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Are we not sexy enough?

February 1, 2011

What’s wrong with Tottenham? Do we not show enough promise? Granted, the FA Cup thrashing at Fulham was probably enough to turn any player off from joining our side; however, we play sexy football about 90% of the time. Is it really the winning history which appeals to players?

Two major targets of ours have gone off to Liverpool and left us with nothing at the end of a dull and loan-filled January window. Andy Carrol – who some of you might say is my man crush – and Luis “my hand has broken many hearts” Suarez have both opted for the Reds.

Frustrating stuff.

Especially since I am a true believer that we do not have a strike force capable of taking us back into the 4th position. We are now in the 2nd half of the season and scoring goals will matter most… and of course a captain who doesn’t hand opponents two goals in the span of 5 minutes. I love Dawson, but what was that all about?

Equally frustrating.

Then we get news that Charlie Adam, a midfielder, almost signed for us in the dying minutes before the window closed. Another midfielder? Why? For the love of God, we need goal-scorers! Proven goal-scorers! On top of that, Gio has gone off on loan until the end of the season.

Oh well… it is what it is.

Now that the window’s closed, Harry needs to reassure the players that Spurs have the quality to win games and that Wednesday at Blackburn will be the right test to prove it. Everyone in the squad knows they’re not going anywhere, at least for now, so it’s time for them to step up and prove their commitment to the manager, the team and to the fans.


Joe Cole signs… but not for Spurs

July 19, 2010

So he’s gone to Liverpool to ride off into the sunset with Roy Hodgson. I think they’ve done well with this pick. He will definitely be a huge asset to their attacking game, as long as he stays healthy. Now, whether they lose Torres or not is another thing.

So who will join Tottenham? Who will be Harry’s first signing? Seems to be Stipe Pletikosa, the Croatian keeper from Spartak Moscow. WOOOOOOHOO…hoooo…ahem…hoo… man, this is dull.

In cased you missed this clip doing the rounds on the internet, enjoy!

They’re out to get us!

March 9, 2010

Howard Webb has been named referee for our Premier League fixture, this weekend, against Blackburn Rovers.

Really? Really?????

Why oh why????!!!! Liverpool’s failure to nail the 3 points at Wigan last night was a bit of much needed breathing space for Spurs. But now, with this bit of news, God knows what good could possibly come out of this match. Am I being dramatic? Yes, and I don’t believe I need to justify the reason. You have all seen it before with your own eyes…

Should we be worried?

January 6, 2010

Should we?

Fresh injuries to Lennon and BAE will not make our voyage into the second half of the season any brighter. We will definitely be missing the sheer pace of both these players when we visit Liverpool. A team which we badly embarrassed on our home ground, bruised and battered, left limping not knowing what hit them.

Is it the end of our campaign? Last season’s Spurs: definitely. This season’s Spurs? Definitely not! It’s as simple as this. When Modric was injured, there was widespread panic that we were about to spiral down the league table. But everyone did their part, stepped up to the plate and, in the end, carried us through. We did lose Defoe to a three match ban where we lost to Stoke at the Lane and lost miserably to a very confident Arsenal squad at the Emirates. My explanation for that is at the time, the other strikers were simply not carrying their weight.

Missing one or two players should not and will not affect our performance. We have depth for once. Ask Martin Jol how he would have loved having that during his tenure.

So what exactly will we do?

The loss of BAE was bound to happen considering he was leaving at this exact time for the African Cup, representing Cameroon. Bale was going to get his chance regardless and the young boy is looking mighty fine these days (no I am not a pedophile), but how will he work on defence? Dominating and standing out against Peterborough is one thing. Liverpool is another. I am positive though. He needs to play in order to improve and fine tune his defencive skills. So let it be now. Defence is where we will make it or break it. We know we can score. Let’s capture last season’s brilliant clean sheet performances. This time around, we have the potential to accompany those clean sheets with more than just one goal.

The void left by Lennon, in a way, will give Redknapp less headaches when it comes to squad selection. At the moment, Kranjcar is on a high and constantly putting in top drawer performances. Little Modric is back and it’s only a matter of time before he gains match fitness and assaults anyone in his way (how do you bench Modric anyways?). The Croatian duo will be a nuisance. They will insult your intelligence. They will make you think twice as they constantly drop into the middle of the pitch and then back out onto the wings. As an opponent, who do you cover?

Well then, technically that means that our opponents should be worried, right?

UPDATE: Just thought I would add this little nugget in before Sunday’s match at ‘pool…

Why is it that right before this major away match, the media (and Spurs official site) has quotes from our players mouthing off and making it seem like the 3 points at Anfield are already in the bag? I’ve read quotes from Niko and Daws, but the one headline that almost made me choke was Bassong challenging Torres! Uh… boys… settle down… keep the trash talking for the pitch please. We all remember Robbie and Ledley’s pre-Arsenal match tattle. How did that turn out for us? Feel free to prove me wrong though.


Captain Keane… where are you?

November 12, 2009

What do we do about Captain Keane? The superhero once called upon when times were ruthless. When buildings were burning and babies needed rescuing. Was our dependence on him too hard for any human to take? Not a superhero I would assume.

The Liverpool kryptonite destroyed his most potent weapon, the poaching right foot. We now have a shattered hero it seems. A person who wears our captain’s band but doesn’t necessarily always lead. A person who shouts and points but doesn’t seem to get anywhere most of the time.

A person. Not a superhero.

Not a game goes by where I don’t get on my knees and pray that the old Keano will resurface. I even have rug burns on my knee caps to prove it. They hurt man… are you listening Robbie? They hurt. But nothing hurts as much as the roller coaster ride El Capatino has taken us on. Ups and downs and all arounds (there I go with the rhymes again). I know this post seems a bit harsh. Afterall, he is the captain of a Spurs squad which is sitting near the top of the table having already faced all of the top 4 teams. How would that translate to “underperforming”? Come on, we all know he is capable of much more. Much, much more!

A 4 goal match where we all wanted to believe our hero finally returned and would now seek vengeance on our arch rivals. It was nothing more than a momentary glimpse of the past. I hate nostalgia sometimes. I should have kept my emotions in check. But I do believe he still has it in him (cue the “riding a bike” cliche). The goal against Sunderland shows he still has that killer poacher instinct in his gut; to be at the right place at the right time. He just doesn’t seem to believe in himself as much anymore. A few reasons come to mind. The Liverpool humble-pie… learning to play in a new position after 29 years… and last but not least, predictably being subbed in the second half of every match must be getting old for him.

So what do we do about Captain Keane? How do we instill confidence in him again? I want him back! But he has to want to return first.

Ties + Losses = 3rd Place Rhymes

October 19, 2009

This is not a post to boast (hey, that rhymes) about our performance at Pompey the other day. This post is a toast, first and foremost (rhymes again) about raising our glasses to Sunderland and the Liverpoolian stray red balloon. This post is all about Aston Villa and their halting of the Chelsea train – they are not invincible. And last but not least, this post is a thank you to Wigan for letting Man City out of the ring with only 1 point.

Yes my fellow supporters, their efforts are what secured our 3rd place spot for another week. Their efforts could possiby aid us in moving up to 2nd next week. Liverpool vs Man United should be interesting.

Now backt to Spurs.

Defoe, Defoe, Defoe. Harry said no, no, no. But you had to do it. Red carded.

Apparently he apologized to the team on his way off the pitch meaning he knew he was guilty. We really need him over the next few matches and I think ‘Arry has probably bitten his head off for this, so no need to be extra harsh on him. An emotional game for Defoe with a lot to prove. Sometimes emotions get the best of people.

Ledley is a monster. FULL STOP.

Off topic, was with an Arsenal fan yesterday who kept talking about how Tottenham is a club with no  class, “Shite Hart Lane” and all that rubbish. I retaliated a few times but then, I simply looked at him and decided to keep my mouth shut and grin. It riled him up some more. Still grinning and not a peep. At the end of the day, we’re sitting in 3rd. For once I will enjoy the fact that our results speak for themselves. Another 3 points please.

Torres couldn’t take the loss at Chelsea

October 11, 2009

New career for Torres in the works?


Spurs beat up on Liverpool: the notes & video

August 17, 2009

Actually, Liverpool kicked off the match by giving themselves a beating… literally. Blood, bandages and a busy afternoon for the medical staff. Carragher unwisely decided to challenge Skrtel for a header ending up with both players on the floor bleeding from impact. This was a sign of things to come for Liverpool. It just wasn’t the same without Xabi Alonso and you could blatantly see they were lacking in their passing game. The bite from their midfield was completely missing and our defenders did a great job of containing Torres and Gerrard. Strange to see Benayoun come on as a sub though; wonder what Benitez was thinking? There were a few controversial moments in the match (you’ll see them in the video link below) but Spurs were the better team and deserved the win regardless.

In the midfield, Palacios and Huddlestone formed a great partnership managing to cover each other and regularly swapping between the attacking role. It seemed as if they both developed new skill sets over the summer with Palacios showing some great passing qualities (showboating a dribble or two at times) and Hudd proving he could brilliantly time his tackles.

Lennon was quieter than usual. He did have some great moments, one in particular was a drive where he dribbled 3 (if I remember correctly, see video) Liverpoolians and made it to their box but was eventually closed off by their defenders.

“El Maestro” Modric showed off his world class abilities today. He assisted Sebastien Bassong’s winning header from a set piece and was a handful throughout. One moment that stood out for me was when a ball was crossed to him deep near the goal post and he managed to cross it back, completely unbalanced with his foot high almost above his head. The ball made it to Keane but unfortunately he headed it directly at Reina. Modric was held back somewhat in the left wing position but managed to find little gaps and expose the defense. Bless him!

On the defensive end, Ledley was a legend… what a performance by a man who rarely trains. His quality rubs off on others and it shows why he was our captain. Stay healthy please Ledder’s! Newbie Sebastien Bassong had a fantastic debut with a beautiful header to help us take the lead. Happy for him and not only is he “all smiles” but now so are we! Thank you Seb.

Benoit Assou-Ekotto scored his first for Spurs, an amazing goal off a set piece taken by Hudd which went straight into the opposition wall and bounced back to BAE… he brilliantly moved it to his left foot and shot it at the top left corner of the post… it almost shattered! He’s come a long way since his injury and if anything, Bale should be worried about getting some playing time in that position. Both BAE and Corluka were defensively and offensively on form. To prove that they were effective, both Kuyt and Babel, right and left wing respectively,  had to be subbed. That says something.

Gomes looked a bit shaky at times, especially when he made a bad decision of tackling Glen Johnson in the box and giving them a successful penalty. I believe he will regain his composure at Hull City.

I wasn’t thrilled to see Keane and Defoe paired up front. I wanted Pav to have a go alongside Defoe but I guess Harry saw it differently and I won’t argue with the man. Keane had 3 major chances to score yet always managed to aim it directly at Reina, a sign that he isn’t as sharp quite yet; however, he did play a maojor role in the first half constantly challenging the defense. He was later subbed with Peter Crouch to change the tempo of play. My fear was confirmed as we abandoned our lovely ground game and started crossing the ball to Crouch. We were slowly becoming a mess but once we returned to our feet, we were able to regain control.

Overall, Spurs put in a cracking performance. We controlled the ball well and were fluid in our passing game. Liverpool were clearly the frustrated ones and will have a lot to think about on their trip home. To see for yourself, click HERE for the video and enjoy!


Preview Notes: Spurs vs Liverpool

August 15, 2009

Liverpool are coming to White Hart Lane! A gay ole time with smiles everywhere as our season finally kicks off!

What to expect? It’s going to be a tough match. Both teams have a lot to prove from the start. Liverpool want the top teams to know that they mean business, while we we desperately want to avoid “2 points from 8 games” like swine flu. Captain Steven Gerrard should be available for the match but they will be without Riera, Aurelio and new signing Aquilani – Xabi Alonso’s replacement – due to injuries. Liverpool is a squad with depth so I don’t think they’re too worried; hope I’m totally wrong about that!

Spurs need to do the following:

  1. Hold the ball and control play
  2. Palacios needs to stay out of foul trouble as I am sure Rafa will want to expose that
  3. Assou-Ekotto will have to cover the left side with his life as Kuyt will be testing him
  4. As always, set pieces will be a concern for Gomes; I’m sure we trained hard in preseason to minimize any risks (crossing fingers)
  5. “El Maestro” Modric needs room to conduct the Spurs musical and the rest of the players need to be in tune with him
  6. Bassong and Ledley (if starting) must be efficient in their communication at all times… Torres can spot opportunities and smell weakness in a split second
  7. Harry needs to sub the right players at the right time
  8. The forwards need to put a lot of pressure on the defense and Reina; take tons of shots at goal and keep them on their toes

But if we take last season into consideration, we know that Liverpool had a tough time at the Lane. Consider the following:

  • 2-1 win at home: not Spurs most magnificent display of football but we were still adjusting to a new manager and coming to terms with being at the bottom of the table
  • 4-2 win in the Carling Cup at home: Spurs dominated… destroyed… NEXT!
  • 3-1 loss at Anfield: was never going to be an easy win and let’s not forget that Liverpool lost only two games last season (one to us, hehehehe)

My starting XI:

GK Gomes: if he continues his form from the end of last season, he is going to be fun to watch!

LB Benoit Assou-Ekotto: proving to be a consistent left back with a great touch; one of my favorite players last season

CB Ledley King: still our captain in my eyes; keep those knees healthy please

CB Sebastien Bassong: hoping he forms a good partnership with Gomes and the defense

RB Vedran Corluka: holds the ball for too long sometimes but nobody can say he isn’t quality

LM Luka Modric: “El Maestro”; he is the reason why we have been playing such fluid football recently

CM Wilson Palacios: the reason why I trust Harry’s decisions in the transfer market; an honorable player who makes opponents think twice

CM Jermaine Jenas: might not play due to injury; true box-to-box midfielder; needs to get on with it this season

RM Aaron Lennon: didn’t like his form in the preseason but more than capable of turning up the heat when needed

F Roman Pavyluchenko: he’s beginning to catch on to the English football style of play

F Jermain Defoe: feisty, aggressive and has an eye for the net; coming off two goals that rescued England @ Holland

What do we do with Keane?

August 13, 2009

Robbie Keane left Tottenham in the summer of 2008 to join his “boyhood dream” club, Liverpool. At the same time, we were engaged in a war with Manchester United for the transfer of Dimitar Berbatov, which we knew was going to happen sooner or later.

But the Keane move hurt much more… it hurt so bad that it left a scar. It’s partly the reason why I started bleeding in the first place. It wasn’t just me either. Spurs forums and blogs were erupting with disbelief and anger; HOW COULD HE LEAVE US? In my heart, I always thought Robbie would remain a Spur until his retirement. But he happily left for Liverpool and there was no turning back… so we thought.

On the 1st of November in 2008, Keane and Liverpool paid a visit to White Hart Lane. It was a fierce match that saw our side persevere and take it to Liverpool coming out on top 2-1, thanks to a thrilling goal by our new signing, Roman Pavyluchenko. But I wasn’t happy because of the score – OK, I was ecstatic! I was really happy because Keane looked out of place, eventually being subbed in the 66th minute. Revenge was on my agenda. The thought of “I hope it hurts you like you hurt us” consumed my head at the time.

From then on, our savior Harry Redknapp did a fine job of turning our season around but we were still clawing our way out of the relegation zone. In December, Spurs lost to two soon-to-be relegated teams, Newcastle and West Brom. Harry had to move quickly in the January window and bring in some players to give us that much needed boost. Players like Pascal Chimbonda and Jermaine Defoe returned; faces we never thought we would see in a Spurs uniform again. The real shocker though was Keane, only 6 months later, not wanted by Liverpool’s manager Rafa Benitez, and being traded back to Tottenham.

I must admit, at the time I didn’t know whether to be happy or to be angry over the news. Why would we bring him back? After what he put us through? Why should we rescue him? The blogs and forums were on fire once again. Some fans were distraught at the news and others were confident of his return, happy to see him in our colors again.

It turned out to be the right decision for the time. Keane came back and was handed captaincy over Ledley King due to the latter’s chronic knee problem. He actually started off with some decent performances, although not the Robbie Keane grit I was expecting. Then he slowly began to fade away and disappear on the pitch. Was his ego hit by the Liverpool saga? Was he unhappy?

So now here we are ironically, preparing to face Liverpool on Sunday. What do we do with Captain Keane? Wouldn’t you say that after the summer friendlies and international matches, Defoe and Pavyluchenko deserve the starting role more? Do we play a 5 man midfield and accomodate Keane there? I don’t believe we have that luxury. Can Keane play in Jenas’ position? Maybe, maybe not.

So the season is about to kick off and Harry will have to answer a question he’s probably asking himself this minute: what do I do with Keane?