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Luka’s a “great” what?

July 19, 2011

Words from the mouth of John Terry:

“He’s [Luka Modric] very agile, very quick and a great finisher like we’ve seen over many years.”

He is definitely the first two but a ” great finisher” he is not. At least not yet.

This interview will be the perfect weapon for the media to escalate this saga to another level.

Bombarding-Luka-to-Chelsea posts to flood Newsnow in 3,2,1…

The Chelsea domination post

April 18, 2010

The Chelsea domination post. I wanted to write it last night. Instead, one image summed up my zany thoughts for the evening.

After last night’s superior performance, who can dare claim that Spurs are not 4th place contenders? Tottenham have thrown the league into crazed shambles. The throne is up for grabs with Chelsea and United now left to fight for their lives. On top of that, Wenger has admitted that it will be extremely difficult for the Arse to have a shot at claiming the championship. All thanks to our beloved Spurs.

Harry and his staff are to be applauded for this past week’s achievements. The unit was so tight last night that any attempt by Chelsea at goal was met with a lilywhite body. All of my qualms with Modric playing in the midfield next to Hudd or Palacios are quickly fading. He seems to be gaining confidence in this role, whether it be defence or offence… to the point that I feel terrible for ever doubting him in the first place.

Gomes once again put in a stellar shift. RELIABLE. ROCK SOLID. Two very similar goals were conceded in as many matches, but they were due to pure flakiness on our part. The successive scores of 2-1 do not realistically depict the spanking Spurs awarded their opponents. S&M bondage style.

So many players and endless moments from last night to praise. Chelsea were left to ponder “what could have been”, leaving the Lane with their captain red-carded and their egos deflated. What more could any supporter ask for?

United worry me since we have to play them next week when they are clearly challenging for the title, but I’m not being negative here. Expecting to take full points from our Arse and Chelsea fixtures was a long shot to begin with. But we did it with such pizzaz, oozing confidence and class. United will be a different fight altogether. We need the rest but I’m left wondering if our intensity levels will drop off. Who knows anymore!

For such a dazzling day at the office, this post is extremely short. There isn’t much for me to say other than the whole squad was brilliant last night. Even Crouch. We’re back in 4th and the fat lady is singing in full harmony.


Ties + Losses = 3rd Place Rhymes

October 19, 2009

This is not a post to boast (hey, that rhymes) about our performance at Pompey the other day. This post is a toast, first and foremost (rhymes again) about raising our glasses to Sunderland and the Liverpoolian stray red balloon. This post is all about Aston Villa and their halting of the Chelsea train – they are not invincible. And last but not least, this post is a thank you to Wigan for letting Man City out of the ring with only 1 point.

Yes my fellow supporters, their efforts are what secured our 3rd place spot for another week. Their efforts could possiby aid us in moving up to 2nd next week. Liverpool vs Man United should be interesting.

Now backt to Spurs.

Defoe, Defoe, Defoe. Harry said no, no, no. But you had to do it. Red carded.

Apparently he apologized to the team on his way off the pitch meaning he knew he was guilty. We really need him over the next few matches and I think ‘Arry has probably bitten his head off for this, so no need to be extra harsh on him. An emotional game for Defoe with a lot to prove. Sometimes emotions get the best of people.

Ledley is a monster. FULL STOP.

Off topic, was with an Arsenal fan yesterday who kept talking about how Tottenham is a club with no  class, “Shite Hart Lane” and all that rubbish. I retaliated a few times but then, I simply looked at him and decided to keep my mouth shut and grin. It riled him up some more. Still grinning and not a peep. At the end of the day, we’re sitting in 3rd. For once I will enjoy the fact that our results speak for themselves. Another 3 points please.

Tangled in a lousy Webb

September 20, 2009

A lot went wrong from the start. First, Keane on the left. Second, referee Howard Webb. Last but not least, Howard Webb. This guy is a disaster of a referee. The 1st yellow card was flashed in the 94th minute. Come on, wasn’t this a London derby?

But in the end, we didn’t lose to Chelsea due to the horrific refereeing. We simply crumbled… again. Chelsea were on the mark tonight. Drogba constantly claiming the spotlight as he usually does and their midfield did not give us any room to develop the passing game. We were down by a goal in the 32nd minute no thanks to Ashley Cole’s header, but we were still in the match and looking confident.

On the defensive front, it was a nightmare. Once Ledley started limping early in the 2nd half, you could tell it instantly delivered a blow to the squad. The players regard him as the true captain of the team and it showed tonight. To add to that, Bassong was taken out on a stretcher which was symbolic of our evening. Hopefully it was just a precaution and he’ll be back for our next league match. Two games in a row and Corluka has been horrifying… he needs to pick up the pace or he’s going to give up his position to Hutton.

Are you there Azza? No cuts into the box? Lack of confidence maybe?

No need to panic though because 12 points from 6 games is still a positive start. 2 out of the 6 (hopefully) Modric-less weeks have gone by and I can’t wait till he’s back. We are terribly missing his creative input. Matches against Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea have already been played and 12 points are locked in the column. The boys cannot afford to drop any more points in the coming matches, otherwise we’ll be in trouble.

Back to Howard Webb… what does it take to get a call from this guy?

Up the road to Stamford Bridge

September 20, 2009

Not quite up the road from the Lane but you get my point. Chelsea currently lead the league and Drogba looks quite the menace (it has something to do with the hair… I know it). Their squad is filled with experienced players who have the skill to pull together when needed, forcing their opponents into making crucial mistakes. Ancelotti has done a great job so far and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the league this season if they manage to stay healthy. As good as they are offensively though, Chelsea have faced problems maintaining clean sheets against teams that bring an all-out attack. This is something we know a thing or two about and Harry has comforted us all by saying that we “have attacking players who like to play and express themselves. We’ll attack them and give it our best shot.”

Should Crouch start? Keane and Defoe seem to create way more chances up front and I will back any plan that sees Keane far from the left side. He cannot and should not be expected to play there. The problem with playing Crouch is we automatically go into long-ball mode and forget that we are a huge threat on the ground. Crouch is good with his feet… why not utilize those skills? Crouch gave Man United a headache in the first 15 minutes but that was that. It also took Defoe out of the game who is a crucial element in us challenging any top team. Another thing I’ve noticed is Keane and Defoe seem to sustain the attack over a longer period of time. It’s like a wave that eventually comes crashing down on our opponents. Go back and watch the Hull and Liverpool performances and it’s clear: sustainable and tactical attacking. Not the “ball in the air prayer” we tend to play when Crouch is on the pitch.

Start Nico? Poor Bentley. Will Gio get a crack? Probably not. Harry seems to fancy slot machines more than the poker tables… in other words, the man doesn’t gamble much.

My starting XI:

  • Gomes – Cudicini has been great in his place, but Gomes has greater coverage… would Giggs have scored that free kick against him?
  • Corluka – his lack of speed may be a problem
  • King – his presence on the pitch is priceless
  • Bassong – I’m happy with Seb… maturing every match when King’s at his side
  • BAE – Man U gave him a hard time… hope he regains his “pre-international break” form
  • Nico – on the left side… we need someone to creates plays; this shouldn’t be asked of Keano IMO
  • Palacios – keep those studs facing the grass please
  • Hudd – we’ll need muscle and height against the Chelsea midfield
  • Lennon – come on Azza! Take it to them every time and eventually they will break
  • Keane – much better in the forward position and is effective when aiding the midfield
  • Defoe – was robbed of a cracking goal against United… time for revenge


Transfer Market / Rumor Mill Update

August 6, 2009

Just wanted to touch on the latest Spurs transfer market news / rumors doing rounds:

  • Looks like young French defender Bassong is undergoing a medical at Tottenham this morning and is expected to be announced later on today if all goes well. 8 million pounds is the agreed upon fee with Newcastle.
  • Striker Jan Klass Huntelaar is to sign with AC Milan later this evening from Real Madrid based on reports out of Italy. He’s supposedly already on a plane.
  • Real Madrid’s young striker Alvaro Negrado’s agent has openly spoken about Roma’s interest in the 23 year old. I still believe he is one of Harry Redknapp’s targets but always thought we had a slim chance of signing him. Possibly a loan deal?
  • Blackburn Rover’s manager, Sam Allardyce, has stated that there has been no contact made between Spurs and his club for Congolese central defender Christopher Samba. It’s possible one of our insiders leaked this to bring the overinflated price down on Bassong.
  • 19 year old Moussa Sissoko from Toulouse is being mentioned as a target. The press have stated that Spurs submitted a bid for 12 million pounds which has been rejected. Apparently they are expecting a minimum of 15 million. I read somewhere that 30 mil was the value… that’s just stupid!
  • Miguel Veloso – never heard anything again regarding that!
  • Joe Cole – Chelsea said no way!

If I am forgetting anything else, please feel free to comment. SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!