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What else do we need?

August 8, 2009

Since Sebastian Bassong has officially signed with Spurs, we now have 4 true central defenders in place. Tthree-quarters of the defense are injury prone or just coming out of lengthy battles with boo-boos which is truly unsettling. Spurs need to sign another defender to be honest. All this talk of “we need a left winger” doesn’t cut it for me. Luka Modric is fine in that position and does a great job of cutting into the middle to set up others. I also think Jamie O’Hara is able to cover him on the wing if need be; it’s definitely not an area we struggled with last season and it never needed immediate addressing.

I, like so many, am addicted to Playstation games like FIFA and Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution for some). First thing I do as manager is solidify my defense. Why? The most annoying thing in the world is when you’re winning or even tied in the match, dominating the opposition, only to have the computer stage a comeback in the final minutes and score the most retarded goal(s). Bet you anything, if you beefed up your defense to begin with, the Playstation would have to overheat itself computing a way to score that dramatic winner.

So back to my point about the defense… we need healthy players competing for the central defender role. Anyone can see how crucial it is to our stability. Take last season for example, when Ledley played week-in-week-out, Woodie was healthy and Gomes was on form, it was nearly impossible to score on Spurs. They had built a solid partnership which gave us the ability to win games scoring just one goal (i.e. Chelsea). One goal! It’s not something you want to base your winning record on but we pulled it off! Why? Solid defense!

If we bring in one more established defender, preferably with Premier League experience between the age of  25 – 27, it would add stability to our rock of a defense. A rock that is battered with injuries and may crumble at any time. Let’s not wait to see that happen please.

Impatiently waiting for Bent to sign

August 4, 2009

Not to hate on the man, but I am honestly fed up waiting for Bent to sign at Sunderland. I wonder what the hold up is? I simply can’t wait because we need the money from his sale to beef up the squad, particularly the defense. I don’t know if Bassong is necessarily the answer but he’d provide much needed cover for Ledley & Woodie. The fee of 10 million quid though is quite inflated in my eyes. Obviously, Newcastle want to recoup whatever they can because of their relegation to the Coca Cola Championship. Money is crucial for them considering there are potential buyers assessing the club’s value.

Wonder what happened to the Veloso talk? Probably his agent trying to raise his client’s value. You never know in the transfer market and that’s what makes it so addictive!

I constantly worry that my addiction to the transfer market will ruin football for me. Especially when the season kicks off and there is a lot of down time between games. Thinking about it just gives me withdrawals! Deep breath El Wehbi, you’re gonna need it.

Defensive Gap

August 2, 2009

We need defenders bad! After reading the South China friendly “live text” update on the Spurs site, it just seems that we do not have the luxury of slotting players in different roles. I mean, if it isn’t going to work against South China, it is most probably not going to work against Liverpool on opening day!

We need to get some backup for our injury prone and ageing CB’s. Is Bassong the answer? The money Newcastle want for him seems way too high for an unproven CB.

Who then?