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Are you Arsenal in disguise?

October 3, 2011

“How many hands do I have to shake”? What does Wenger have against shaking hands? It seems our Clive Allen was snubbed after the match by the Frenchman, as he’s snubbed so many others in the past. But I guess losing the NLD does leave one sour as a sour puss. Being French + sour = not so nice.

I’ll leave reviewing the match to others, instead I’ll just cover some frustrations as well as some shining stars.

Arsenal’s 5-man midfield

It looked like we were never going to break the red wall. Our only way through it was to go up the middle or to  play Crouchesque long balls. The latter was not something I wanted to see, but we tried it anyways and were left looking a bit limp tactically against the 4-5-1. Wenger’s a pretty smart man, I must say. He played his cards right, but the only thing he didn’t seem to predict was Tottenham’s pace on the counter-attack.

Adebayor not scoring

Come on… you know you wanted it to happen. Especially since Sczcesny was ranting and raving how they knew how to contain him.


He had no answers this time around. Some points where he had solid movements on the ball, but he gave away too many in the midfield; something out of character for him.

Brain fart in the defence

Ramsey, out of all players, should have never been given the opportunity to score. He was invisible most of the time and should have stayed that way. Anyone see Van Persie? Didn’t think so.

Walker brings one home

Kyle Walker’s goal left us with this beautiful moment which I’d like to share with Sczcesny and all his supporters.

Harry Redknapp’s subs

Great substitutions by the manager. No way anyone would have guessed those to be his picks. I was praying for Sandro to come on sooner because I knew if we added more muscle in the midfield, Arsenal would have a hard time coping. The additions of Livermore and Corluka turned out to be great options as well.


Left alone at times, he seemed to wander off into no-man’s land with no help from his teammates. Still, his presence in a very quick Arsenal 5-man midfield could partially be why it was hard for them to get that first goal… well him and Ledley King of course.

Controversy at the Lane

Having watched VDV’s goal again and again, I think he did use a part of his arm to bring down the ball. Still, there was no way any ref was going to rule that one out because you needed to watch the highlights repetitively in order to determine it a hand ball. Not enough conclusive evidence in my opinion, but then again, I am biased.

So there you have it folks. One NLD down and one to go. Until then, bask in the glory and enjoy it! COYS!

NLD (Never Lose Determination)

November 20, 2010

I’m going to keep this short and straight to the point. We showed up to the Emirates and almost had our little tushees beat.

Harry made some bizarre calls. The one that really had me scratching my head was gifting William Gallas with the captain’s armband. Huh? Was Harry serious? How could he? Then I began to think, if anyone knows how to crawl under someone’s skin, the gaffer can. Was he taking the piss? A genius and unexpected move?

First half saw the Arse go up 2-nil, a sight we have been used to seeing for the past 17 years on their home ground(s). Gallas was sensational, although he and Kaboul had communication issues which resulted in our negative start.

The second half may have taken a short while to go our way, but when the pendulum swung, it came through like a wrecking ball… all over Arsenal’s parade, especially Wenger’s. 3 goals in a single half. Brilliant!

Harry may have been tactically off the mark at the start of the match (or not), but he thankfully took quick and decisive action by bringing on Defoe at the half. It changed everything and added a threat to the dimension of our game.

Van Der Vaart started the match looking off the pace and was constantly frustrated in the middle of the pitch, which was quickly rubbing off on the other players. He managed to turn it around in the 2nd half with two great assists and a goal (a penalty from a rare Fabregas mistake). Some individuals at Real Madrid must be kicking themselves.

Bale did his thing. Wasn’t dangerous out on the left flank, but when he dipped in the middle, he caused a lot of problems for the Gunners. Quality touch for his goal as he continues to score for our side.

Enough said… the curse is broken. If you hate Arsenal, stand up.

Blame yourselves before blaming the team

September 22, 2010

Last night’s match was a disgrace! Not the least due to Harry’s team selection and our players’ fear of pushing the line forward, but by the fans.

Let’s cover each point.

Harry’s selection

Playing 3 defensive midfielders just didn’t make any sense. Naturally, we would end up sitting back and trying to defend. FULL STOP. What about attack? We all know Spurs are a more influential side when bombarding opponents on the attack. Why sit back and do nothing about it?

I did think that since we were playing so many defencive-minded players, we would at least contest every ball Arsenal touched. Not the case unfortunately.

Instead, we sat back and let a bunch of children – very talented ones mind you – dictate the pace and outcome of the match.

Horrible. Dispicable. Gag.


I don’t know if you could see it, but I honestly felt our players were afraid last night. Maybe it was the Arse fans corner, which was way louder than the rest of our support until Robbie Keane finally scored for us. More on that later.

Sandro was working his heart out last night. I still can’t believe he’s in his early 20s. He is a monster and hopefully will prove to be a brilliant signing in the near future. Sooner than later please.

Palacios had  a few brilliant tackles but that was it. What I cannot understand for the life of me was why Niko Kranjcar did not start the match! We needed attacking creativity but had none. Pav at some points was screaming and yelling at the other players begging for them to push the line forward. What can I say but he was left doing his best impersonation of “pointy-shouty-bloke”.

The fear. The fear ladies and gentlemen. I could see it. Our boys were worried about Arsenal’s deadly counter-attack. So many defenders and we couldn’t even break them? It goes to prove that we defend better as a team when we attack the living daylights out of our opponents. Please feel free to disagree with me in the comments section if I am dead wrong.

Sublime support

What a strange and eerie evening? Arsenal’s away support were lively and made sure that our players knew it. We were rarely singing until Robbie finally scored. What’s that all about?

The last two matches at the Lane have been the same. Wolves’ fans were loud and obnoxious, energizing their team to score the first. Same with Arsenal. Where are the thunderous lilywhite supporters when we most needed them? Heading for the exits, leaving myself and many other supporters cheering the team on regardless of the score. How sad? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Honestly.

Booing is another issue. Some supporters don’t realize how much of an impact cheering players on can instantly change their form. Booing won’t solve anything. Cheering can and will, especially in this case, we would have shoved a bondage gag in the mouths of those annoying Arse fans.

Instead, when things didn’t go our way, many decided it was time to leave early and beat the traffic. So we gave up. Our players gave up. What does that do for team morale? What does that do for our younger players who played the full 120 minutes? What does that say about our support? Especially in front of those goons.

I went to bed bitter and woke up in worse shape. Not because of the loss. But because for once, I have realized that our support isn’t what it used to be. Could the top 4 and Champions League qualification cause us to lose our drive?

I want it to be what it used to be. Even if we have to finish 5th every season. The passionate support and belief is why I started supporting Spurs to begin with.

Disappointing stuff to deal with on a Wednesday.

No COYS for you!

Controversy at the Lane… 4-5-1 away?

August 21, 2010

Controversy strikes Tottenham as “washed up” Gallas is on his way to the Lane. Whichever way you look at it, the move is sure to add a little flame to the NLD fire.

Players are players. You’ll hate them as long as they don someone else’s kits. They come and go making goosebumps appear across our bodies the day they sign, then disgust or relieve us when they sign for someone else. A French-speaking player by the name of BAE once honestly admitted that he “plays for the money”. Period. A fickle sport you say? What isn’t?

And now on to today’s fixture at Stoke. Their’s a possibility we could face the Potters without Keane, Defoe, Gio or Pav. Apparently, the battle scars from Young Boys have yet to heal. So a 4-5-1 formation is in order then, eh? I don’t know if I see Crouch up front on his own. Can Kranjcar play off of Crouch as a make-shift striker?

It will be a struggle.

Stoke have added Kenwyne Jones to their squad and he wants to prove that he was worth it. Their midfield will be parked, leaving little room to move forward. We’ll have to ooze our way through like goo. A friend of mine says to “expect the long ball”. All I can say is we’re in for a long one.


The Chelsea domination post

April 18, 2010

The Chelsea domination post. I wanted to write it last night. Instead, one image summed up my zany thoughts for the evening.

After last night’s superior performance, who can dare claim that Spurs are not 4th place contenders? Tottenham have thrown the league into crazed shambles. The throne is up for grabs with Chelsea and United now left to fight for their lives. On top of that, Wenger has admitted that it will be extremely difficult for the Arse to have a shot at claiming the championship. All thanks to our beloved Spurs.

Harry and his staff are to be applauded for this past week’s achievements. The unit was so tight last night that any attempt by Chelsea at goal was met with a lilywhite body. All of my qualms with Modric playing in the midfield next to Hudd or Palacios are quickly fading. He seems to be gaining confidence in this role, whether it be defence or offence… to the point that I feel terrible for ever doubting him in the first place.

Gomes once again put in a stellar shift. RELIABLE. ROCK SOLID. Two very similar goals were conceded in as many matches, but they were due to pure flakiness on our part. The successive scores of 2-1 do not realistically depict the spanking Spurs awarded their opponents. S&M bondage style.

So many players and endless moments from last night to praise. Chelsea were left to ponder “what could have been”, leaving the Lane with their captain red-carded and their egos deflated. What more could any supporter ask for?

United worry me since we have to play them next week when they are clearly challenging for the title, but I’m not being negative here. Expecting to take full points from our Arse and Chelsea fixtures was a long shot to begin with. But we did it with such pizzaz, oozing confidence and class. United will be a different fight altogether. We need the rest but I’m left wondering if our intensity levels will drop off. Who knows anymore!

For such a dazzling day at the office, this post is extremely short. There isn’t much for me to say other than the whole squad was brilliant last night. Even Crouch. We’re back in 4th and the fat lady is singing in full harmony.


11 years in the making

April 15, 2010

"Yes, I'm lookin' at you punk!"

Yes. 11 long years. 11 long years to take our first league win from the NLD. But we took it in epic fashion. Another epic goal in another epic NLD. Personal business. Done and executed.

Boos erupted at the Lane every time a certain Judas even considered touching the ball. Scratch that. If he even looked at the ball, the fans were ready to belt out their disgust.

The joyous occasion was followed by a sleepless night tossing and turning in excitement. Honestly speaking, the happiness doesn’t stem from simply beating Arsenal. It’s how it was done. As I mentioned above, another epic goal in the NLD for Spurs. 19 year old Danny Rose, on his debut as a starter in the Premier League, nailed a 29 yarder majestically which was clocked traveling at 69 miles per hour! Thunderous stuff from the youngster!

Everyone seemed to be in form. Gomes put in a MOTM performance saving the unthinkable. Granted they did score one, but in my head it was irrelevant… well sort of, after the match at least. Bale, Bale, Bale scored his second in the NLD. A great way to cap off all the hard work and effort he has put in since being called into the first squad. The Welshman and BAE controlled the left flank with ease – besides the assist for Arse’s goal – and formed a great partnership on attack. Tasty stuff.

Modric and Hudd were focused on the defencive side of things. The “little one” stuck his body in all kinds of jams and came out successful many times. The only unfortunate part to his role in the central midfield is that he doesn’t create as many opportunities in comparison to the left. With time and experience, he will improve in this position.

Kaboul was solid filling in for Charlie, timing his slide tackles perfectly but picking up a yellow card along the way. Harsh decision from the referee, but overall, I can finally applaud the officials as they put in a consistent performance. Great timing might I add.

Dawson and King are a fantastic pairing. It still baffles me that King can come in after such a long time into such a heated fixture, and play the way he does. He even managed to go forward numerous times helping in the distribution of play. Breathtaking you are your majesty! Hope he will be fit for the Chelsea match.

One last player evaluation before wrapping this post up… Bentley. He solidified the squad instantly. He aided the defence at crucial moments, while adding all the width on attack. An attribute I truly appreciate.

Mr. Redknapp, some more of this fine football when our other neighbors visit the Lane on Saturday. Please.

Readers, feel free to create your own caption for the image I used. COYS!

Bounce back you Spurs!

April 14, 2010

So, another loss. Not so often that we lose two in a row… rarely is it three in a row. But today, it’s a different kind of match. One that means so much more than the rest of them. The NLD.

Off topic… I’d love to wipe that smug look off O’Hara’s face right now.

This is the day every Spurs fan has been waiting for. Yes, we are in the race for fourth. Yes, a loss today could signal the end of our campaign. Yes this and yest that. But the Arse are coming to the Lane and that’s all that matters today. It’s personal. It always has been personal.

I am confident that we’ll put up a proper fight tonight. Otherwise, the boys should just crawl into a hole and seek shelter from the storm. They will punish us if we leave the door open. Lennon is struggling for fitness apparently (not that we would have necessarily used him), and so are some other key players like Niko and Charlie who will be waiting for a late clearance. The cheeky Arse are supposedly welcoming back Van Persie, but I’m not sure they will risk using him today. Bendtner is on form so the defence will have to quickly remove him from the equation.

Off topic… I’d love to wipe that smug look off O’Hara’s face right now.

This match will be aggressive right from the start. If not, time for the boys to slip into some silk panties and host a “Gossip Girl” session.


Ladies, ladies… please

March 6, 2010


Spurs’ ladies felt the wrath of bad karma coming back to haunt THFC after the Wigan thrashing. Could the spell be cleared and potentially a win secured today at Craven Cottage?


The cancerous long ball

November 4, 2009

I’ve needed some time away from all things Tottenham. Unfortunately for me, I had to watch the match sitting in between all the Arse fans which made the loss even harder to cope with. Before erupting with anger all through the blogoshpere, I decided to wait before posting so I could digest what happened to us at the Emirates.

Through the first 40 minutes or so, we held our ground well. But from the beginning of play, it was apparent that we were lacking creativity in our attack. I think I counted 5 or 6 times at the most when Spurs came into Arsenal’s half. But I could tell you that even Arse fans thought we were going into the half tied at nil. Then came the amateur mistakes. 2 goals within 11 seconds. Who lets something like that happen? I was shocked and had the wind knocked out of me while the Arse fans celebrated. They deserved to because we handed both goals to them. In 11 seconds!

But the title of this post has a lot to do with what I and many Spurs supporters believe: the long ball kills our attack. It decreases the efficiency of our attack. It degrades our attack.

I can count a few times where we needed to utilize the long ball to open up play, but it was ridiculously overused during the derby. It almost seemed as if every other pass was in the air. I even saw Bentley and Corluka have a frustrating argument where Bentley – who was open – wanted the ball played to his feet, but instead, Charlie sent it high in the air to a helpless Peter Crouch. WHY???? Redundancy victimized my thoughts. “Why are they playing the long ball? Why are they playing the long ball? Why are they playing the long ball?”

I told you I was victimized.


Ties + Losses = 3rd Place Rhymes

October 19, 2009

This is not a post to boast (hey, that rhymes) about our performance at Pompey the other day. This post is a toast, first and foremost (rhymes again) about raising our glasses to Sunderland and the Liverpoolian stray red balloon. This post is all about Aston Villa and their halting of the Chelsea train – they are not invincible. And last but not least, this post is a thank you to Wigan for letting Man City out of the ring with only 1 point.

Yes my fellow supporters, their efforts are what secured our 3rd place spot for another week. Their efforts could possiby aid us in moving up to 2nd next week. Liverpool vs Man United should be interesting.

Now backt to Spurs.

Defoe, Defoe, Defoe. Harry said no, no, no. But you had to do it. Red carded.

Apparently he apologized to the team on his way off the pitch meaning he knew he was guilty. We really need him over the next few matches and I think ‘Arry has probably bitten his head off for this, so no need to be extra harsh on him. An emotional game for Defoe with a lot to prove. Sometimes emotions get the best of people.

Ledley is a monster. FULL STOP.

Off topic, was with an Arsenal fan yesterday who kept talking about how Tottenham is a club with no  class, “Shite Hart Lane” and all that rubbish. I retaliated a few times but then, I simply looked at him and decided to keep my mouth shut and grin. It riled him up some more. Still grinning and not a peep. At the end of the day, we’re sitting in 3rd. For once I will enjoy the fact that our results speak for themselves. Another 3 points please.