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Some questions… Looking for answers

August 7, 2011

Pre-season’s over and we’re well on our way to kicking off our 2011/2012 campaign. The past few matches were nothing to swear our coming season by, but there were some positives along with some negatives. Nothing new really.

Bale looks to be in fine form. The downside to that is it will be a sure thing: no top 4 this season, we’ll be seeing the Welsh wizard on his way out the door. And since we’re discussing Bale, he and VDV have hooked up in recent occasions with some lovely 1-2 passes. Some more of that during the season please.

Kranjcar has been getting a lot of playing time. Does this mean we’ll be seeing more of him? In our shirt that is?

Europa League means we’ll be seeing a lot more of our younger players. It looks like Jake Livermore, Danny Rose, Andros Townsend and a few others will get a shot to impress Harry on select Thursdays. Who will make the most of it?

The transfer window is still open and we’re linked with way too many players, mostly those who have never even proven their potential at success in the Premier League. Most will argue we need strikers – which is very true – but I can’t help but think that we need defenders more than anything.

Which brings me to my next point; will our defence hold up this season? I have a feeling Bassong won’t be capable of delivering the goods. He’s still a bit too shaky in his decision making for me. Gallas has yet to be seen. I honestly have no idea what’s happening with that. This also leads me to wonder if Dawson is the right person to captain our side? His defencive unit have made some very odd mistakes in the last couple of pre-season matches which has me worried. Still, I do appreciate M. Daws a lot and I think he could potentially have a good season.

The very success of Dawson’s season could be dependent on the man behind him… the one between the sticks. Mr. Butterfingers = H. Gomes. He has a lot to prove to the team, the gaffer, and to the supporters this season. He has also has some stiff competition with Brad Friedel breathing down his neck. Let’s hope that triggers some sort of mojo in the Brazilian.

Last but not least, I have refrained from discussing Modric and the transfer to Chelsea. I’ve said all I had to with my previous posts. Whatever happens from here is out of our hands. Tottenham Hotspur is bigger than any one player. We have a tough start to the season since and we’ll need depth and all our players to tackle the challenge ahead.

Come on you Spurs!

Are we not sexy enough?

February 1, 2011

What’s wrong with Tottenham? Do we not show enough promise? Granted, the FA Cup thrashing at Fulham was probably enough to turn any player off from joining our side; however, we play sexy football about 90% of the time. Is it really the winning history which appeals to players?

Two major targets of ours have gone off to Liverpool and left us with nothing at the end of a dull and loan-filled January window. Andy Carrol – who some of you might say is my man crush – and Luis “my hand has broken many hearts” Suarez have both opted for the Reds.

Frustrating stuff.

Especially since I am a true believer that we do not have a strike force capable of taking us back into the 4th position. We are now in the 2nd half of the season and scoring goals will matter most… and of course a captain who doesn’t hand opponents two goals in the span of 5 minutes. I love Dawson, but what was that all about?

Equally frustrating.

Then we get news that Charlie Adam, a midfielder, almost signed for us in the dying minutes before the window closed. Another midfielder? Why? For the love of God, we need goal-scorers! Proven goal-scorers! On top of that, Gio has gone off on loan until the end of the season.

Oh well… it is what it is.

Now that the window’s closed, Harry needs to reassure the players that Spurs have the quality to win games and that Wednesday at Blackburn will be the right test to prove it. Everyone in the squad knows they’re not going anywhere, at least for now, so it’s time for them to step up and prove their commitment to the manager, the team and to the fans.


No celebratory title here in the name of diplomacy

March 27, 2010

Unimpressive stuff off the bat. The initial point of interest was young Walker’s start in the squad, at the tender age of 19. Not to get ahead of this match review, somewhat, but I think the boy can go home tonight with his head held up high. I wonder if the supporters will get creative and prepare a cheer for him similar to Bale’s? Say it with me now… “Bale, Bale, Bale”. Gareth deserves better in my opinion.

The 1st half was looking to be a dull and disappointing affair, until a little gem appeared close to the half hour mark. Bale, Bale, Bale maturely crossed the ball, covered by 3 Pompey players mind you, to Crouch who gave us our first. A couple of cock-teasing crossbar moments and within minutes, another one of our former Pompey beloved, Kranjcar, gave us a cheeky, diplomatic and non-celebrated 2nd. A guy could really get used to this. Lovely stuff.

That must have really hurt the poor Pompey fans. To see two players you once dearly loved, kick you hard when you’re down. Enough of feeling sorry for our opponents, I was still hungry for more goal-scoring madness in the 2nd. Sadly, that wasn’t going to be on the menu for the evening.

Then the “Tottenham cliche” struck again. Another player subbed off to injury. Worst of all, it was our captain. By the looks of it, it didn’t look too good. Let’s hope its purely precautionary and he just needs to shake off the knock to come back and lead the boys next week.

One area of concern, and I thank the technical Windy for bringing this to my attention, is Modric’s laziness when returning to help defend. Lazy might be harsh, but what I really mean is that he needs to be reprogrammed to think like a true Premier League midfielder. It takes him quite a bit of crucial time to figure out that the ball is going the other way, it seems. This needs to be fixed if we are to use him in the middle against the likes of Man U and Chelsea.

As far as Crouchie’s celebration against his former club, I’m sure people will be moaning about how unsportsmanlike it was. I think the lad was just happy to finally score after 2 months of being in a rough patch. It’s a hurdle he has been waiting to get over, and he managed to effortlessly leap over it tonight. Some touches of class tonight in his performance.

So 4th place remains ours for another week. Villa received a 7-goal bashing at the hands of Chelsea; it worries me that we have to face that lot some time soon, but we are more confident than ever playing at home these days. Liverpool and City get their day out tomorrow, so the table will be much clearer come evening time after mañana.

As I said, a guy could really get used to this. COYS!

Disappointment or simply a relief?

December 1, 2009

I’m sure some fans will be divided whether the draw at Villa was disappointing or quite a relief. I personally side with the latter.

Villa was going to be a tough opponent simply because of how well-matched the squads are. I expected a high scoring game, however, I also believed Spurs would leave with nothing. 0 points.

I must say that I was disappointed after the match, specifically the 1st half. How does a team that just came off a monumental win play so inconsistently? I just don’t understand it. One game, we start off like title contenders playing poetic football. The next, we can’t even direct a single decent pass to Defoe or Crouch, a walking target for birds flying by.

The 2nd half was a total shift in momentum and something us fans would like to brag about. Why can’t we start off every match with that attitude? Asides from Kranjcar, the team seemed to be running on snooze. Palacios didn’t have the best of days; did show a lot of effort but it just wasn’t working, so I welcomed the Jenas substitution with open arms. And it paid off! The tempo changed and all of a sudden we showed promise. Dawson scored one hell of a goal – you would think he was a striker in his past life. Some might say it was controversial but the ball hit his shoulder / arm pit area so any evidence of it being a hand ball was rather inconclusive. Joy!

Bring on the Poo tonight for our Carling Cup draw!