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Happy to stay?

July 6, 2011

Anyone else a little weary of Dan Levy’s meeting with Modric? When asked if Modric was happy to remain at Tottenham, he cheekily said that he would be fine once he returned and practiced with the squad. When asked if Modric wanted to go to Chelsea, he plainly stated that “he’s staying at Tottenham”.

Now, this was music to my ears. Don’t get me wrong. However, the way Levy replied to the reporter made it seem like Luka was being forced to stay. Like as if we were holding his family hostage. Stay or else!

It’s kind of sad that we have even reached this point. But honestly speaking, did we not believe that once Champions League footy was tasted, some would want to jump ship when it wasn’t available to us? We’re not that naive. Are we?

I am naive. I always felt that Luka would never leave Tottenham: the club which gave him his first shot at Champions League. If he was to ever consider saying goodbye, that meant that we would have reached a low point with no hope of coming back. We finished 5th for God’s sake! Not making it to the top 4 was obviously a blow, but I believe that we have just as good a chance as anyone of making it back next year.

What was the strategy used by the Chairman to hold onto Modders? “Luka, we’ll be making some big money signings… just wait and see.”

Levy and Redknapp need to show the squad we’re aiming high and that we’re closer than ever to breaking out of our shell. I believe it. I hope you believe it as well. COYS!

Tottenham Hotspur: everything you love about soap operas and more!

July 3, 2011

I’m beginning to think that in order for Levy and his crew to steer our minds away from an already-dull transfer window, rocking the legal side of things with the persistent aim of wining the appeal over West Ham for the Olympic Stadium (OS) bid is the only logical move. Levy has never been one to give up. I’m sure he believes that there’s a major benefit in Spurs moving East, and the fact that nothing was happening on the North London side of things, this potentially could be our only option of growing as a club and bringing in the type of numbers larger clubs do.

As refreshing as it was to read on the Spurs official site that we’re still hard at work attempting to revive the NLD project, I couldn’t help but feel confused more so than hopeful.

Could the tiresome and quite unnecessary battle with the Hammers over the OS be some kind of tactical ploy, even this late in the game? Initially, it seemed to be just that. Various internet sources led us to believe that Levy was leveraging the threat of a possible move away from White Hart Lane, simply because we wanted to grow and the Haringey Council wouldn’t let us. As you all know, we didn’t win the bid and that should have been that.

Hold on…

Levy appealed and continued to play hardball by not letting the Hammers bask in their success, pooing on their parade. All of a sudden, we realised that our Chairman was really hoping that we would have won the bid. Huh? So technically speaking, had West Ham not won the bid by the 14-0 landslide, we would have a new home.

Already at this point, we were all on the edge of our seat. Some furious with the actual prospect of leaving our home territory, some plain insulted. The drama continues to unfold…

Turns out there was some kind of monkey biz going on behind the scenes with a corrupt official working on the OS bid. This morning, I read a post on the brilliant Dear Mr. Levy site that Spurs hired a private investigator and exposed this issue. West Ham released a statement alleging we used our “dirty tricks” to bring it all to light. So wait a minute… they play dirty, we call them out, now we’re the dirty ones? Are they for real? Classy club that West Ham, eh?

With Levy not remaining quiet over the OS, news of the current bid submitted to the Regional Growth Fund was welcomed with cheers and smiles. We always knew that in order for us to increase capacity at the Lane, a lot of funds and additional government aid were required. Especially after the world economies crumbled, Levy and the ENIC board knew that in these trying times spending money will not necessarily make money, but then again, we need to make money in order to compete. Leveraging whatever we have against all sides is absolutely the right path to follow.

I don’t know how Haringey would cope without Tottenham Hotspur. I don’t know how Tottenham Hotspur would cope without Haringey.

The positive financial structure which we proudly reside on is built on the ethos of “business first, club second”, whether we approve of it or not. Is it right? I’m sure many other successful clubs are and will continue to be run in this manner. From a supporter’s point of view, it’s not something we necessarily want to hear.

Hear no evil, see no evil.


June 28, 2011

Luka-zade. The element that will keep us hydrated through the 2011/2012 season. A must-have if we are to challenge for anything, silverware or a top 4 push. Lose him and we would lose our edge.

Now, I know I shouldn’t be saying that one player can make all the difference, simply because I’m not from that school of thought. However, if anyone comes close to making that kind of a difference at Spurs, it’s Luka! His swashbuckling slicing and dicing of opponents is and has been a crucial component of many of our best attacking moments. Sure, those moments are left with anti-climactic “blue-ball” endings (happy endings without the “happy”), not usually his fault as our forwards are almost entirely to blame. You can point the finger and say “well, the boy just doesn’t score enough goals” but then again, is that really his role?

One thing’s for sure, Modric is a world-class player and every big bully on the school ground wants him in his click. Simply because he could be the brains behind it all… the strategist, if you will.

Modric can dictate the direction, pace, swagger, and quality of our play all with a simple pass. He is a visionary on the pitch and he can preempt things most other players won’t comprehend. So what’s going to happen? Nobody knows. All I know is we need to match the boy’s ambition with quality signings. We need a mix of fresh blood and experience.

You cannot blame Luka for wanting to be a winner. He deserves it, even if it’s not with us. Levy and Redknapp need to make key signings this summer that state Spurs’ intent on tackling the top 4… every year.

After all, a classy player needs a classy joint to hang out in.

Yanking our chain?

July 18, 2010

There are reports (possibly just a massive rumor but it’s a slow news day anyways) circling the web that the spawns of New York Yankees legendary owner, George Steinbrenner, want a piece of the Tottenham pie. I don’t know how I feel about this, honestly speaking. We’ve all seen American tycoons come into the Premier League and pretty much destroy whatever they laid a finger on (i.e. Liverpool, Man U). The only American running things in the proper manner at this point is Ellis Short, owner of Sunderland AFC.

The reason the Yanks struggle with European football ownership is that sports organizations, marketing and operations in the US are completely different in comparison to Europe. They do such a great job with their NFL and NBA teams or what not, and automatically think they can take over European football soccer with their Yankee-Doodle ways. Unfortunately for them (fortunately for us), it’s never a walk in the park.

If the Yankees want to invest money in Tottenham, that’s fine with me. It could give us the perfect push to remain in Top 4, provide us with the funds to purchase players who are normally out of our league, and lastly, state our intent to challenge for all competitions year-in year-out. If they want to buy Tottenham and run it themselves, then a big NO THANKS! Don’t do it Levy!

How do you feel about this potential deal / rumor?


July 15, 2010

So Harry has committed his future to Tottenham, staying on as manager till 2013. I personally believe that this is the most crucial signing of the summer. Possibly, the most important in years. The reason being that clubs that sift through managers like garbage never really have a success story waiting at the end of the road. Continuity is key. Real Madrid anyone?

Levy and Redknapp seem to be engaged in some sort of love mojo. A relationship that is complementing one another; both love that banging deal. A lot of  supporters of other teams swear that we’re doomed with Harry at the helm because of his excessive spending. They swear we’ll go bankrupt in no time. Do these people know anything about our Chairman? The board members? Tottenham is run as a business, with strategies and goals embedded in its future.

Harry is a candid character who speaks his mind; sometimes too vividly. His tactics and squad selection have been questionable at times, but his overall performance at Tottenham has been fantastic. A part of me thinks that this extension fills the gap nicely in case the FA decides to offer the World Cup job to someone else. The man loves working with English players and openly speaks about his discontent with the lack of English superstars in the league, considering the Premier League is the crème de la crème.

2014 in Brazil leading England’s charge sounds like something Harry would love to work towards. Will he be too old then? That’s up to the FA to decide. But for now, I’m happy he’s ours.

The need to settle down

January 1, 2010

Now that 2010 has arrived, one tends to sit back and reflect on 2009 and see what positives he / she could build on to make the new year a better one.

I’ve already posted on the looking back bit, but there is a key factor that will determine our success in the coming months. It popped into my head this morning when I was slowly rolling out of bed (post-new year celebratory mode) that the January window is upon us, which means other teams and managers will be doing whatever it takes to unsettle our squad, especially if we’re pushing for any of the top spots.

Harry and Levy will have to make this January window a smooth transition with quick transactions, if any. Players who are on their way out need to be perished! Players on their way in should be secured early. No Prima Donnas! We need the hardworking team-oriented type. The Kranjcar(s), Palacios(es) and Crouch(es) of this world. We don’t want a PR machine. We want top 4!

Yes, I said it and took the liberty of speaking on your behalf too. We want top 4!

With the way we have been playing lately, we are showing all the right signs of breaking into the top 4. Whether we imitate Aston Villa’s attempted top 4 run of last season is another story (they ran out of wind at the end), but we should aim for the maximum and die trying. I know many of you are cringing at my potential jinxing of our whole season, but we do have the players to pull it off. I believe it! Now, getting them to play with 150% focus and determination is another issue, but that’s not my job now… is it Mr. Redknapp?

Kranjcar in… nobody else?

September 2, 2009

Nico Kranjcar is officially part of the Spurs family which is fantastic news! The 25 year old has loads of talent and the fact that he and Modric already have experience playing together makes me salivate. Wipe wipe. Plus he’s a steal at 2-3 million quid!

I must admit that I was expecting Levy & Redknapp to bring in two more players, a central defender (can’t have enough of  those with our injury worries) and a defensive midfielder (a Palacios understudy). Guess we might see a move for someone in the January window. Sandro from Brazil anyone?

I know that Harry rates David James but why on earth would we have gone for another keeper when we already have two solid ones now. Plus he’s knocking on 40 yrs of age. All in all, it worked out for Portsmouth cause they desperately need him at this point.

It’s been reported that Harry was looking to bring in Upson from West Ham, but they were valuing him at 12 million quid so scratch that. Is anyone worried that we haven’t signed a center back? I know we have 4 defenders in the squad but two are injury prone. Risky business. And what ever happened to Chavez from Honduras? All gone quiet there?

Martin Petrov apparently wanted to leave Man City to come to Spurs but the deal never materialized. Look for him in January, as Jaymes from THBN thinks we might get him on the cheap and I agree.

I was also expecting another Palacios type of player, but I guess Hudd will have to adapt those qualities and assume the role when needed.

A close friend of mine truly believes that Bentley was off to Man City; for some reason, I can’t see Harry giving up on him quite yet. I would love to see Bentley come back stronger than ever and silence his critics, not going to hold my breath though.

UPDATE: guess my friend was right… read somewhere Bentley’s loan transfer was in the works but Levy would only accept a permanent deal. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

How do you feel we did in the transfer market? Anyone missing?


Spurs just want to put it out there

August 6, 2009

It was strange seeing an official stock exchange announcement on Tottenham’s site stating that the Bent transfer fee was for “a total consideration of up to £16.5 million.” Apparently, Spurs management were miffed that Sunderland went ahead and announced to the media that the transfer had been agreed for £10 million, or simply put, a loss considering we signed him for way more. We had to set the record straight!

I guess it’s always important to boast about your positive “wheelings and dealings” in the transfer market. You have to be a shark and someone other teams are afraid of. I am Daniel Levy! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!

Levy has done some great business on this transaction and deserves a pat on the back from the board. We aren’t going to get all the money up front but I am sure there are payment terms based on some sort of incentive scheme which is still impressive for the amount mentioned. Bent was not worth 10 mil at the end; I have explained why in previous posts.

Let’s hope we net a few more transfers for s##ts and giggles before Liverpool come to town.

Beckham Shmeckham

August 3, 2009

My earlier post stating Levy could possibly be in the US to meet with Beckham was retarded speculation on my behalf! It looks like Jonathan Woodgate is set to go under the knife as they need to operate on a hernia problem that hasn’t gotten better since last year. It’s possible Levy has gone to assess how dire of a situation we’re in and to personally ensure the Tottenham board that we need to utilize funds and go after defenders ASAP!

I’m feeling queasy.

David Beckham?

August 3, 2009

Just reading through the news with my morning coffee… stumbled upon this little nugget from Sunderland manager Steve Bruce: “The Tottenham chairman is in America I understand and I don’t know what progress has been made.”

Hmm… Daniel Levy meeting with Beckham?

Update: Maybe gone to see Woodgate in the hospital?