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Impatiently waiting for Bent to sign

August 4, 2009

Not to hate on the man, but I am honestly fed up waiting for Bent to sign at Sunderland. I wonder what the hold up is? I simply can’t wait because we need the money from his sale to beef up the squad, particularly the defense. I don’t know if Bassong is necessarily the answer but he’d provide much needed cover for Ledley & Woodie. The fee of 10 million quid though is quite inflated in my eyes. Obviously, Newcastle want to recoup whatever they can because of their relegation to the Coca Cola Championship. Money is crucial for them considering there are potential buyers assessing the club’s value.

Wonder what happened to the Veloso talk? Probably his agent trying to raise his client’s value. You never know in the transfer market and that’s what makes it so addictive!

I constantly worry that my addiction to the transfer market will ruin football for me. Especially when the season kicks off and there is a lot of down time between games. Thinking about it just gives me withdrawals! Deep breath El Wehbi, you’re gonna need it.

Beckham Shmeckham

August 3, 2009

My earlier post stating Levy could possibly be in the US to meet with Beckham was retarded speculation on my behalf! It looks like Jonathan Woodgate is set to go under the knife as they need to operate on a hernia problem that hasn’t gotten better since last year. It’s possible Levy has gone to assess how dire of a situation we’re in and to personally ensure the Tottenham board that we need to utilize funds and go after defenders ASAP!

I’m feeling queasy.

David Beckham?

August 3, 2009

Just reading through the news with my morning coffee… stumbled upon this little nugget from Sunderland manager Steve Bruce: “The Tottenham chairman is in America I understand and I don’t know what progress has been made.”

Hmm… Daniel Levy meeting with Beckham?

Update: Maybe gone to see Woodgate in the hospital?