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5 out of five

August 19, 2011

That was a surprise, right?

5 goals from 5 players. Hearts didn’t stand a chance against a lightning quick Tottenham squad. If that’s how we plan on playing footy this season, then all teams will need to take notice.

Now a very close friend of mine and an extremely loyal Spurs supporter said that I had to keep in mind that it was Hearts of “god knows where”. Agreed. However, I think it could have been any team on the opposite end yesterday that would have had to deal with the wrath of our pin-point one-touch passing side. Definitely a proud moment for the manager and his crew.

Niko Kranjcar played the full match and was honestly fantastic in Modric’s role. He actually showed that they have very similar characteristics in their playing style… must be a Croat thing. I don’t know if this will just create another problem for Kranjcar because if Modders sticks around, he will most probably get the starting nod.

At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work having Defoe and VDV paired up at the front, but it seemed to work out deliciously. But forget about all the experienced players. I would rather focus on how solid our younger ones performed last night.

Jake Livermore did a fantastic job, passing the ball very well under pressure while showcasing a few Hudd-esque looking passes himself. Andros Townsend came in for Bale and also put in a decent run. Kyle Walker looked like a seasoned pro! The boy definitely likes to go forward, but he showed that he could hold down the defencive side of his game as well. I hope we’ll get to see more of these kids throughout the season, Kyle Walker definitely looking like he could seal a 1st team position sooner than later.

So Harry and co. picked it right last night. Let’s see more of the same at Old Trafford please.