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Champions League… we’re havin’ a laugh!

November 26, 2010

Calm, relaxed and composed. An effortless win against a visiting Bremen side which led to a historic night. We are through to the knock-out stage of the Champions League!

I’m not going to lie.. I never thought that it was possible.

At first, I knew we had a good chance of winning the qualifier round and making it through to the group stages. However, when we were placed in Group A with champions Inter Milan, Dutch champions FC Twente and Werder Bremen, I honestly had very little hope.

Well thankfully, I was wrong. The history books have been opened and amended. Tottenham Hotspur… “we’re havin’ a laugh”.

I would like to take this chance to gloat a bit. To kick things off, Arsenal lost the other night, stiff as a deer caught in the headlights after the NLD. A day later, Bremen came to visit the Lane and were treated to a delicious display of football class. Take notes ze Germans: the Tottenham boys were at their very best that evening. Domination without aggression. Simply because we didn’t need to let it get to that point.

With Pav still looking a bit lazy on the pitch, it was nice to have the extra option of Defoe on the bench. He looks good so far, just needs a goal to his name quick. Crouch had another solid European performance + goal; glad to see the big man delivering.

The midfield were great as a unit once again. Creatively, we are a very hard team to match. Lennon added two assists to his seasonal stats. Bale missed a penalty kick but hey, who cares! Modric just gets better and more intricate every second he spends on the pitch. Pure genius this boy!

Gallas was once again given the captain’s armband, rewarding the team with a commanding performance. If he and Kaboul continue in this form, we could be looking at a good run of clean sheets.

Each unit – attacking, midfield and defence – contributed to the score sheet; one goal from each. That’s what I call diversity. Obviously we shouldn’t be laughing too much. We host Liverpool on Sunday and we all know how we perform after a successful CL night out. All I ask is for the boys at the back to do their job and everything else will fall into place.


NLD (Never Lose Determination)

November 20, 2010

I’m going to keep this short and straight to the point. We showed up to the Emirates and almost had our little tushees beat.

Harry made some bizarre calls. The one that really had me scratching my head was gifting William Gallas with the captain’s armband. Huh? Was Harry serious? How could he? Then I began to think, if anyone knows how to crawl under someone’s skin, the gaffer can. Was he taking the piss? A genius and unexpected move?

First half saw the Arse go up 2-nil, a sight we have been used to seeing for the past 17 years on their home ground(s). Gallas was sensational, although he and Kaboul had communication issues which resulted in our negative start.

The second half may have taken a short while to go our way, but when the pendulum swung, it came through like a wrecking ball… all over Arsenal’s parade, especially Wenger’s. 3 goals in a single half. Brilliant!

Harry may have been tactically off the mark at the start of the match (or not), but he thankfully took quick and decisive action by bringing on Defoe at the half. It changed everything and added a threat to the dimension of our game.

Van Der Vaart started the match looking off the pace and was constantly frustrated in the middle of the pitch, which was quickly rubbing off on the other players. He managed to turn it around in the 2nd half with two great assists and a goal (a penalty from a rare Fabregas mistake). Some individuals at Real Madrid must be kicking themselves.

Bale did his thing. Wasn’t dangerous out on the left flank, but when he dipped in the middle, he caused a lot of problems for the Gunners. Quality touch for his goal as he continues to score for our side.

Enough said… the curse is broken. If you hate Arsenal, stand up.

The hot and cold that is Defoe

March 4, 2010

When the boy’s on fire, he’s almost impossible to stop. We’ve witnessed that first hand.

Think back to his hat-trick against Hull, where he seemed to possess sublime skill scoring from the most unthinkable angles. His 5 against Wigan, making him only the third player in Premier League history to score that many goals in a game.

Defoe normally comes off as a forward who needs to score early on in a match. If so, beware! But what happens when he doesn’t? Frustration creeps in. It shows. It showed against Egypt yesterday.

Now, many will argue that his contribution to the team is priceless, and I cannot agree more. JD ranks 3rd in the league for goals scored. He is a major threat in our attacking game, keeping all defenders on alert at all times. We love him dearly for that.

But out of the 6 matches played in January, Defoe contributed a total of only 2 goals.

February? 5 goals in 7 matches, with 3 of those coming out of his hat-trick against Leeds United. However, we still drew against Villa – a performance which we deserved to win – and lost to Wolves. Both were matches where we needed our prolific goalscorer to shine in.

Every player will drop in form at one point or another. With Defoe, when he struggles with a dip in form, he’s out of goals and he’s out of ideas. I’m just asking for a bit more consistency.

Is that too much to ask for?


January 15, 2010

The canceled Liverpool match stained my week with a bit of poo, so I decided to take a break from Spurs blogging all together. But then thanks to TOMM, Alan got me thinking again. Defoe and Crouch are doing well together. Without them, would Keane and Pav work in their place? Fill in their shoes? Even to a minuscule degree? I honestly don’t think so. Keane is in a slump. Pav is just not feeling it. We would be in a bit of a pickle.

I wouldn’t mind if we brought in some added firepower to energize our attack. I’m talking about experienced forwards. Tested ammunition. For once, it seems that we do have players, other than forwards, contributing to the goal rush. Quite an important factor if we are to be of any threat in this second half of the season. But I honestly feel, we do have the quality in terms of play-build-up. The type of play-build-up which would hand any poaching forward an opportunity to celebrate.

Keane used to be a striker who could sense the ricochet of the ball. To a ridiculous degree. Obviously, his lack of confidence has destroyed his “Spidey” senses. When he’s on form, he is a potent weapon. Just ask Liverpool management. Approx. 20 million quid’s worth of potency. True, he wasn’t destined for legendary status at Anfield, but Robbie does have it in him. Can we wait around for him to shine again? I’m afraid not. There’s just too much at stake Mr. Keane. I would love for him to come back stronger than ever. To rightfully claim that captain’s armband. To declare himself a living legend at the Lane. But dreams are one thing, and reality is another.

Would a Van Nistelrooy type be attractive? How about Diego Forlan? Julio Cruz? How about Kanoute back at the Lane? I’m just throwing names out there with no type of footballing reasoning or logic to back it up. All I’m saying is, we need finishers to kill off opponents early. Simple really. Our defence has the ability to shut out teams. Our midfield, one which we complained about constantly in recent times, has the potential to be one of the most potent in the league. Our striking core seems a little weak in comparison. Defoe skews the graph definitely, Crouch is the support, Robbie needs his confidence back, and Pav is beginning to remind me of Berba “The Incredible Sulk”.

Do we need to add firepower to our core? Am I crazy to think “yes”?

Should we be worried?

January 6, 2010

Should we?

Fresh injuries to Lennon and BAE will not make our voyage into the second half of the season any brighter. We will definitely be missing the sheer pace of both these players when we visit Liverpool. A team which we badly embarrassed on our home ground, bruised and battered, left limping not knowing what hit them.

Is it the end of our campaign? Last season’s Spurs: definitely. This season’s Spurs? Definitely not! It’s as simple as this. When Modric was injured, there was widespread panic that we were about to spiral down the league table. But everyone did their part, stepped up to the plate and, in the end, carried us through. We did lose Defoe to a three match ban where we lost to Stoke at the Lane and lost miserably to a very confident Arsenal squad at the Emirates. My explanation for that is at the time, the other strikers were simply not carrying their weight.

Missing one or two players should not and will not affect our performance. We have depth for once. Ask Martin Jol how he would have loved having that during his tenure.

So what exactly will we do?

The loss of BAE was bound to happen considering he was leaving at this exact time for the African Cup, representing Cameroon. Bale was going to get his chance regardless and the young boy is looking mighty fine these days (no I am not a pedophile), but how will he work on defence? Dominating and standing out against Peterborough is one thing. Liverpool is another. I am positive though. He needs to play in order to improve and fine tune his defencive skills. So let it be now. Defence is where we will make it or break it. We know we can score. Let’s capture last season’s brilliant clean sheet performances. This time around, we have the potential to accompany those clean sheets with more than just one goal.

The void left by Lennon, in a way, will give Redknapp less headaches when it comes to squad selection. At the moment, Kranjcar is on a high and constantly putting in top drawer performances. Little Modric is back and it’s only a matter of time before he gains match fitness and assaults anyone in his way (how do you bench Modric anyways?). The Croatian duo will be a nuisance. They will insult your intelligence. They will make you think twice as they constantly drop into the middle of the pitch and then back out onto the wings. As an opponent, who do you cover?

Well then, technically that means that our opponents should be worried, right?

UPDATE: Just thought I would add this little nugget in before Sunday’s match at ‘pool…

Why is it that right before this major away match, the media (and Spurs official site) has quotes from our players mouthing off and making it seem like the 3 points at Anfield are already in the bag? I’ve read quotes from Niko and Daws, but the one headline that almost made me choke was Bassong challenging Torres! Uh… boys… settle down… keep the trash talking for the pitch please. We all remember Robbie and Ledley’s pre-Arsenal match tattle. How did that turn out for us? Feel free to prove me wrong though.



December 30, 2009

Been off-line (sort of) for the last couple of days and decided to wait a few days before commenting on how we did in our past two matches, and where we stand with the new year only a few days away.

Fulham @ Craven Cottage

A match which I was truly tense over. Fulham had just come off a stunning victory against Man United at home… and not a narrow one, but by 3 goals! Not an easy feat for anyone to achieve, even the currently-mighty Chelsea. Whether Man U weren’t at their best that day is irrelevant because winning at the Cottage is a tedious assignment for any visitor. I have a lot of respect for the Cottagers and their manager because they are a small team with a small ground and big aspirations, and whichever way you look at it, they are quite consistent in their own right. Roy Hodgson has his squad playing some lovely, hardworking football.

I might have missed something but why we started Keane and not Defoe was beyond me. I guess we were in need of muscle and not speed? That couldn’t have been it. We were lacking in the firepower department and I was expecting a halftime sub. Redknapp obviously didn’t see it my way. We took action too late in a game we possibly could have won. Reading Harry’s comments after the game, it seemed like we went to Fulham to run away with a draw. Did I welcome the point? Yes. Even more so, the clean sheet. Zamora was not even on the pitch in my mind so a job well done to to the defence and Gomes.

West Ham @ the Lane

Poor Zola. A decent squad plagued with endless injuries. Kicked off the match and Lennon instantly exposed any potential hamstrings in the defence. Brilliantly quick and in executioner mode that day, Lennon sliced through them effortlessly leaving behind limping Hammers. Little Modders scored the first which was a joyous moment. I got a bit choked up to be honest. The second goal took forever, with Defoe looking frustrated and lacking in the creativity department but he made it happen and remains the top scorer in the league.

Defencively is where my true happiness lies. Another clean sheet making it 4 since our spanking of Man City. Palacios showed signs of his old self. Must be my disastrous short-term memory but I forgot how menacing he truly is. Ledley returned to our defence in fantastic form taking any logical explanation for a player’s need to train and play in matches a load of rubbish (obviously that rule isn’t applicable to just anyone). He is truly a role-model for any player in the league.

Perspective and looking forward

It’s been a great season so far and there is a whole other part of this story waiting to be told. I honestly couldn’t have predicted that we would be sitting in 4th at the arrival of the new year. 4 clean sheets in a row against feisty opponents bring back nostalgic memories of last season’s record run and what it meant to the squad’s morale. Lock & load Spurs! We need to come out firing after the new year. Happy New Year to everyone!

Disappointment or simply a relief?

December 1, 2009

I’m sure some fans will be divided whether the draw at Villa was disappointing or quite a relief. I personally side with the latter.

Villa was going to be a tough opponent simply because of how well-matched the squads are. I expected a high scoring game, however, I also believed Spurs would leave with nothing. 0 points.

I must say that I was disappointed after the match, specifically the 1st half. How does a team that just came off a monumental win play so inconsistently? I just don’t understand it. One game, we start off like title contenders playing poetic football. The next, we can’t even direct a single decent pass to Defoe or Crouch, a walking target for birds flying by.

The 2nd half was a total shift in momentum and something us fans would like to brag about. Why can’t we start off every match with that attitude? Asides from Kranjcar, the team seemed to be running on snooze. Palacios didn’t have the best of days; did show a lot of effort but it just wasn’t working, so I welcomed the Jenas substitution with open arms. And it paid off! The tempo changed and all of a sudden we showed promise. Dawson scored one hell of a goal – you would think he was a striker in his past life. Some might say it was controversial but the ball hit his shoulder / arm pit area so any evidence of it being a hand ball was rather inconclusive. Joy!

Bring on the Poo tonight for our Carling Cup draw!

Twits & Bits

August 18, 2009

Bent’s at it again!

Is this guy for real?

Quote 1: “At times last season I felt I was left hung out there to dry, regardless of how I played or how many goals I scored’ – Cry me a river and cue the violins.

Joke Quote 2: “Probably people didn’t see the best of me when I was at Tottenham for that reason, because I was playing as a target man which isn’t really me.”

Quote 3: “Maybe I’m the type of player who needs an arm around the shoulder sometimes, but every player, no matter who they are, needs the support of their manager at the end of the day.”

Uh… maybe you’re the type of player who gets paid a lot of money to get on with it. Good guy but needs to drop the “I need love in my life to play better” nonsense!

Crouch ain’t pretty

Thought I would share this horrific image I found in the paper last night!

crouchie says Defoe pulled over… AGAIN?


  1. Defoe is pulled over for wreckless speeding.
  2. Defoe gets in trouble.
  3. Defoe gets pulled over again.
  4. Defoe wants to sue the police because he feels they’re out to get him.
  5. Defoe goes to see his mother after the Liverpool win driving his black Ferrari.
  6. Police pull him over. Why?

Police say that he”was stopped as part of an operation to tackle a spate of burglaries in which valuable cars have been taken.” If I was Defoe’s lawyer, I would be drooling at the racial profiling potential from all of this.