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The curse of Champions League success

November 7, 2010

Will we ever leverage success in the Champions League as a catalyst for the Premier League? Okay, we did it once after beating FC Twente when we won against Aston Villa at home, but if past trends are anything to judge by, our chances look quite slim.

Hence the misery at Bolton. Many will argue that Harry’s squad selection was the main problem. 2 CDMs, Sandro and Palacios, got the nod for the start and it was the former who’s mistake handed them the opportunity to go up by 1. Message to Sandro: don’t worry kid, they were probably going to score anyways, especially Kevin Davies. Seems that’s always the case, doesn’t it?

So Harry was wrong. I was naive. We got nowhere. Had Hutton and Pav not scored those two goals, a 4-0 win for Bolton would have sounded just about right. They held us back in almost every way, and as our “triffic” manager said, we can’t always rely on Bale. How I wish that wasn’t true.

What did I learn from this match?

4-4-2 ain’t too bad of an option for Spurs. It’s not that I don’t believe that we’re not effective with a 5-man midfield, but I just think there are certain teams we would fare better against if we reverted to the system we know best. Pav had a cracker of a goal and it makes me wonder how different would the match have been had he been starting up front with Crouch.

Speaking of Crouch, he cannot play up front on his own in league matches. The only time we should ever risk it is when VDV or JD play off of him. That’s it.

It was nice to see Niko have a go, but the overall team performance will not do anything to instill some much needed confidence in the guy. He really needs to get some playing time under his belt; letting him rot is just a pure crime Harry.

5 teams are tied with 15 points. Last week, Liverpool was facing relegation but after tonight’s Chelsea-bashing-Torres-resurrection match, everything has changed. Arsenal lost to Newcastle (I want this Andy Carrol kid) and United’s win was a slimy effort as usual.

Sunderland visit the Lane on Tuesday (sheesh… another former Tottenham player seeking revenge) and if they win, they will jump us in the table. Not a sight I want to see as I’m sure you’re all thinking the same.

It’s all up for grabs and we need to pull it together quick! Otherwise, we’ll be left wondering what hit us and why we’re not in top 4 contention.



The fat lady at the grand Italian opera

October 21, 2010

She sang alright and it took her no less than 70 seconds to begin the graphic murder scene. I hate fat ladies.

The defence remains the problem area of focus here. Not only did they play a major role in conceding 3 goals within minutes, but they also came off looking like amateurs at best.

Arse Wanker (Arsene Wenger) must have sent Gallas here to sabotage our cause. This is definitely not the same player who captained that side. Sloppy seconds at best (so far). Bassong doesn’t really cut it either. Time to recall our younger boys? Not yet. Kaboul will be back shortly (not soon enough; never thought in my wildest dreams that I would say that) and he should add some bite to the mix. But we will make do with whatever we have.

But honestly speaking, I switched-off the television right after the 3rd goal. I couldn’t take it anymore. I did miss Bale’s stellar hat-trick performance, but it was probably better for my health in the long run. The determination to come back from 4 goals down means we will give them a run when they come to visit. No doubt about that.

Hit the reset button and bring them back to the Lane.

Blame yourselves before blaming the team

September 22, 2010

Last night’s match was a disgrace! Not the least due to Harry’s team selection and our players’ fear of pushing the line forward, but by the fans.

Let’s cover each point.

Harry’s selection

Playing 3 defensive midfielders just didn’t make any sense. Naturally, we would end up sitting back and trying to defend. FULL STOP. What about attack? We all know Spurs are a more influential side when bombarding opponents on the attack. Why sit back and do nothing about it?

I did think that since we were playing so many defencive-minded players, we would at least contest every ball Arsenal touched. Not the case unfortunately.

Instead, we sat back and let a bunch of children – very talented ones mind you – dictate the pace and outcome of the match.

Horrible. Dispicable. Gag.


I don’t know if you could see it, but I honestly felt our players were afraid last night. Maybe it was the Arse fans corner, which was way louder than the rest of our support until Robbie Keane finally scored for us. More on that later.

Sandro was working his heart out last night. I still can’t believe he’s in his early 20s. He is a monster and hopefully will prove to be a brilliant signing in the near future. Sooner than later please.

Palacios had  a few brilliant tackles but that was it. What I cannot understand for the life of me was why Niko Kranjcar did not start the match! We needed attacking creativity but had none. Pav at some points was screaming and yelling at the other players begging for them to push the line forward. What can I say but he was left doing his best impersonation of “pointy-shouty-bloke”.

The fear. The fear ladies and gentlemen. I could see it. Our boys were worried about Arsenal’s deadly counter-attack. So many defenders and we couldn’t even break them? It goes to prove that we defend better as a team when we attack the living daylights out of our opponents. Please feel free to disagree with me in the comments section if I am dead wrong.

Sublime support

What a strange and eerie evening? Arsenal’s away support were lively and made sure that our players knew it. We were rarely singing until Robbie finally scored. What’s that all about?

The last two matches at the Lane have been the same. Wolves’ fans were loud and obnoxious, energizing their team to score the first. Same with Arsenal. Where are the thunderous lilywhite supporters when we most needed them? Heading for the exits, leaving myself and many other supporters cheering the team on regardless of the score. How sad? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Honestly.

Booing is another issue. Some supporters don’t realize how much of an impact cheering players on can instantly change their form. Booing won’t solve anything. Cheering can and will, especially in this case, we would have shoved a bondage gag in the mouths of those annoying Arse fans.

Instead, when things didn’t go our way, many decided it was time to leave early and beat the traffic. So we gave up. Our players gave up. What does that do for team morale? What does that do for our younger players who played the full 120 minutes? What does that say about our support? Especially in front of those goons.

I went to bed bitter and woke up in worse shape. Not because of the loss. But because for once, I have realized that our support isn’t what it used to be. Could the top 4 and Champions League qualification cause us to lose our drive?

I want it to be what it used to be. Even if we have to finish 5th every season. The passionate support and belief is why I started supporting Spurs to begin with.

Disappointing stuff to deal with on a Wednesday.

No COYS for you!

Ouch… that hurt!

August 29, 2010

So Wigan have somewhat redeemed themselves at the Lane and Roberto Martinez saves his job for another day or so. They were definitely not the pushovers most people thought they would be. God that Champions League hangover is nasty.

Their stand-in keeper, Ali Al-Habsi, was excellent and managed a “Joe Hart-esque” showing in front of our support. Could the goal-scoring issue rise again this season? We’ve had to depend on Bale (and his nose) quite a bit thus far.

So, no 9-1 score for the fans. Tottenham tend to fade like that. Worst of all, against a side that has conceded 10 goals in total. Maybe the international break is needed after all…

50 seconds to shag it all up!

April 3, 2010

Looking for a hint of positivity? Look elsewhere.

We were the “blunder” at Blunderland. Bent had one of his oldest wishes come true at around the 50th second. 50 seconds. That’s all it took. And at who’s expense? At the expense of our frail and uninterested squad.

The team were horrible. Modric was sadly the worst in my opinion. Unfortunate, but maybe it’s best we had our worst outing as of yet. A fucking wake up call to the whole squad to take every match and every opponent seriously from here on out.

I can’t be bothered to write. I think I need a break from Spurs for a day or two.

Another brick in my wall

December 15, 2009

Back to back disappointment. People sometimes ask me why my blog’s title – “i bleed hotspur – a wound that never heals” – is so dramatic. Now I can simply refer to the past two matches and not have to say a single word. I think they’re actually beginning to catch on to be honest. I have been in no shape or mood to write in recent days. I really need to learn to stop letting losses emotionally destroy me.

If I have to say something… anything… then I have 2 words: set pieces. We just don’t have the communication skills required to comfortably defend on set pieces. Gomes was caught off guard and Dawson was in the wrong place at the wrong time (from what I choose to remember). One little mistake that cost us dearly. Worst of all, it was at home to a newly promoted side. No disrespect to Wolves, they fought hard and it paid off.

The positives? Harry actually subbed people at the right time, although I’m not sure that it was Keane who should have been subbed. Defoe seemed off balance that day. We were on pace to score. It was one of those “it’s not a matter of how, but when” moments. But we didn’t which just added another brick to my Tottenham Hotspur wall.

Poo Poo

December 2, 2009

Not much to say folks. Spurs started off with the right attitude, holding the ball well and playing with some zip right from the start. We started with more of our first team players than Man Poo, so I was expecting Tottenham to be consistent throughout the match. Gibson took his first goal well and I still believed we could get back into it. Then Gibson took his second and my world caved in.

The biggest disappointments for me were Palacios and Bassong. They just didn’t seem to have their heads in the match from the start. Palacios was subbed at the half for Jenas and it changed everything. Hope reared its ugly head again only to leave me disappointed… again.

Let’s face the facts, they beat us fair and square with practically their youth team which is quite respectable. It’s not the end of the world: Spurs are still in the FA Cup, still sitting pretty in 3rd and Berbatov is a flop so far.

I’m still all smiles.

The cancerous long ball

November 4, 2009

I’ve needed some time away from all things Tottenham. Unfortunately for me, I had to watch the match sitting in between all the Arse fans which made the loss even harder to cope with. Before erupting with anger all through the blogoshpere, I decided to wait before posting so I could digest what happened to us at the Emirates.

Through the first 40 minutes or so, we held our ground well. But from the beginning of play, it was apparent that we were lacking creativity in our attack. I think I counted 5 or 6 times at the most when Spurs came into Arsenal’s half. But I could tell you that even Arse fans thought we were going into the half tied at nil. Then came the amateur mistakes. 2 goals within 11 seconds. Who lets something like that happen? I was shocked and had the wind knocked out of me while the Arse fans celebrated. They deserved to because we handed both goals to them. In 11 seconds!

But the title of this post has a lot to do with what I and many Spurs supporters believe: the long ball kills our attack. It decreases the efficiency of our attack. It degrades our attack.

I can count a few times where we needed to utilize the long ball to open up play, but it was ridiculously overused during the derby. It almost seemed as if every other pass was in the air. I even saw Bentley and Corluka have a frustrating argument where Bentley – who was open – wanted the ball played to his feet, but instead, Charlie sent it high in the air to a helpless Peter Crouch. WHY???? Redundancy victimized my thoughts. “Why are they playing the long ball? Why are they playing the long ball? Why are they playing the long ball?”

I told you I was victimized.


Tangled in a lousy Webb

September 20, 2009

A lot went wrong from the start. First, Keane on the left. Second, referee Howard Webb. Last but not least, Howard Webb. This guy is a disaster of a referee. The 1st yellow card was flashed in the 94th minute. Come on, wasn’t this a London derby?

But in the end, we didn’t lose to Chelsea due to the horrific refereeing. We simply crumbled… again. Chelsea were on the mark tonight. Drogba constantly claiming the spotlight as he usually does and their midfield did not give us any room to develop the passing game. We were down by a goal in the 32nd minute no thanks to Ashley Cole’s header, but we were still in the match and looking confident.

On the defensive front, it was a nightmare. Once Ledley started limping early in the 2nd half, you could tell it instantly delivered a blow to the squad. The players regard him as the true captain of the team and it showed tonight. To add to that, Bassong was taken out on a stretcher which was symbolic of our evening. Hopefully it was just a precaution and he’ll be back for our next league match. Two games in a row and Corluka has been horrifying… he needs to pick up the pace or he’s going to give up his position to Hutton.

Are you there Azza? No cuts into the box? Lack of confidence maybe?

No need to panic though because 12 points from 6 games is still a positive start. 2 out of the 6 (hopefully) Modric-less weeks have gone by and I can’t wait till he’s back. We are terribly missing his creative input. Matches against Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea have already been played and 12 points are locked in the column. The boys cannot afford to drop any more points in the coming matches, otherwise we’ll be in trouble.

Back to Howard Webb… what does it take to get a call from this guy?