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Everything’s MASSIVE these days!

January 19, 2011

The zit on my forehead. The rash on my bum. Aston Villa. MASSIVE.

Darren Bent, Twitter-nymph and goal-scoring extraordinaire for any team besides Tottenham, has abruptly left the Stadium of Light for greener pastures under Houllier’s wing. Not only has he ditched Sunderland during a very positive campaign (currently 6th in the league), but he jumped ship to an ailing Aston Villa side which lies in a low 17th position. Granted, Villa definitely have enough class to pull themselves up through the table and Bent would be a welcome option at the front, especially after his goal-scoring form last season.

We’ve heard it all before from Benty. How each club is “massive” with “massive” support and “massive” appeal. For once, I’d like him to be honest and just state the reasons why he chooses to go where he goes.

Keeping in mind that this is a January transfer, Bent’s deal now makes him the most expensive English player ever. That’s… uh… err… massive.

Were we not clued in? Were the talents of Mr. Bent not utilized efficiently by Harry and the management team? Again I remind you that he is the “most expensive” English player to grace the Earth.

So Darren Bent’s excessive use of the term “massive” continues:

“Aston Villa is a massive football club”… heard that before from him.

“When I first went to Spurs, and it happened there (moving for a big transfer fee), I was so nervous… It did play a massive part in my mind and it probably got me down at times”… even the negatives are “massive” with this guy.

On a personal note, excuse the hiatus from the blogosphere… decided to take a bit of a break and just enjoy watching football again and not have to worry about coming up with stuff to write about. I’m back!


50 seconds to shag it all up!

April 3, 2010

Looking for a hint of positivity? Look elsewhere.

We were the “blunder” at Blunderland. Bent had one of his oldest wishes come true at around the 50th second. 50 seconds. That’s all it took. And at who’s expense? At the expense of our frail and uninterested squad.

The team were horrible. Modric was sadly the worst in my opinion. Unfortunate, but maybe it’s best we had our worst outing as of yet. A fucking wake up call to the whole squad to take every match and every opponent seriously from here on out.

I can’t be bothered to write. I think I need a break from Spurs for a day or two.

Twits & Bits

August 18, 2009

Bent’s at it again!

Is this guy for real?

Quote 1: “At times last season I felt I was left hung out there to dry, regardless of how I played or how many goals I scored’ – Cry me a river and cue the violins.

Joke Quote 2: “Probably people didn’t see the best of me when I was at Tottenham for that reason, because I was playing as a target man which isn’t really me.”

Quote 3: “Maybe I’m the type of player who needs an arm around the shoulder sometimes, but every player, no matter who they are, needs the support of their manager at the end of the day.”

Uh… maybe you’re the type of player who gets paid a lot of money to get on with it. Good guy but needs to drop the “I need love in my life to play better” nonsense!

Crouch ain’t pretty

Thought I would share this horrific image I found in the paper last night!

crouchie says Defoe pulled over… AGAIN?


  1. Defoe is pulled over for wreckless speeding.
  2. Defoe gets in trouble.
  3. Defoe gets pulled over again.
  4. Defoe wants to sue the police because he feels they’re out to get him.
  5. Defoe goes to see his mother after the Liverpool win driving his black Ferrari.
  6. Police pull him over. Why?

Police say that he”was stopped as part of an operation to tackle a spate of burglaries in which valuable cars have been taken.” If I was Defoe’s lawyer, I would be drooling at the racial profiling potential from all of this.


Diplomatic Football Talk

August 12, 2009

How many times have you heard the new signing at your club talk about how happy he is? How it’s a lifelong dream to play for your team and he’s on top of the world? I guess it’s player diplomacy at the end of the day. Wherever they go, even if it’s just another stepping stone in their career, they will always make it seem like it’s the ideal transfer. Well, thanks to a friend who gave me the idea (cheers bishri), I went back and did some research on Darren Bent’s signing interviews tracing back to his Ipswich days where he promised he wouldn’t leave… then jumped ship to Charlton… then promising Charlton he wouldn’t leave… then to Spurs… finally to Sunderland. He’s had quite a busy 5 years.

It’s all in the quotes:

December 2004. Leaving or staying at Ipswich?

I’m happy here, I know everyone here, I grew up through the academy and it would be silly to leave, especially with us being top and there being a chance of me going to the Premiership anyway… I don’t think there’s anywhere else I need to play“.

A few months later:

June 2005. Signing for Charlton Athletic

“As soon as I met Alan Curbishley and Richard Murray I had no doubt whatsoever that this was the club I wanted to join… I have been hugely impressed by their plans for the club, both on and off the field, and I am convinced Charlton can go from strength to strength… I very much want to be part of that.”

Speculation in the summer:

July 2006. Leaving or staying at Charlton?

“I am delighted to bring to an end all the press speculation about my future… Richard Murray knows that I am committed to this club (Charlton) and although I am flattered to be linked with the biggest clubs in the country I owe Charlton a lot after they gave me my chance in the Premiership and the fans have been right behind me since I joined… I have a good feeling about this season…”.

One year later out the door:

July 2007. Signs for Spurs

“Tottenham have a lot of young English players and it’s a young squad, it’s a squad going forward and that’s the direction I wanted to take… It’s exciting times for me and Spurs and hopefully I’ll show what I can do… They seem to be getting better and better every season and I would love to be part of that (see June 2005 above).”

Twitter-gate leads him out the door to the Stadium of Light:

August 2009. Signs for Sunderland

“Now it’s all about Sunderland. They want to make big strides. Sunderland have the potential to go beyond Spurs (ouch – where did the diplomacy go?).”

So is it player diplomacy at the end of the day, or just “give me my money and I’ll say what you want to hear”? You be the judge.

Spurs just want to put it out there

August 6, 2009

It was strange seeing an official stock exchange announcement on Tottenham’s site stating that the Bent transfer fee was for “a total consideration of up to £16.5 million.” Apparently, Spurs management were miffed that Sunderland went ahead and announced to the media that the transfer had been agreed for £10 million, or simply put, a loss considering we signed him for way more. We had to set the record straight!

I guess it’s always important to boast about your positive “wheelings and dealings” in the transfer market. You have to be a shark and someone other teams are afraid of. I am Daniel Levy! HEAR ME ROAR!!!!

Levy has done some great business on this transaction and deserves a pat on the back from the board. We aren’t going to get all the money up front but I am sure there are payment terms based on some sort of incentive scheme which is still impressive for the amount mentioned. Bent was not worth 10 mil at the end; I have explained why in previous posts.

Let’s hope we net a few more transfers for s##ts and giggles before Liverpool come to town.

It’s finally over!

August 5, 2009

Yup, it’s over! Darren Bent has finally signed with Sunderland and is no longer a Spur. I was so sick of waiting and waiting… hoping this wouldn’t drag on like the Berbatov saga. Think I even lost a tooth from all the grinding. Imagine what Twitter boy was going through. He must have ulcers by now.

The deal is apparently worth 10 million quid, with a possibility of it reaching 16.5 million depending on “appearances”. What the hell does that mean?  Who cares at this point, let’s move on and use some of the money to build up the defense. I wonder if the Bassong deal will go through now? Are we going after another striker? Huntelaar? Left winger? Another defender? Should I wear blue or green boxers?

So many questions running through my head! And I thought this deal would bring me some peace of mind… yeah right!

Impatiently waiting for Bent to sign

August 4, 2009

Not to hate on the man, but I am honestly fed up waiting for Bent to sign at Sunderland. I wonder what the hold up is? I simply can’t wait because we need the money from his sale to beef up the squad, particularly the defense. I don’t know if Bassong is necessarily the answer but he’d provide much needed cover for Ledley & Woodie. The fee of 10 million quid though is quite inflated in my eyes. Obviously, Newcastle want to recoup whatever they can because of their relegation to the Coca Cola Championship. Money is crucial for them considering there are potential buyers assessing the club’s value.

Wonder what happened to the Veloso talk? Probably his agent trying to raise his client’s value. You never know in the transfer market and that’s what makes it so addictive!

I constantly worry that my addiction to the transfer market will ruin football for me. Especially when the season kicks off and there is a lot of down time between games. Thinking about it just gives me withdrawals! Deep breath El Wehbi, you’re gonna need it.

Benty’s Gone

August 3, 2009

It looks like he is on his way to Sunderland via Newscastle! Several forums and blogs online have a pic of his boarding pass (below) and pics of him at the airport. Again, I am not sure how valid these are but it makes for some good blogging 😉


Hopes up again?

July 30, 2009

Harry is talking about Jan Klass Huntelaar again in the press. He has been quoted saying:

“He is a player that interests me. I think if any top-class player becomes available then you have to be interested and if Darren Bent does go then maybe we will be interested. You cannot have too many good players. Competition for places is what it is all about. Look at Manchester United, you could pick two teams from their squad last year.”

I just don’t want to get my hopes up again with the possibility he may come to White Hart Lane, although it would give us amazing options up front. What tells me that Harry means business is that when asked if he would be upsetting any players with selection choices, he simply said “I don’t care. It’s not about keeping them happy. They have to keep me happy and the fans happy – that is what they are paid to do. It’s up to them as they have got to fight to play, it’s all about completion for places.”

You tell ’em Harry!