sheer, raw muscle power.

Class of Torres

On his day, you would be hard pressed to find a striker sexier than Fernando Torres. He’s a goal-scoring machine when he gets the proper service. And boy would he get service if he was teamed up with Modric, Bale, Lennon and VDV! Torres has a subtle approach to his scoring, quite effortless. But when he lets the ball have it, his touch is nothing but quality.

Ball-Handling & Distribution Skill of Berbatov (circa. 2006-2008)

Obviously I’m talking about the Berba we all dearly loved, and not the Incredible Sulk! My wasn’t he exhilarating to watch. He seemed to have all the qualities anyone would ever want in a front man. His ability to distribute the ball not only meant that he could play off another striker, but he was a goal-scoring threat as well.

Who can fill the gap?

Having said all that, I know that none of this genetic make-up is even remotely possible. Greed is a nasty character trait and I only want the best for our beloved Tottenham. I need to be more realistic, so I’m throwing all my cards on the table here:


He’s a troubled boy, although a very tasty prospect. He has size (check), power (check), some sort of intelligence which can be manipulated and strengthened with the right type of management (check), he’s English (check) and age is on his side (double-check). I say we give them Robbie, and possibly even throw in Giovanni dos Santos to sweeten the deal.

Now, I know that most of you think that I recently came up with this notion of having Carrol at Spurs, especially after seeing how he’s performed so far for Newcastle this season; however, I actually followed his progress in the Championship and was excited to see how he was developing. I think you could all agree that the kid looks the business.