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Happy to stay?

July 6, 2011

Anyone else a little weary of Dan Levy’s meeting with Modric? When asked if Modric was happy to remain at Tottenham, he cheekily said that he would be fine once he returned and practiced with the squad. When asked if Modric wanted to go to Chelsea, he plainly stated that “he’s staying at Tottenham”.

Now, this was music to my ears. Don’t get me wrong. However, the way Levy replied to the reporter made it seem like Luka was being forced to stay. Like as if we were holding his family hostage. Stay or else!

It’s kind of sad that we have even reached this point. But honestly speaking, did we not believe that once Champions League footy was tasted, some would want to jump ship when it wasn’t available to us? We’re not that naive. Are we?

I am naive. I always felt that Luka would never leave Tottenham: the club which gave him his first shot at Champions League. If he was to ever consider saying goodbye, that meant that we would have reached a low point with no hope of coming back. We finished 5th for God’s sake! Not making it to the top 4 was obviously a blow, but I believe that we have just as good a chance as anyone of making it back next year.

What was the strategy used by the Chairman to hold onto Modders? “Luka, we’ll be making some big money signings… just wait and see.”

Levy and Redknapp need to show the squad we’re aiming high and that we’re closer than ever to breaking out of our shell. I believe it. I hope you believe it as well. COYS!