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Are we not sexy enough?

February 1, 2011

What’s wrong with Tottenham? Do we not show enough promise? Granted, the FA Cup thrashing at Fulham was probably enough to turn any player off from joining our side; however, we play sexy football about 90% of the time. Is it really the winning history which appeals to players?

Two major targets of ours have gone off to Liverpool and left us with nothing at the end of a dull and loan-filled January window. Andy Carrol – who some of you might say is my man crush – and Luis “my hand has broken many hearts” Suarez have both opted for the Reds.

Frustrating stuff.

Especially since I am a true believer that we do not have a strike force capable of taking us back into the 4th position. We are now in the 2nd half of the season and scoring goals will matter most… and of course a captain who doesn’t hand opponents two goals in the span of 5 minutes. I love Dawson, but what was that all about?

Equally frustrating.

Then we get news that Charlie Adam, a midfielder, almost signed for us in the dying minutes before the window closed. Another midfielder? Why? For the love of God, we need goal-scorers! Proven goal-scorers! On top of that, Gio has gone off on loan until the end of the season.

Oh well… it is what it is.

Now that the window’s closed, Harry needs to reassure the players that Spurs have the quality to win games and that Wednesday at Blackburn will be the right test to prove it. Everyone in the squad knows they’re not going anywhere, at least for now, so it’s time for them to step up and prove their commitment to the manager, the team and to the fans.


They’re out to get us!

March 9, 2010

Howard Webb has been named referee for our Premier League fixture, this weekend, against Blackburn Rovers.

Really? Really?????

Why oh why????!!!! Liverpool’s failure to nail the 3 points at Wigan last night was a bit of much needed breathing space for Spurs. But now, with this bit of news, God knows what good could possibly come out of this match. Am I being dramatic? Yes, and I don’t believe I need to justify the reason. You have all seen it before with your own eyes…

Harry’s checkmate

December 21, 2009

I’m cutting straight to the chase here, but this was a manager’s game won purely on tactics. Is it just me or is Harry getting comfortable with early substitutions?

Tactical choices. I was delighted to see Keane and Jenas come on. Yes, I said it. Not something you hear often, but I said it. Each added the right amount of bite to put us 2 ahead and seal the victory.

This new “not afraid to mash it up” Redknapp is a joy to watch. He’s actually getting up off of his seat these days and not just sending his bulldog Joe to tear someone’s head off.

Harry has Spurs playing attacking football with a strong focus on defense, and I believe the boys are responding quite well. There are still a few things that need immediate attention if we are to sustain any sort of momentum leading into the new year, but overall, things lay on the positive end of the spectrum at this moment.

Watching Tottenham in the last two matches, I have come to realize that it must be quite the difficult task to balance the squad. You need the perfect mix of attacking, midfield and defensive authority to win a match. Let alone, winning two matches back-to-back without conceding any goals.


December 19, 2009

Say it with me everyone: CONFIDENCE. That’s all what’s needed when Spurs kick off today at Blackburn.

Quality is something our boys are naturally blessed with. Unfortunately, without belief in their own and each other’s skills and abilities, they will be caught on the back foot. God knows what could come out of that, especially against the lesser opponents. Stoke and Wolves for example. The two “lesser opponents” which came to the Lane, scored one goal each and left us scratching our heads.

Blackburn have scored the majority of their points at home so they won’t just roll over for us while we play pretty footy. They’ve had 5 clean sheets where we have had only 3. Their home performances have not been as bad in comparison to their away form where they have conceded 23 out of a total 30 goals. What does this mean? Scoring on their ground will be difficult.

On a positive note, they have conceded a total of 30 goals this season, which is something I’m sure Harry will be bringing to gun-slinging Defoe’s attention with the assurance that this lot CAN be scored on. Currently, Spurs are the 3rd highest scoring team in the Premier League (thanks to everyone chipping in and having a go) and that should count for something. Right?

If the boys maintain the same level of confidence displayed against Man City, then there should not be anything to worry about. The goals will flow. Lennon will assault. The Croatians will orchestrate. Dawson will captain.


Transfer Market / Rumor Mill Update

August 6, 2009

Just wanted to touch on the latest Spurs transfer market news / rumors doing rounds:

  • Looks like young French defender Bassong is undergoing a medical at Tottenham this morning and is expected to be announced later on today if all goes well. 8 million pounds is the agreed upon fee with Newcastle.
  • Striker Jan Klass Huntelaar is to sign with AC Milan later this evening from Real Madrid based on reports out of Italy. He’s supposedly already on a plane.
  • Real Madrid’s young striker Alvaro Negrado’s agent has openly spoken about Roma’s interest in the 23 year old. I still believe he is one of Harry Redknapp’s targets but always thought we had a slim chance of signing him. Possibly a loan deal?
  • Blackburn Rover’s manager, Sam Allardyce, has stated that there has been no contact made between Spurs and his club for Congolese central defender Christopher Samba. It’s possible one of our insiders leaked this to bring the overinflated price down on Bassong.
  • 19 year old Moussa Sissoko from Toulouse is being mentioned as a target. The press have stated that Spurs submitted a bid for 12 million pounds which has been rejected. Apparently they are expecting a minimum of 15 million. I read somewhere that 30 mil was the value… that’s just stupid!
  • Miguel Veloso – never heard anything again regarding that!
  • Joe Cole – Chelsea said no way!

If I am forgetting anything else, please feel free to comment. SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!