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I need club football!

September 11, 2009

The depression of not having Spurs over these past two weeks saw me waste away precious time on my PS3 trying to maintain the adrenaline levels interrupted by the international break. I even watched repeats of this season’s matches just to relive the thrill of that winning feeling. I want club football back!

The odds are against us in maintaining our recent form, although there is no doubt in my mind that we could win the next few games. But when you’re on top, sometimes there’s only one way to go. Dare I say it? We face two of the best teams in back to back matches. Man Poo (my United supporting friends are going to hate me) at the Lane, then over to Stamford Bridge to rendevouz with Chelsea and Drogba’s hair stylist.

So I finally get my fix tomorrow when we face the Poo’s shaky yet potentially dangerous squad. It’s not going to be an easy matchup as they’re beginning to gel. Thank God the majority of our players are returning with positive results for their national squads. Only having a day to rest before going straight back into the season is a bit worrying, but thankfully for us, a few of our lot were playing nearby at Wembley.

Some questions on my mind:

  • Keano on the left?
  • Will Harry give Gio a chance?
  • Will Kranjcar get a few minutes of playing time?
  • King and Bassong fit?
  • Pav to come on as a 90th minute sub?
  • Will Joe Jordan finally strangle a referee?

Approx. 28 hours and counting to find out.


Transfer Market / Rumor Mill Update

August 6, 2009

Just wanted to touch on the latest Spurs transfer market news / rumors doing rounds:

  • Looks like young French defender Bassong is undergoing a medical at Tottenham this morning and is expected to be announced later on today if all goes well. 8 million pounds is the agreed upon fee with Newcastle.
  • Striker Jan Klass Huntelaar is to sign with AC Milan later this evening from Real Madrid based on reports out of Italy. He’s supposedly already on a plane.
  • Real Madrid’s young striker Alvaro Negrado’s agent has openly spoken about Roma’s interest in the 23 year old. I still believe he is one of Harry Redknapp’s targets but always thought we had a slim chance of signing him. Possibly a loan deal?
  • Blackburn Rover’s manager, Sam Allardyce, has stated that there has been no contact made between Spurs and his club for Congolese central defender Christopher Samba. It’s possible one of our insiders leaked this to bring the overinflated price down on Bassong.
  • 19 year old Moussa Sissoko from Toulouse is being mentioned as a target. The press have stated that Spurs submitted a bid for 12 million pounds which has been rejected. Apparently they are expecting a minimum of 15 million. I read somewhere that 30 mil was the value… that’s just stupid!
  • Miguel Veloso – never heard anything again regarding that!
  • Joe Cole – Chelsea said no way!

If I am forgetting anything else, please feel free to comment. SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Impatiently waiting for Bent to sign

August 4, 2009

Not to hate on the man, but I am honestly fed up waiting for Bent to sign at Sunderland. I wonder what the hold up is? I simply can’t wait because we need the money from his sale to beef up the squad, particularly the defense. I don’t know if Bassong is necessarily the answer but he’d provide much needed cover for Ledley & Woodie. The fee of 10 million quid though is quite inflated in my eyes. Obviously, Newcastle want to recoup whatever they can because of their relegation to the Coca Cola Championship. Money is crucial for them considering there are potential buyers assessing the club’s value.

Wonder what happened to the Veloso talk? Probably his agent trying to raise his client’s value. You never know in the transfer market and that’s what makes it so addictive!

I constantly worry that my addiction to the transfer market will ruin football for me. Especially when the season kicks off and there is a lot of down time between games. Thinking about it just gives me withdrawals! Deep breath El Wehbi, you’re gonna need it.