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The ugly head which belongs to history rears itself

August 23, 2011

History. Never been on our side at Old Trafford and unfortunately for us, that wouldn’t change this evening.

To everyone’s surprise, Friedel was asked to start. And thank goodness for that. We could have been down 5-nil had it not been for his experience between the sticks. Prior to the match, I was actually hoping that Harry would field the same unit which netted five goals at Hearts. Shows you how much I know about football, I’m not afraid to admit that.

It’s easy to play behind-the-tv manager, but the reality is none of us would have picked a winning squad against Sir Red Nose’s Red Devils. That single season game under their belt proved to be crucial. Throw in organisation, confidence and skill and that’s the winning combo right there.

There’s also the fact that these are the champions of the Premier League and not Heart of  Midlothian. The way we won in Scotland was wonderful, regardless of the lack of quality our opponents brought to the table. If anything, we tend to gag in front of those types of teams (remember Young Boys?). Most importantly, we didn’t. But as I was saying, this is United, a team which whether we like to admit or not, we are miles apart at this point in time. They clearly showed why they hold the title.

To be perfectly honest, I always thought that we would be faced with a major problem at the back. I’m going to say something and I hope many of you will be understanding. I don’t think Dawson will be capable of commanding the team. Players are doing what they like up front and I don’t see how he would have influenced the game whatsoever. Or many of our last matches as a matter of fact. Am I wrong to think so?

Oh well, a 3-nil result against an extremely young United side is what we’ll have to deal with as a start to our 2011/2012 campaign. Raise those heads boys and feel free to lash out on Hearts when they come to the Lane.

One request: no hangover when we face City.

Behind enemy lines

October 31, 2010

Oh if they only knew. A fellow Spurs supporter and I were in the midst of Manchester United fans, lurking with nothing but fake smiles, unmeant “cheers” and unnecessary laughter. Little did they know that we were cursing their very existence under our breath.

It was my first visit to Old Trafford. From the outside, I was a bit disappointed in that it wasn’t the historic looking venue I had imagined. First misconeption “busted”. It’s a squeeky clean ground with proper facilities, wisely divided seating sections where at the 45-minute whistle you have enough time to grab a drink, have a bite, use the bathroom and return to your seat (something I have never mastered at the Lane).

The second misconception – “BUSTED” with capitals B, U, S, T, E, D – is the fact that United fans aren’t as intense as I first thought. Our 21-year submissive opponents proved yesterday that their chanting isn’t even up to par with Macclesfield Town’s 6,300 home support. For a stadium that can hold up to 76,000 (approx.) individuals, it’s quite wishy-washy at best. 

Third thing proven is that there’s something really hypnotizing about Old Trafford for match officials, almost like deer caught in headlights. They just can’t go through a full match without tossing a controversial call into the mix… in United’s favor of course.

Having said that, I wasn’t expecting to go there and pick up a win having predicted a 3-1 loss. We actually came off quite solid yesterday, but once again failing to score (should have known better). Had VDV nailed that screaming “no-look” attempt which hit the post, it would have been a different match altogether. Once again, a set-piece in a similar area got the best of us; note to defenders: don’t do it again please. Down 1-0 but we never looked out of it. The score really doesn’t do us any justice.

Some thoughts on my mind (in bullet points, getting a bit lazy as I’m typing):

  1. Where the hell is Niko Kranjcar? Has there been some sort of a falling out between our Croatian “looker” and Harry?
  2. Why did Keane start exactly? You could tell we were in desperate need of Crouch in the center. Any balls crossed from the wings were mostly placed low and easy for the Man Poo defenders to clear.
  3. VDV hurt?
  4. Mark Clattenburg blind?
  5. United fans, lame?

I’ll answer the last two with a mighty quick “yes”.